Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Celebration after Cheerobics- Team Spectrum Steamboat-ing back in hall.

A night w lots of food & fun... as well as the farewell party for those 'old birds' who are graduating namely Chaangru, Isaac, Lawrence, Chuanyan & Regine.

Our appreciation card for chaangru, the fantastic old bastard~

*We like this pictures! ahaha

Then again, the girls took photos with each and every base.
Appreciating v much of their sweats, their pain, their blood and their heroic life-saving moments everytime we fell frm our stunts.

1st up...
ah liang. my dearest most potenial base back in hall3 who joined Spectrum w me jus a few months ago.
Buy one get one free. ok...chaang always say im e free gift! hrmph

A quiet guy and hardworking base who has nv ever complain...
no matter how the training of routines actually burned him off, no matter how much he sweated and how painful his shoulder bleeded becos of shoulder-stand, & no matter how chaangru always fucked him, n hw delan & regine always play w his tummy... aha

Jiayou ah liang, i believe with your attitude in Cheerleading, u will definitely shine and tog we will bring more glory to Team Spectrum ok!.

Up next, we've grabbed hungry Isaac for the photoshoot.
hmm... Isaac, one of the base that kat respects alot and whom ive enjoyed trainings & smoking with, as a newcomer in Spectrum. ahaa...
Gtta miss him after he graduated, for not only our 2-man smoking sessions, and our fav hot juicy gossiping time tog,
but also his presence as a senior who is always there to give very valuable advices and motivation when i felt so upset about my un-hit stunts.

P.s: Isaac, u gtta take good care of ur knee injury alright!

Kah xian, known as the weakest link in Spectrum. Tall but with big 'mulit-layers' tummy which unfortunately isnt caught on this picture.
Kah xian u mus thanks ah liang for his picture-taking skill lo... he noe hw to filter also. lol...

Junhui, our team manager.
Hes a good man! *w action. ahaa
A very very quiet man behind the scene, by putting in alot of times n efforts for the team...

Graduating base, Chuanyan and the most 'unreliable' base Ah teck.

Hey dearest, we hit my gladiator during cheerobics! I did it... we did it tog! thanks for much for that... meant qt alot to me cos its my stunt with the lowest hit rate, which i always got real stressed up and has phobia in. But Team Spectrum has always been very encouraging and patient towards me. Thanks you guys so much, thanks Ah Lan esp... as my glad midtier. Sry for all my mistakes and those blue-black uve got frm this stunts.

Jason joined us for our steam-boat celebration also.
A ex-Spectrum yandao base... thanks jason for cutting the lil redchili during preparation for this steamboating- (* & fed me w cocktail peach using that hot n spicy hand.)

Kianwei and Mambo king- congyan!

Kinwei, one who doesnt stay in hall but was nv really late for trg... *sincere

Special Thanks to Congyan who always lent us his car for supper aft trgs (*almost everynight),
a good man. (*w action) ahaa...

Ps to congyan: hey when can i start my mambo tutorial?

lastly, we have Lawrence in the pic.

ahaa..A Very hua-xin senior base...
*kat: I wish to be your 5th wifves...

some warm family photos for Lawrence the HAPPY husband, Veron & SR the wifves (*im nt sure the sequence ahah) and wenfeng, the daughter!

Guess whos' butt contest

Pic 1:

Pic 2

A most decent and well-posed pic for the night.
Wenfeng the new Spectrum bose and ah teck aka. xiaoqiang.

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