Friday, November 30, 2007

hello all! hows exams? i noe some of u are still mugging hard, mine ended already! hahahah...

anyway regarding our new uniforms, i was wondering if u gals wanna haf something diff frm the traditional cheer uniforms? coz i saw some cheer dance costumes worn by damn hot cheer dancers, which chaangru said is diff frm cheer stunts, but i think their designs r v nice n sexy! but a bit too sexy lah, we can modify, use parts of their designs and come up w something decent yet unique.

here are some pics:

(long-sleeved ones)
No. 1:

No. 2: kinda like e star on e bottom

No. 3: design not bad

No. 4: model a bit chuiNo. 5:

No. 6: too hot!

(short-sleeved ones)

No. 7: i like! got a ring connecting top and bottom.. and the arm band thingy too

No. 8: erm skirt not bad?

No. 9: hmm too hot also

No. 10:

(more decent ones)

No.11: i like this! nice.. maybe we can do a one piece uniform like this with a "hole" in e middle.. haha

No. 12:

No. 13: damn cool rite? love e side cuttings.. maybe can incorporate this kinda cutting on our uniforms too

anyway, here's e link with many hot babes, big boobs and endless legs, check it out guys! (as requested by mr CR)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cheerleading Association (Singapore) is conducting International Federation of Cheerleading (IFC) courses from 11th - 16th December 2007. Please deseminate these information to your cheerleaders. For more information about the courses, please refer to the attachments. This event is jointly organised by Cheerleading Association (Singapore) and International Sports Agency Pte Ltd and sanctioned by International Federation of Cheerleading.

IFC Cheerleading Coaches Qualification Examination Class 1
11th - 13th Dec OR
14th - 16th Dec

IFC Cheerleading Coaches Qualification Examination Class 2
14th - 16th Dec

IFC Cheerleading Spotters Qualification Examination
16th Dec

For participants who are taking Class 1 or 2 from 14th - 16th and wishes to take the Spotters Course as well, arrangements will be made to have your Class 1 or 2 examinations taken in the morning of 16th Dec to avoid schedule clashes (Spotters course is on 16th Dec afternoon).
Registration Fees:
IFC Cheerleading Coaches Qualification Examination Class 1
S$180.00 - Non-Members
*S$153.00 - Members
IFC Cheerleading Coaches Qualification Examination Class 2
S$250.00 - Non-Members
S$212.50 - Members
IFC Cheerleading Spotters Qualification Examination
S$100.00 - Non-Members
S$ 85.00 - Members

(* Team Spectrum is a registered member of CAS)

Registration Period:

Registration closes on 5th December 2007 (Wednesday).


A minimum of 20 participants is needed to start a class. In the event a class is to be cancelled due to insufficient participants, arrangements will be made for participants to join another class. Participants who can't attend the alternative session arranged for them will be fully refunded.

CAS New Policies and Announcements:

In line of the following policies, you are highly encouraged to participate or encourage your cheerleaders to participate in these courses:
With effect from 2009, teams will have to have a CAS-recognised coach to be eligible to take part in cheerleading competitions organised by CAS.
With effect from 2009, CAS will be engaging the services of certified Spotters for competitions. Teams who wished to use their Spotters are required to obtain certification for their Spotters.
CAS will be notifying all schools, educational institutions, and major organizations on the importance of engaging services of a CAS-recognised coach.
With the introduction of CAS Coaches Accreditation Program in 2008, IFC Coaches Class I will not be locally available for the next 2 - 3 years

Interested parties kindly refer to me.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The following is from :

Hi Chaangru, Please join and support Singapore's bid for Youth Olympic Games 2010!

As mentioned, it's a very simple contest we're having. Just print and cut out the torch image (right click and save) and shoot a short video clip 15 - 30 secs showing the torch moving left to right (be creative!!). 20 people will have a chance to win $100 cash for 15 secs of their time! The top 20 videos will be stitched together to form a final movie. You can use your handphones to shoot your short clip and email to me or upload at our website.I even have ready made postcards of the torch, just tear out and shoot. Let me know if you want some of those so you don't have to print and cut! I'll even mail them to you!
Here are some simple ideas to spark your creativity:

1) (literally) pass the torch from left to right as in a 400m relay
2) stick it on a soccer ball and kick it to the right
3) get your nephew or niece to hold and kick scoot from left to right
4) (for the hardcore) do an animation of a ufo beaming it up and out of screen
5) put it on a sushi conveyor belt or some kinda travellator you can find
6) Put it on a kite and let it fly left to right~~

Good luck and have fun ok! Help me forward to all your friends, juniors, students, etc!! Thanks a million! After your exams we can work on partnership - let me know what kind of activities u do and how u think we can work together. I can provide media support and editorial support on Youth.SG as long as it's relevant to youth.Feel free to contact me for more details~

Hey Hey Hey

Designs for our Uniform whahaahahahaha
Below are some of the designs tat i like

Heeeheee anyone got the same taste as me ???
Alright here are my design for ladies top

Nice ?

For the guys the design of the top would be some wat similiar

As for the bottom, can gals wear shorts ???

If can both guys and gals same design of fake adidas whahhahahahaah

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Team Japan ( Champions )

Team Chinese Taipei ( 1st runner up)

Team Finland (2nd runner up)

The rest of the videos can be found here:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cheerleading World Championships 17-18NOV 2007 Helsinki Finland

Notice how fast they take to hit a stunt. Simply awesome.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Burning out from exams?
Taking a study break?
Getting bored of facebook?

The time of the season is here again!!

YES! you heard it right. In fact, we have to submit our cheerleading uniform designs once we return from thailand so that the tailor can get it done for our Jan2008 competition. Once again, Spectrum would like to thank our sponsors : Hall 13 JCRC and Ms Regine (aka elegant) for season 2007/2008's uniforms!

Here's how you can help:

From now till the end of Exams (read: 2 dec) everyone can post your designs on this webbie.

here's my suggestion: Can get design ideas from the University of Kentuckyyyy

well, Team Spectrum doesn't have a 'specific' colour code.. we used:

Season 2005/2006 : Black, White, Sliver

Season 2006/2007: Orange, White, Gold

Season 2007/2008: ???

So yeah. Hall 13's primary colour is Orange .. so we'll try our best to retain this colour.

Of course, Regine will have the final say ( since she's the senior advisor cum sponsor ^^ )


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Training dates (updated)

By popular demand, the Jan training dates are as follows:

JAN 2008= 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22

23=competition day!

Time: 8pm onwards.

Click here for Dec 2007 training dates.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

acticle taken from:


Article from "Taiwan Monsters": 小毛

Monday, November 05, 2007

Regards From Sally! =)

In addition to the prev 2 posts on the NUSS performance, 3 of us guys went for a 'relaxed' drink later in the evening at Lady Labyrith at Middle Road. And there we met....

Our beloved Sally =)
Well, reason why I post ths blog is because of her request to send her regards on her behalf, else an uncle like me won't go through all the trouble again to find out how to post a blog. (yah i noe i'm sua ku, dun laugh... -_-")
Anyway, yes, Sally wished to send her regards to all of you guys and girls in Team Spectrum and of course the team misses you too! =)

P.S. If you're lookin for a place to chill do check out this place. Nice ambience, great place for soccer fans, cool boss, wierd drinks that're 'harmless'. Do join us on weekends if you like! The boss will make sure you're a satisfied customer at the end of the day, muahahaha...

CR's comments : Good posture, stunt stable, great composure!

CR's comments: posture a bit the senget.. but good job with the heavy flyer!

Sidetrack : Since WF always wanted to be a mid-tier, i got inspiration from the cans we stacked up during the break for her to do the totem pole.. haha !

CR's Comments: top flyer happy, mid-tier dying, KX remains his composure!

CR's Comments : Ok this looks pretty normal.

CR's final verdict :

Tecky: 1

KX : 1

Stay tunned for battle # 2!

Saturday went to perform at NUS for their Alumni (or sth liddat?)!!!!! Oh man, i always dunno who we performing for one leh... but got adults n children la... haha!

We din (or I din) prepare anythg and i have no idea wad our routine gonna be like until i reached there.... hahaha! best la, worked out the routine in less den 30mins. COOOL! (but we put in alot effort ok!) haha!

Our Preparation!

Chionging routine at our 'assigned' backstage. hahaha! n Ah Feng is too cute to be scary le la!

Haha, WF liddat nicer!

CR is so angry with us that he wanted to do the suicide thg to attract our attention... tats the Head Slam! Isaac is so happy tat CR finally decided to do it tat he cant stop clapping! KJ was amused but Law juz cant b bothered cuz he sees it every other day...

I always imagine i can fly like batwoman, so the bases are fulfilling my imaginations...

Isaac attempting the breakdance which he is going to teach me! (RIGHT ISAAC!?) keke!

Steps of stunting a Single Lib... or completing the best upskirt:

Step (1): Get a Babe on top of u... choose ur fav one...part legs...but not too much... cuz Babe mite be suspicious...

Step (2): See la, if parted too much, Babe will close up her legs... Give her assurance by giving her stability and compliments...

Step (3): Babe wil lift up a leg and both arms when she is happie with u!

And so... CR is a TIKO PEK!!!!!hahaah!

Ah Feng n I!!! *muackz* we miss our other flyers too... =( Cant wait for trg to resume so we can hang ard n tok nonsense again!

2 Babes n a handsome godzilla...

A couple and a lightbulb! haha! welfare was great! thx for the drks n food!

2 couples... *insist* hahahahaha!

Half of the Spectrum Family!!! Thx so much Law n KJ!!! aprreciate it =)

More interesting pix n story of the NUSS Day in my bloggie!!!!! Check it out ba:

Sunday, November 04, 2007

NTU HO 2008 inspiration

Damm idea rite? hahaahahahha !!

on a totally different note, Isaac chan (having lost a majority of his fan base over the years) has decided to be back in the hall of fame. erm....


Stay tunned for part 2 !