Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's been a tough journey to HO I must say. Firstly, facing the problem of shortage of bases. Second, it's my EVER first cheerleading competition as to date. Its was really a nerve-cracking experience, never thought i would felt that way. I'm really thankful to the new members of team spectrum who are willingly to sacrifice their time and believe in us. it's nonetheless fun and worthy journey with you peeps.

When I first stepped into Spectrum, I'm really fortunate to have Gerard, Dajun, Yanheng, hannbin and Vincent to guide me along the way. Being with the senior bases and coach with valuable experiences, they guided me in using the proper techniques and instilling the safety mindset in me. I must say I'm a very slow learner, which is why I really appreciate their help in whatever ways they gave. It's nice knowing all of them, every single one in spectrum. Choonfu, weekeat, Samuel, youjin, and all. (:

I'm just a very simple guy, volleyball has always been my passion for the past 7 years. I never thought that I will become a cheerleader, shouting 'GO, FIGHT, WIN', tossing girls in the mid air. Only when Jen, my army buddy invited me last april to try out cheerleading with wildcards, did I had the first contact with cheerleading. I would say it was an interesting experience to train with them.

When they said: "Let's do handstand for a min warmup" I was like:"WTF? U serious?" I never did that before. How do I go up? Will I break my wrist? OMG, can i just stand there and skip this? And there they go trying their ways to push me upside down.. Warm up over. I still remember that training chaang kicked me and slapped my arms, asking me to use legs instead of arms to give more pop. Overall, It was really a memorable experience to train under him. As time goes by, I managed to learn bit by bit.

And here I ended up in NTU spectrum. Let's go for the win! ^^