Thursday, November 27, 2008

Team Spectrum Cheer Camp 2008

Date: 3rd Dec - 7th Dec

Time: 9am till night

Welcome all spectrum seniors & juniors!!

ps: u may contact me for training details.. =)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have decided to flood the blog with some horoscope stuff in CHINESE since it have been so dead so sorry for those who don't understand chinese i'm just too lazy to translate them haha
Just get someone who knows chinese and read the post with you and discuss if it's true =)

12星座 真實個性

魔羯 不靈活、不可靠、不屈不撓、體型寬大、變態

水瓶 獨創力、寬容、理想、先見之明、友愛、不獨立、骯髒

雙魚 沒自覺、理解力插、柏拉圖式的愛、幻想、犧牲奉獻

牡羊 沒希望、和藹可親、反應遲鈍、暴力相像、誠心誠意

金牛 神經大條、決斷能力、愛吃愛睡、靈巧、熱心、沒忍耐心

雙子 三八、神經質、開朗、演技不佳、寬大、待人和善<裝的>

巨蟹 第六感、主觀、反應佳、可愛、慎重、重感情、執著

獅子 很幽默、慈善、長相加、思考、保護他人、忠誠心、聰明

處女 流氓樣、服務、鑑賞力差、完美主義、謙虛、暴力相像

天秤 愛哭、不公正、耍白痴、耐力加、笨手笨腳、可憐<裝的>

天蠍 反應遲鈍、沒規率、佔有慾強、粗暴、善良<掰ㄉ>

射手 變態、膽小、神經大條、發展力弱、沒廉恥心、熱心


魔羯 頑固、爆發的、享樂主義、孤獨、心機種、疑神疑鬼

水瓶 殘忍、不服從、性自由主義、貿然行動、無遠慮、情慾

雙魚 畏縮、逃避困難、感傷、恐怖心機、優柔寡斷、意志薄弱

牡羊 笨拙、剛愎固執、性急、傻子、虛榮心、事情做得太過分

金牛 偏見、依賴心、自我滿足、愛慕虛榮、嫉妒心強、好吃

雙子 神經質、傲慢、性格不定、雙重人格、淺薄、光說不練

巨蟹 情慾、貪婪、占有慾、敏感、感情、心機、愛美

獅子 自誇、愛現、蠻力、欺負技術一流、自我滿足

處女 挑剔、土包子、器量狹小、好管閒事、聲音大、品味差

天秤 誘惑、猶豫不決、多嘴、敷衍、隨心所欲、愛哭

天蠍 無慈悲心、復仇、多疑、奸詐狡猾、變態、愛睡覺

射手 溫柔<掰的>、無制制能力、無廉恥心<被罵了還很爽> .


魔羯 體型龐大、臀不豐腴、橢圓臉

水瓶 髮色黑、嘴巴大、有雙下巴

雙魚 天婦羅手、手指夾長、肌肉多

牡羊 體型瘦小、腳粗手短、田雞樣<帶眼鏡關西>

金牛 臉頰豐腴、肩膀寬、手腳粗肥

雙子 膚色偏白、手腳修長、眼睛小

巨蟹 體型中胖、睫毛捲、嘴巴小

獅子 眼睛大、嘴巴小、髮色偏咖啡

處女 頭髮少、髮質差、嘴巴大

天秤 頭髮油性、嘴巴小、膚色偏黑

天蠍 腿短、腹不稍微有肉、鼻子挺

射手 容易長豆豆、皮膚不好、指甲短<去咬>
Check me out during X'mas to see of the below works !!!

"Contract For Core Power"

A powerful core means rock-solid stability – your secret weapon against sports injuries. Sure, crunches can carve abs, but a smart core-building programme includes a variety of exercises. Swiss-ball finger taps offer real-world benefits beyond a six-pack, says Mike Mejia, author of The Men’s Health Gym Bible.


You’ll improve your abdominal strength, endurance and flexibility. “This promotes core stability while your limbs are in motion, which is the way you use your body during most sports activities,” says Mejia.

1. Lie on the floor, holding the ball between your lower legs.

2. Extend your arms straight up as you simultaneously raise your legs and upper body into a contracted position. (Your lower back should remain on the floor and your legs should be slightly bent.) Keep your upper body in this ‘up’ position for all of your repetitions as your legs move up and down.

3. At the top of the movement, tap the ball with your fingers. Aim for 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

1. Warm up for the exercise by practising your movements without the Swiss ball.

2. Keep your lower back pressed to the floor to work your abdominals. If that’s too difficult, keep your knees bent at about 90 degrees each time you do the exercise until your strength and flexibility improve.

3. Change your upper body angle to boost your core strength throughout a wide range of motion.

Find these 2 faces familiar? Those were the times~~~~~ :D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hi all. The following is information provided by Ben. Interested parties kindly email myself or ben for more info.

Original email from Benjamin Tong:

HI Fellow Cheerleading Community,
CHARMS malaysia is organising the ICU (SEA) coach conference and certification NCSSE. It is supported by International Cheer Union (ICU) and the National Council of Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE).
If there are any interested cheerleaders and teams who wants to take part, please read the attached invite and send the forms and the cheques to CHARMS.
Benjamin Tong | | No 6. Potong Pasir Ave 2 S(358361) | Fax: 62877655

Chairman - Potong Pasir Youth Executive Committee, PAYM
Member - Central Youth Council, PAYM
Member - Potong Pasir Community Club Management Committee, PA
Member - Potong Pasir Resident's Committee Zone 2, PA

Dear World Cheerleading Organizations,

Enclosed is the Southeast Asia Coaches Conference schedule to reference.

(See attached file: Malaysian Coaches Conference Schedule.pdf)

Once again, is hosted by Cheerleading Association and Register of Malaysia (CHARM), the ICU will work
together with CHARM for a cheerleader conference (11-12 December 2008) and coaches conference (13-14 December 2008)
to be held in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.

Also, once again, registration and further details are always listed on the ICU website under "Education".
More conferences to follow, as well as the ICU Judges Course, which will all be listed in the same section
of the website.

Thank you and we look forward to a wonderful next month!!!

Yours truly,

Karl Olson, ICU

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Electrico feat. Denvers Cheerleading Team !

Background: Established since 2001, Denvers Cheerleading Team is from People's Association Youth Movement, Potong Pasir Youth Group