Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Spectrum,

For those who want to meet in advance and go to Zouk together, please meet at
(exit the gantry from the red line, NOT purple line)
at 1.30 p.m.

We'll be taking bus 16 there.
Do inform me in advance so I know I'll be expecting you =)

Team Spectrum group stunting is the first team in the catergory so we can't be late. Have to be there by 2.30 p.m.

Bring your cameras along! See ya!

*Pls help to spread this message around. Thanks.*

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Greeting from Tianjin China! It's been 31 days since I left for China. And till now then I've 'revised' how to post these blogs thingy. (Yah uncle very sua ku one -_-")
Guess some of you may have seen those pics in facebook le. Anyway shall give u all an update on these 31 days...

This is where I'm working. Tianjin Motorola. It's the biggest Moto factory in the world. Though i've not toured one round the whole area yet. Too cold already. See the snow behind me?

This is where I'm studying. Tianjin University. One of their best in Tianjin and China. Established in 1895, it was named PeiYang (Bei Yang) University and was the first uni ever established in China. Their motto being 实事求是 (shi2 shi4 qiu2 shi4) meaning 追求真里. Anyway this is just an intro to their uni lah. I attended 1 and half hour lecture of it's history. And miraculously I didn't sleep at all.

School of Mechanical Engineering. ( See the golden words and try understanding and you'll see it)

Check out their swimming complex! Compare to our SRC is like. Woh... Anyway their swimming complexes are all indoors due to the changing weather. I tried going for one near our house and swim, costed me 20 rmb (about $4 plus) to swim once! And we're like swimming in ice water. No outdoor swimming pool with sun and sun tanning beds for me anymore =(

One of the first few days we went to eat this what they called 三巴汤. It's their 'very very nutritious' steamboat soup with all kinds of 'BULLshit' inside, including it's penises and ball, etc. And teh crazy amount of meat we gotta gorge. They're appetite is crazy. One meal of theirs I can eat 3 or 4 days.
Anyway this is the first and last time I've eaten any steamboat in Tianjin till now.

狗不理包子, it's always said that when you come to Tianjin you have to eat this speciality. We tried searching high and low for this but when tried, any 'bao' in Singapore can easily beat the taste of it. So disappointing. They are so famous till they have an organisation and produce their own brand of food products. Dunno what's so nice about them.

However the one on the left is 生煎包. It's the nicest tasting dumpling we've taste here. Eat it almost everyday. Nice. =)

Just 300m away locates our favourite park. Can play soccer, play chapteh (yes they have 毽子here), fly kite, dogs and sleigh on ice!

And suddenly one of the most anticipated evenings it snowed! Yeah as VaVaRon said, I also saw this 怪bei bei in the park.

Anyway playing with snow is so so fun. Suaku uncle never see snow before so quite a cheap thrill for him.

Look what I've done to other people's car. anyway this is not the first I did when I took this picture.

And check out our new friend. Call it uncle snow ba. Heh.

Even when it's not snowing, the lakes on the park already turned to ice. So we decided to rent this 'self made sleigh' from the uncle and play a while. Now the ice has melted and finally we've seen how dirty the water is. Eee....

To those who always like to go sing K: Check out their 'KBox' if you think Singapore's best ones are good. I only paid less than 20 sing dollars to 'feel like king' inside. The room is super big. Only 7 of us inside somemore. But the room can comfortably accomodate twice the number of people. Song song!

This is out it looks like outside the private rooms. *thumbs up*.

Okok, that's all for now. Wanted to show some more pics about the aircraft carrier we went to and ski trip. Uncle tired liao. Enjoy everybody! Miss you guys! =)

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Although you are not in singapore, we still remember today is your birthday =) hope you can enjoy your bday in 天津 =)

All the best to your GIP .....

Monday, March 02, 2009


Date: 22nd March 2009 ( Sunday)
Venue: ZOUK carpark
Time: 2pm till 7pm

Categories this year:

(X) Team Category- Co-ed

(X) Group Category-Co-ed

(X) Group Category- All Girls

(X) **Partner Stunts Category - Co-ed** (NEW!)