Saturday, November 27, 2010

Guang Dong - Pas de deux - LE PLUS GRAND CABARET DU MONDE

Oh my god. This is DAMN magnificent and awesome!!
It's like daaaaamn graceful yet at the same time you can see some cheer stuffs in it hehe.

Have fun studying everyone :(

Friday, November 26, 2010


DIY today, didn't go down to SCAPE cos it was too far. Had a great time, more intensive, more stunting, more XP gained. :) oh well 14 days left to exams! How many more DIYs can we have? I WANT MORE!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last friday, 19 nov 2010, we sort of commemorated Spectrum's 5th anniversary by organising a BBQ session and invited all ex-Spectrum members back. Not everyone came back though, as expected due to busy work lifes and other committments, but the turnout was great nonetheless. :D

I was quite happy to see all the seniors coming back, and behaving as if they were still training together in hall 13. And I was even more happy to see that they still have a passion for cheer and still think of themselves as part of Spectrum. As much as spectrum has changed my live, I'm pretty sure Spectrum made a difference in theirs too. Thank you very much seniors! :)

We started the event off with a BBQ. And people started coming throughout the night. Wen Feng, Jun Hui, Lina, Colin and Lip Tat were among the first few to arrive, but food was not ready yet. Heeheehee. Anyway, to the juniors who may be unaware, Colin and Lip Tat came from PJC Team Syphors, which used to be coached under Spectrum. SAJC cheer squad was under us as well, but has since ceased to be cos cheer wasn't a highly approved sport in JC. To Colin and Lip Tat: do continue to cheer when you guys go to university ok? Join us if you can!!! :D

BBQ peektures. nom nom nom.
Bigbig thanks to our BBQman ah fu and ah liang!

Other random pics...
P.S. Thanks Suelin for doing the Spectrum guestbook, very nice! Thanks Jianing & Vinette for drawing the board, cute! Thanks cr, cy and sr for the use of your uniforms. Thanks Youjin for designing the superb badge (better than cf :PpP). Thanks Jialiang for travelling out to make the badge. Thanks everyone who buy our badge!!

After lots of eating, chit-chatting, laughing, photo-taking and whatnots, came the oh-so-familiar "SPECTRUM, ON MATS!!" It was time to stunt (hey, cheerleaders gathering of cos must stunt!) and we see people changing into their stunting gear. Feels so much better than working clothes right :)

Stunting time!
(note the bottom right corner)

Once on the mats, everyone started to behave crazily and do stupid things. Kind of like a destress session for the working ones. It was a rare opportunity to stunt again after stepping out into the working world. Super funny to see the "rusty" seniors stunt again, using all sorts of cheatcode to get up the stunt. AND UNCLE LAWRENCE CANNOT DO EXTENSIONS ANYMORE! LOL!

playtime in between stunting...
delan is still doing her one-man bear,and
congyan is still doing his on-ground scorpion.

more stunting...
If i'm not wrong, it's my first time doing a 3-3-2,
hopefully next time can do pitch up or full up!

Then, because it was getting late, every gathered for a group photo! Actually, many group photos. We took pictures of Spectrum from every year. From the 05/06 batch, to the current 10/11 batch. It was like seeing how Spectrum grow and progress over the years, with different members, but the same spirit. If only more people could come...

Lastly, it was debrief, then CHEER OFF! Cf led the cheer :)

*Spectrum family*
Spectrum gathering again next year? I'll definitely come!!!


Huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible!! (and made my job easier too :) )

First and foremost, Chaang, who initiated this gathering and did lots of liaising.

Next, current spectrum members (you all know who you are), for preparing this and that, buying food, collecting money, borrowing equipment, replying to messages, blah blah. I LOVE YOU ALL! Please mug hard for the upcoming exams and dont be like gerard!

And to the following awesome people who came for this event:
Wen Feng, Sirong, Brian, Chris, Lina, Ying Ying, Sze Jie, Delan, Edward, Regine, Lawrence, Cong yan, Isaac, Jun Hui, Kin Wei, Ah teck, Elisa, Yuxin, Aaron, Colin, Lip Tat, Vincent.

Special mention to:
Eddie Yew, our pioneer batch senior, who contributed $50 to our canvassing fund! We are super touched!! Thank you very much Eddie!! :):)

Picture credits: Samuel, Elisa and Delan
(more pics can be obtained from their facebook album)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Train Hard

Training keeps getting tougher and tougher.. But it keeps getting more and more interesting ^_^!! Last Saturday's exchange with Wildcards rekindled my spirit and passion that I have for cheerleading. For quite some time, I haven't felt so shag and tired, but yet so fulfilling. Keep it up SPECTRUM!!

I think that we keep forgetting the fundamental reason why we train! It's because we want to put up a GOOD SHOW FOR HO! If even better, for NATIONALS!

So Youjin, don't give up on the backtuck. Don't waste your time and effort now.. Make it happen on the mats! Same thing for my RO back-handspring! Come on people, keep the fire burning!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Bells...

So when's the wedding dinner, Prof Ho? =P

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


had hall dance lesson with jianing the hiphop instructor today.


the head bobbing thing. body wave. arm wave. bounce. groove. krumping.

i was looking at jianing the whole time and i dunno what i was doing.

i look like an idiot with two left feet. noobshit.

but actually, the whole thing was quite fun, plus the people there are nice also :) (spectrum!)

i just wish i have more time so i can join more things :(

Monday, November 08, 2010


hmm the time on my laptop coincides with that shopping centre.. whatever. we had training today!! On a SUNDAY. WHERE WERE YOU XXXXXXXXXXX?? haha XXX refers to all the people who weren't there!! Really enjoyed myself today, cos even though we trained hard, we joked hard as well, feels a little like last time when I was a freshie... :) looking forward to see all the seniors back on 19 NOVEMBER PLEASE COME BACK WENFENG AND SIRONG!!! hahahaha personal appeal liao hor..

JIA YOU EVERYONE. back to memorising my financial statements....