Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ning + ? in action!

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Ha...our elegent cheerleader in black...and our convincing NS Man in green ! Now who says NS Men are weak eh?

PS: Ning, smile more ok? you look great in this pic =)

Friday, May 26, 2006


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(Eating mcChicken right now- I'm sure Boss will have something to say about this)

Had to work and ended up going for training late. Sorry ppl (alrite, alrite, not that u all missed me or something)!

Anyway I find today's (or rather, yesterday's) training fruitful (at least for me la). Here's what I've learnt/realised...

1) Boss is the most feared 'tosser' in the whole team. I can hear some gal singing 'fly me to the moon' in the background now...

2) Boss is the most 'i-don't-care-u-just-shut-up-and-lock' tosser around. Basically, he just tossed me and after extension, he just shouted, 'Liberty!' then let go of my left leg. Element of surprise... oh I love it SO much *roll eyes*

3) If you want a free U-Zap, simply approach our Boss.

4) Everyone has improved. Serious.

5) Bases do dream of being flyers and wanna be tossed at times. Make it most of the time.

6) Overstretched means you can't close your legs a few minutes after SOMEONE pushed them apart with no mercy or whatsoever. And you have to spend another few minutes sitting around before you can walk again.

7) My cartwheel (if you can call it one) sux a BIG time.

8) Assisted backtuck can give you a nice wedgie.

I really had a very nice time today (once again, it should be yesterday). Tiring, but totally fulfilling and satisfying (just like the McChicken I'm eating).

Keep it up ppl!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Today i'm in for sum fashion tips! (inapplicable for our macho flipping guys here!)

Hairbands are soooooo in now!!! Everyone in HK n TW are wearing them now and they are pouring out everywhere in hair accesories shops! Hrmm, Spore gals shouldnt lose out, so hurry go find nice bands now! Well, dun ask me where, cuz act i dunno oso... the only ones i could find are at the neighbourhood Sinma or Chemeleon shops where mother brgs their kiddos there to buy rubber bands which have sum cartoon or fake plaits attached... kekeke... but the cutest band i found there is the pink one with fluffy ears popping out fr the top! hahahah! so cute, but whoever wil wear them on the streets in Town rite! Well, unless u wanna be a labbit for the day...(but u stil wun look like Yuxin okieee!)

Ok, cool, once u got hold of the trendy band u bought at sum trendy place in Spore, here are sum steps to help u wear them trendily!

(1) Find a thick hairband...thin ones are so over ready
(2) Get cool colours to match ur clothes! Lace ones are great for a faminine touch too...Loud colours wif patterns r nice as well!
(3) U gotta LEAVE sum bangs on ur forehead too. Creates sexiness. Can comb it neatly to the side like wad Rainie Yang did or jus let them fall naturally on ur face if they are short.
(4) DO not place the hairband too back behind. Must show it!
(5) Cuz hair wil naturally be flatten by it, esp at the back of the band, it would be good to backcomb ur hair behind for more volume. Tats wad the models are doing...trust me.
(6) To backcomb, u will need a comb(obvious) and sum hair spray! U can spray hairspray on ur comb and keep backcombing the hair until there are volume. Then spray more hairspray to keep them there.
(7) Looks retro but great for mambo! haha, kidding.
(8) Normal peeps wun really bother (i m normal!) but if u wan style, this is it!
(9) DO NOT wear it like this... (picture below) It was fashionable 10yrs ago, but not now ok!

(10) Ready to hit the streets!!!
Hey all! U guys are lucky, i've just finished blogging another blog and stil have a teeny weeny feel of blogging more ...hahaha, and hence, i shall entertain u all!

Apart from cheer stuffs, which i m not going to write abt cuz 2 nites a week is enuff, i m just goin to write abt thgs i like! (basically thgs like my pups, frens, shopping spree, food, beauty tips, make up, looking pweety...... aiya, normal stuffs pretty gals like us adore but boring guys wouldn't understand ok!). So if any guys here going to complain tat he is not at all interested in my entry, its ok, cuz i wun care!!!! hehehehehe....

ooOoo, ytd was great! had soooooo much of fun during photoshoot and aft tat went to watch Over The Hedge! hahahaha, i was so dam tired aft smiling for 9hrs and i tout i'l juz fall aslp watching... but it turned out tat i was the idiot laffing the loudest in the whole cinema...piangz~ i was practically falling off my chair in the new cineplex! kekekekekeke...

Anyway,this morning, i made my own breakfast!!! had egg mayo sandwich and up til now, i m still alive and feeling fine! i asked everyone at hm who wanna try my sandwich but got no audience...only my Snowy loved it...but anyway, I shall resume to cook at home despite the bad experience last week... heee.... yeah yeah!

Hrmm, he stil looks ok after eating...kekeke

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


(*In no order of perference)


Kangjun = ok
chaang = ok
weida = did it on the first attempt !
david = ok
isaac= came late due to his overwhemling fan club 'qian ming hui' just to flip but still, ok
lawerance = almost there !
edward= still working at it
eddie the great = can do round-off, back hands spring, back tuck but simply cannot flip up.
nicole= was running too late to try
regine= lost too much weight due to food poisoning because of something she ate ( and cooked) so couldn't try.
delan = too traumatised after stretching to try
vanessa (*meow) = i couldn't remember what she was doing
ning = too shy to try.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Ok. I gave up. after searching for more than 3hrs on blogskins.com and i still can't find a satisfactory skin for this new team blog. what? boring?!? ok wait, before you make any more noise hor, there're some things i think you should know

1) this is a TEAM blog. not an individual blog la. So you may like all those nice nice pink pink backgounds but i don't think the remaining 29 people in the team will concur.

2) we're a cheerleading team.. so that means that the layout should be light-hearted right?

3) It has to suit pratically everybody.

ha. so i guess i'll have to pass the job to our new team manager liao. oh! but of course if you're zai in designing blogs do let me know! I'll be more than happy to let you help out~!