Monday, October 30, 2006

Today no write-up ok! Lazy la... just tat these are the pix of the puppies when they were 2 weeks old...

Puppies 满月!!!

My mummy wanted to hold a celebration for their 1st Month Bday... but we decided not to be so crazy~

See!!! its a GUY!!! *shy*


The ice-cream is totally out of point...heehhe...i jus thk tat they are very colourful and looks yummy!!! kekekekekeke...

P/S VAN and KANG, thx alot for ur help on the questions!!!!!!!!! Huggggzzzz!!!! i owe u one ok!!!!
KJ, is this the song you were looking for?

FYI, the above is one of the songs featured in the movie, Nana. The movie is actually derived from the anime itself. My personal favourite in the anime would be the song "Starless night"

From the anime ending theme( Feat. OLIVIA ) :


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cheers campaign ads

Veli funni clip~! The expressions plus the music~ musT watcH~~ Take a breaK from ur worK, siT down n enjoy the clip~
Just a reminder huh ... for e guys in our team who do not have the ascics shoes ... u can get them frm 1)royal sporting house at raffles city or 2)peninsula ... forgot where was it i saw already ... the last time i looked was 2 weeks ago so do try to get them b4 the performance ... it would look much more impressive if everyone is dressed in e same attire shoes up ... whats more they're much more cheaper and comfy than niks and adis heh ..

(stupid network took so long to load this page)



If you've still have no idea what eddie and I meant when we said that you have to appeal to the crowd and "feel" the routine, take reference from the above clip.

Notice the following:

1) They used ZERO partner stunts
2) The used a lot of gymnastics to cover the routine. (They made the simple forward roll look so nice )
3) They concentrated a lot of jumps ( if you have been wondering why I have been so heavy on your jumps and touches )
4) They only had ONE major pyramid.
5) They used a lot of baskets to cover the routine.
6) Movement from one transition to another is super neat, yet full of energy.
7) Their double full dismounts !! Ning, Sal, Elegant, Denyse, ( and maybe delan and SR if you can hit the scorpion in time. ) LEARN !! Single full dismounts are nothing close to this.
8) They only had ONE guy in the team ( WOW! )
9) They ENJOYED their dance. And their sport.

Need I say more?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dear everyone... after so long of Absence from training... I really missed training... I missed those times when we practice Extensions, Basket toss, Shoulder Stand, 2-2-1, teddy bear and lot more... I learnt a lot from cheerleading...

From a non- cheerleading background, a pure runner and triathlete till now.. I really appreciate everyone's help for looking after me, guiding me and teaching me every single stunt and requirement in cheerleading. I can still vividly remember how enthusiastic I was when I first joined... I will try to be one of those first ones to reach practice... last few to leave the area after training... Will always be working like mad to catch up a lot of areas which I am weak in...

But I have to say good bye to Spectrum ... After serious considerations and speaking to my coach, I realised that I might have too many commitments in the coming year. My coach has just informed me that I might be going overseas every month to 7 different continents for a marathon each time... and that I might be asked to do Sea Games for triathlon if I do qualify. In the mids of training, I cannot afford to be injured and so my coach has actually instructed me to take a step back in cheerleading...

Its sad to make this decision as I am really looking forward to joining all of you back in training after HO and to perform in nationals with you all...But to enable all of you to move on faster without having to consider about me, its better for everybody! At least for the guys its a good news... at least you all dun have to carry this heavy weight anymore... yup!

I must express my thanks to every single one of you here... from captain Kangjun who never fails to give me his support by willing to try every stunt with me no matter how tired he is... to Vice captain Regine for her utmost elegance and her teachings to perform the best stunts... to Edward for being my best shoulder stand partner and always giving me the confidence that I can do it!... for Delan for her perserverence and endurance for willing to try new stunts...

for Congyan and Munhong for being the best extension partners... For David and Eddie for being there for me when I really needed STRONG guys to do stunts... they are really Lawrence for talking alwas entertaining us all this while and doing up the blog skin..

to Jason for teaching me how to do back hand Weida for always being the strongest base... for Jianning for being my motivation and good friend to talk heart to heart to... to Boss bringing me into the team... n to Aihui for being the "Kai Xin Guo" of the team..

And definitely say thanks to a special person in the team.. for being there for me to pick me up when I fall.. for encouraging me when I successfully completed a stunt... for being my star in the dark... for being the closest person to me in the team... for being such a nice brother... Isaac... sorry bro, have to leave the team le... but I know we will always be there for each other...:)

Though I have made this decision but my heart and soul will still bond with the team... I still love all of you as friends... I still wanna support You all... but I am glad that my decision to leave the team will be a good help to everyone!... Love Spectrum... Leaving all of you a photo of me to remember! remember this Heavy weight in the team... who will always love Spectrum!

(these photos might have been repeated ... yup...)
Lawrence's HomeMade Fried Udon Recepie
(Only need 10 mins)

Ingredients :
Veggie - as much as u wan
Bean Sprout (optional)
Fish Ball - 1 pcs,cut into stripes
Udon - i packet
Mushroom -3 pcs,cut into stripes
Egg - 1
Seasame Oil - 1 teaspoon
Veggie Oil - 1 teaspoon
Water - 100ml
Oyster Sauce - 3 teaspoon

1. Add oil and make sure u using a non-stick pan
2.Crack the egg and fry it when done take it out of the pan
3.Mix water,Seasame Oil ,Veggie Oil ,Oyster Sauce and cook till u see bubbles
4.Pour sauce out of pan
5.Stir fried Veggie ,Bean Sprout,Fish Ball,Mushroom together till cook then add in udon and fry for 3 minutes
6.Add Sauce into it and stir till sauce is dried up
7.Add ur fried egg in and stir well

Friday, October 20, 2006

Hey guys,

its been a tough few trainings with the PM performance coming up...just wanna say a few things...
first and most importantly, take care of yourselves...can see that injuries are coming up here and there - from sprained ankles and wrists, to aching muscles and blue blacks, and even congyan's black eye...take of youselves, not just for the team for but also for ur own well being. this injuries can come back long after u leave spectrum and NTU...anyone who does sports will know this and u guys should as well, so do take care ya?
and as a team, watch out for each delan says, after each incident, the ppl involve always feel like shit...and trust me it does...and YES, it might not involve u, but still, when it happens, it hurts so bad just to see ur team mate lying on the mats with their face contorted in pain...those in HO last year will know how it felt, to see yuxin having to be sent to hospital in the wee hours of the morning or hanlong popping his elbow really does....i pray none of us have to suffer that this year.....all the injuries we see now are small but it just takes one major one to spoil everything....
encourage each other on...if u think this is tough, wait til the major events ie HO and Nationals....its not gonna get any easier...when u see ur team mates down, cheer them on and encourage them! give them tips if u can and if not, a simple smile, a pat on the back, a hand shake will do....these small gestures go a long way....we all cheerleaders after all, so let's start by cheering each other on at the very least....coz if we don't do that, i think we have failed, as cheerleaders, as team mates, as friends......
finally, i just wanna say this is a post in tribute to you guys...the people from last year's HO team and this year's spectrum team....we have come a long way, even for the juniors...i stayed in this team not for the passion for cheerleading like chaangru...i will state that honestly...i decided to stay on coz i had so many memories, euphoric and sad, and more important, coz of the ppl....and im proud to say im in cheerleading coz of these....and i hope that everyone attains some level of self satisfaction and pride from the things we learn and do, who we are, and the ppl we have come to know, work with, laugh and cry with....
keep up the good work guys....trainings have been tough but we have improved alot...a short 2 weeks to PM's performance so let's jia you yeah...alright, gotta turn in, 830 lesson tmr...sianz...take care ppl =)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Elegant's Pole Dance!
FEAT. Eddie as THE POLE.

Need we say more? hahhahhaahha! Enjoy!

Editor's note : The video has been taken off because eddie refuses to give me my supper unless i do so. So for those who didn't see the post.... too bad la. =P

Friday, October 13, 2006

This is a post to say how much CY is appreciated for injuring himself when trying to save his flyer.

Just wanna take the chance to say that we, as flyers, do see the effort you bases put in. Thank you very much for saving us.

As a flyer who had hit almost all bases in my team due to my falls, I will say that when a flyer hits a base (in all the weird and vulnerable places), it's no doubt that she feels bloody guilty. And I'm sure the same goes for the bases, when a flyer hits the ground right in front of them.

Yesterday was quite an accident-prone day (I shall leave the details out to prevent tears from flowing once again). I'm sure those injuries were not part of the training schedule. But I think we can all try our best to prevent accidents in the first place, like keeping away from the fans (seriously, the fans always freak me out big time, esp after seeing how close JN was to them yesterday), making sure there are enough spotters before attempting stunts, etc.

Everyone PLEASE take care k.

PS: CY pls post something when you can see better.

PSS: Once again, thank you bases.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Okok... enuff of the porn stuff tanny n jason have...

Here's some of the pix of my new puppies!!!

6 in total, 3 boys 3 gals!!!

Their birthdays on 1 Oct 2006 and it happens to be Children's Day and my didi's 14th Birthday too! Wad a great day to choose~

This was wad they looked like when they first came out...(few hrs old) i know its bloody n slimy n gross... they have lil hair on the top of their heads but quite furry on the bodies... hee... look so botak! i thk the black ones look like rats tho~ eeeeek~

They cant open their eyes yet... and i thk they cant hear too... but they got great sense of smell... they wil crawl/swim to mummy Sss-now-zer to have their milk!

We feed Sss-now-zer (<- tats how we call her) with steamed fish, carefully de-boned by Miss Hilda (Pretty Maid) n I and half a bottle of chicken or fish essence every meal. I hate the de-boning part cuz it makes my fingers fishy n smelly~ Ya, she eats good food so that her babies will have enuff milk to drk!

Sss-now-zer refuse to pose for the pix cuz she thinks breast-feeding in public is unglam~ (puppies 1.5weeks old.)

Pretty Baby! Cant open her eyes yet... I thk they will start to open their eyes within these few days tho! Cant wait!!!

Alrite! tats all for now!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Haha since Chaangru complain i never contribute to the team blog, this piece of work can be said to be done up because of him LOL!!! Dun kill me Regine...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

only have this few pix in my cam.
hope its of some entertainment value.. =)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Ohhhhh So you don't like me...

FEAT. Jay Zhou

Ah yes. I have never denied that I am a huge fan of Jay zhou's abilities. And how oh so often have you heard about the paparazzi/public lamenting about how horrible and chui he is. Well here are some facts :

1) I don't like him because he's short and ugly
FACT: HE has been going out with chicks sooo hot that they'll burn your jealous pants off. Don't like him? suck thumb.

2) I don't like him because he cannot sing clearly.
FACT:ehhhh. ya. tends to masticate on the lyrics. BUTTTTT he hits the high notes well..very well in fact ! look at his duet with landy (above). He's singing at a zarbo's key lor. Some would have probably killed all the chickens in the farm in the process of even trying. Die trying lah.

3) I don't like him because he cannot play musical instruments properly.
FACT: Jay plays more than just the piano... and for those of you who do, you'll agree that playing and singing at the same time requires tonns of concentration and lots of SKILL. The best part is, some of his critics can't even play the recorder to save their lives.

4) I don't like him because he's so commercialized. Bloody fakester. Whole day trying to act cool.
FACT: Well Mr "trying-to-act-cool" here has been laughing all the way to the bank ever since he entered the music industry. People even acted in movies ok?! box office somemore. Don't like him but you'll still see him on the big screens. Also lan lan.

5) Ya ya. So what? I still don't like him. I'll curse and hate him for as long as I live.
FACT: He probably wouldn't know that you exist. Or existed. Whichever that applies. ha !

You see my dear ppl, people don't care how much you hate them. Chances are, the more you hate them, the more successful they'll be. Cos all the more they have the drive to prove you wrong. I not trying to say that you should spread the love lah, but perhaps gearing all these unwanted animosity to more fruitful activities would be a better choice? Riteeee?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

From a trumpeter to a cheerleader.

That was what happened to me few weeks ago...

From a trumpeter.....

Hello everyone, pardon me but i'm new to this. This is my 'virgin blog' as what chang ru said. Not only new to this blog but i'm bloggin for 1st time in my life, so sua ku (mountain tortoise).

Few reasons why I join Spectrum:
1) Cos of Changru- Admire his spirit and ever highly charged zest for cheerleading and training.
2) Something new- Wanna break away my routine of playing in the band (which I have been playing for years)
3) Keep fit- Uni days are hard to keep fit, this drives me to (humji back tucks, weird looking round offs, dances, jumps)
4) Fellow cheerleaders- They're fun, happy bunch of people who patiently teach me new stuffs to 'upgrade' myself.

Well, though playing the trumpet is still my passion, but I must say joining Spectrum is not a regret. In fact, I really enjoy the trainings held every mons and thurs, and of course, the supper after that, heheh....

to a Cheerleader!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Well... I guess everyone's caught up with schoolwork and training, but do take a breather from time to time... I guess especially for the freshies... gotta be mentally prepared for the performance as well, so here's a little something from me.... enjoy yourselves... <3 Joo lots!!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Yeah!!! All the gals finally have their own team shoes!!! Soooooo coooool!

Our 3 freshie babies was so enthu abt getting their 1st pair of shoes tat Sirong PONTANG-ed her econs lect juz to join us! hohoho! Fun n enjoyable outing wif Ning, 3Babies + 1 Daddy Kangjun. kekeke.... Apparantly he tout we goin Marche for dinner tats y he tagged along...kekeke... (KJ: its 买鞋, not Marche ok!!!)

Well, anw, thx Ning for choosing the pretty shoes!

And here's our trip photoes...ya, 2 only...haha!

Sexy legs hor...

Oh, and these babes mentioned below, do return SDG83 to whoever paid for u 1st!

(1) Sally ---> Jian ning
(2) Delan ---> Sirong
(3) Vanessa ---> Regine
(4) Sumiko ---> Angel

Love ya gals! its fun to hang out wif u all!!!