Friday, December 29, 2006

hey all,

good to back in training after the hols...looks like i gotta catch up man...feel abit lost at times but glad that everyone is doing fine =)

anyway just post of pictures up from my recent trips from cairns/melboure...went over there with my family and a couple of my family friends...ok, maybe not a couple..there were 22 of us in all so its like all of us when we were over in bangkok...haha...big group...anyway, here are some of the pictures that i took, with captions...enjoy =)

welcome to cairns! lovely place by the was good when i was there...quite similar to Singapore other than its abit cooler so its really pleasant...this was taken from one of the lookout points from a cliff overlooking the sea...

Food there was god-like as well, especially the seafood..its so fresh u have the taste of the sea in it ,if u know wat i mean (and yes, they did wash the food properly before serving)'s a picture of us at this eatery by the sea...this was the start of my seafood spree, where i probably single-handedly hurt australia's prawn, osyter and mussells population...and probably my cholesterol level as well... =P

Cairns as also nice rainforests because of the climate there...we went to vist one of the reserves where we took a river cruise up the river into the forest...really nice as u can see in the background...lotsa greens....spotted a croc and snake along the way which got the kids on the trip all excited...not too mentioned the many frightened mums...oh, and this is half the travelling group...the grown-ups were having coffee somewhere...tsk

Another attraction in Cairns is the Great Barrier Reef! we took a yacht out to an Island lying in the reef called Green Island where we spent the day diving, snorkelling, threading our toes in the fine sand and enjoy the, this is life at its best!Oh the crew aboard the ship were really nice as well, making us laugh and serving us with great food like chocolate brownies and champagne...gosh, im missing it already.......................

scuba diving with my dad....just before we jumped in, there were 2 small sharks circling our cool...they darted off when we jumped in which was a pity...lucky for me, i saw one of them again near the boat while i was snorkelling..the feeling of being 5m away from the shark was "wow......"

after the day out at sea, it was off to, unlike cairns, is cooler...its on the southern part of melbourne and although its summer, the weather fluctuates and can drop to as low as 12 degree celsius...the day i left was blistering hot though with temperatures at ta high of 35 degree celsius...first up in melbourne was to head up to its hilly region, and in particular, Mt. Dandenong...we stopped along away at a parrot/cuckatoo feeding site and man, were they's a pic of my youngest brother with birds all over him...the kids had a blast!

On the other hand, i was getting irritated by the birds and decided to eat a few...

The roads along Mt Dandenong were nicely shrouded by trees which shot way up...there were many odd looking one-street towns along the way which made u feel u had gone back in time...the population of each town could be no more than a few hundred at max...probably hall 13 residents all add up could be twice the population of each town...which made it really nice and cozy...we stopped along the way for the drivers to take coffee breaks coz it was pretty tiring to drive the winding roads uphill...this is one of them hidden amongst the lush vegetation there...

Fruits there,in general, were family brought back like 5kg of cherries...while others brought back like 7plus kg of mangoes...crazy...but the fruits there were really good, and being typical kiasu singaporeans, cheap and good must buy...dun buy stupid...go back let ppl scold....ya, so like some suay ku urban dwellers, we drag these boxes of fruits to the airport which amused the locals there quite abit....haha...

The above two pictures are of Melbourne City...quite a nice city skyline with lotsa old and new buildings standing along side each other...the second picture is off the main train station where u can take a train to places within Melbourne or also, the intercity trains to other cities such as Sydney and Brisbane....really nice farcade which looks great under the sun...the ladies did quite a bit of shopping there, visiting Direct Factory Outlets (DFO),and victoria market which is one huge pasa malam...saw uni melbourne as well and gosh, were there a shitload of asian ppl around the area...

Saw this in one of the alley ways and i could not help but to ask my sister to help me take a picture...the graffiti art were damn bloody nice lah...continued snapping away until they were all chasing me to go...haha...

After the day in Melbourne City, it was back to the on the itiniery was the famous Great Ocean Road which would lead u to see the 12 Apostles and other unique landforms along the coastline caused by sea eroding the land...the plan for the first day was to travel to see these landforms and to our sleep over destination, Port Campbell, which was 300km away...signboards along the way made the roadtrip pretty interetsing...this is one of them...another went "Drowsy Drivers Die"...if only Singapore roadsigns were these hilarious...haha...

As the name of the road suggests, the Great Ocean Road ran along side the sea all the seas coupled with blue skies made it one of the most scenic road trips i have made...

we stopped over at this nice little town called lorne for lunch...we had fish and chips there and once again, the food was great...the servings were huge and the fish was damn fresh...after the meal, i took a little walk and found this obelisk by the sea, erected in memory of those from the town who joined the Australia Forces in WW1 and WW2...pretty sight...and as we left, i took this picture (bottom) that led back to the Great Ocean Road...Nice to live in a town like this, ain;t it?

And finally, after a long day of driving, we reached the 12 Apostles (top pic) was about 6plus to 7pm in the evening when we arrived at the destination but as its summer in australia, it meant longer daylight hours and it looked like 5pm in Singapore...the 12 Apostles are 12 columns of rocks left behind by the erosion of the shoreline but as u can see, only a few last count, there were 9...haha...there were other peculiar landforms there such as this island with an arch in the middle (middle pic) really looked beautiful there with the setting sun's rays going thru the arch...real picturesque place...if u love photography, this would be a great site for taking nice pictures man...the cloud formations (last pic) were nice as well...basically, it was worth the drive lah..haha...

We finally reached out sleepover destination around 830pm, close to 9pm...this was moments before the sun set where the scare was just painted a nice sad of scarlet and orange over the piece of land...we had pizza for dinner and the pizza has set the bar for pizzas so much higher now...haha...yeah, the next day, we took the highway back to melbourne which was just a boring drive back and the remaining days were left for the ladies to go shopping so didn't any more pix...hope this long entry didn't bore u guys! oh ya, the pictures were brought to u by none other than, YOURS TRULY (applause pls):

Thursday, December 28, 2006



23=competition day !

Note that we have a walk through of the competition ground on the 20th. From past experience it should be a half day event.

Venue of the competition is at NTU Sports recreation center. It is advisable to come before 7pm if you wanna get good seats. Team Spectrum will be sending our hall13 team this time round so do come down and support !

"It's going to be a beautiful routine..."

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Much has happened of late.

Voices have been raised.
Tears have been shed.
And doubts have surfaced amidst the perplexities of human differences.

But when you are lost
And scramble to hide
Who will you look for?
What can you find?

Stories we may have
Reasons galore
Doubts. Questions. and Uncertainties
Aren't we all at fault?

Cheer is but a simple word
Easy to define
Close your eyes , feel your heart
And an answer will arrive.

chaang: " so tell me, why do you cheer? "

Friday, December 08, 2006

Welcome back Spectrum!!!!

Hee, wanna update u all on the Queen of Queens! I DIDN'T WIN TOP 3!!!!!!! Well sorry la....either its too competitive or they juz blind! lol! But i did have soooo much fun n pressie from the sponsors (levis vouchers, silkygal eyeshadow n lip gloss, free hair services, free CK bag n perfume, canon bag, 4boxes of hoyu hairdye, 2 hair treatments, manicure+pedicure and lotsa more)!!! (tho the top 3 prizes inclds new canon camera!) YUcks..... But wanna thank Chaangru for the beautiful purple lilies... =) thk its the best pressie i got... really appreciate tat! i thk i got the biggest bouquet some more! so touched~ And of cuz wanna thank whole of Spectrum, esp BB n Sal for their encouragements n Jason for NOT luffing at me!

If u ask mi y i din win, i thk it gotta b the stupid QnA... (as usual~ i m a hot preeeety BIMBO)... haha!!!

And i din take pictures! cuz i left my camera in my bag n forgot to pass to my frens...hahhaha... so blur~ only got these fotos which were shot aft the pageant tho...

Dun have to console me, juz reassure me that I M HOT if u see me next trg ok! lol!

KahSian, u were dam rite... i was dam toned aft all the dancing tat everyone was commenting how flat my tummy was! hahaahahahahhahaahahahha!

Btw, i went to see doc le, she referred me to some specialist, so it shouldnt b any prob. =)

Oh, n off to Vietnam i go! will b back on 16Dec i thk... so happie trg ok! i really miss all of u!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Greetings all.

Team Spectrum will be training in Thailand from 1-8 DEC 2006. If you are an external events company looking to hire our services, kindly email us your request/enquires to or

We thank you for your time.

Monday, November 27, 2006


I really wanna thank those who have voted, but......HELP me vote some more pls!!!! vote more vote more!!! *VERY desperate*

CR, i thk u wrote the wrong address...(blur~)...ahahah! anyway here's it again!


And i have a truck load of free invites to MOS with me! Help me get rid of them!!!!!

Date: 7 Dec 2006
Time: 7pm-10pm
Freebies: 1st Drink + lotsa booths to get free stuffs n services! hohoho!

Anyone interested in the tix, msg me ok!!!!

Rmb to vote for me n dun look at the other gals ok! hohohoho! love u all loads!

Monday, November 20, 2006

*Disclaimer : The following entry may contain some disturbing images. Please refrain from proceeding if you're feeling unwell. =P

SMS from Ms Regine Tang Sze Jia. ( Also known as : Elegant, flawless skin, jiajia ) @ 20/11/2006, 1305hrs.

"DO NOT LOOK AT OTHER GALS!!! WWW.BLUNICMEDIA.COM/QUEENS06 closing date 30 nov. click 07! e pics fugly so pls tel ur frens i look 200% better in real life k ! "

And at 1317 hrs...
"... I'm disturbed by my fugly pix for 2daysleh !! n u not spose to look at other ppl!! sob sob "

Editor's note : If you're having the classic msn -_-face, then I thank you for being on the right side of humanity.

Then at 1321 hrs....
"I wrote ntu! somemore is kanjun think for me ok! is the stupid editor kept imagining i'm from nus. -wails-

Editor's note : My friends from NUS. I feel for you.

Just when you thought the worst was over. ( @1324hrs)
"NM!!! Just vote ! i need supporters! "

Chaang: ...........

Oh well. Regine has been great company. And a valuable asset to the team ( nvm that she doesn't have any herself ). So I decided to be nice and dig out some of her past 'nicer' fotos and profile. credits to )


We still love you regine !

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Peeps, you all can view our uniform designs here :

comments? suggestions? at the comment box below =)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The following extract is taken from an email to me by Lenny. Lenny is the current coach for Magnum Force.

CAS would like to announce an IFC CLASS I COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSE from Dec 15th-17th, 9am-6pm. To ensure safety and standardize coaching capabilities, CAS urges all coaching enthusiasts and cheerleaders to assist the association in promoting cheerleading as a sport. With this certification, an individual;
1) can sign up for overseas clinic/workshops organize by IFC
2) gain an internationally recognize cheerleading certification
3) gain a CAS recognize cheerleading certification
4) can qualify for IFC Class 2 coaching certification course
5) will be selected to represent CAS as coaches or judges for cheerleading workshops and events
6) can qualify their team at Cheerobics National Cheerleading Competition.
A course fee of $150 SGD is chargeable.

Those of you who are interested can contact me directly and I will tell you how to go about registering for this course. Team Spectrum is expanding very fast and we will need more qualified coaches among us to help this organisation expand and grow.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ladies + weida

For your reference

*note: Ning, sal. You're going doing the scorpion when we resume training. Go stand on your liang tehs till then =)

Sal: if the liang tehs are no kick for you , you can start standing on shot glasses as well =ppPP

SR : with your background in dance you'll just need to put in more effort in stretching and you'll definitely be able to hit that scorpion. Get your dance friends/ spectrum seniors to help you.

Delan : i'm leaving you to ed. haha.

weida : erm....ok i dun wanna know. hahahhhaha

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now i very stress
Exam Coming yet i Know Nothing

Very Stress
So i Decide to design Dress
after that have a Good Rest
Cannot rest
Gonna Study for Tomorrow Test

whahaha does it sound good
whahahah i tHink i'm really stressed up

Anyway here are my Designs

Uniforms ! Uniforms !!!

Alright peeps. We need to start deciding on the designs fast so that the tailor can proceed with doing our uniforms. I have to submit the designs by mid-nov. You may include your suggestions under the comments column or post your own entry. The only prerequisite is that the uniform's main/outstanding colour must be ORANGE.

Some designs I got from the net :

fastpax_id_264 fastpax_id_263 fastpax_id_173 fastpax_id_121 9451P5

9427P5 2306S14

I like the Raiders uniform best. What do you all think?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dec and Jan Training Schedule is out !!!

Please Check it out
HO Training Schedule

*You can only add comments to the dates when u got a Google Calendar Account


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today i good mood, so i'l post my pic ok! kekeke...

Guess who's blowing????

The fan.... and we sure looked blown away...

Delan really likes Mr PM... and Eddie tried all means to make tat happen

Kekekekekkekeke, Delan so cute!!!

So Van braved the storm and knocked out his row of very handsome bodyguards just for this photo...

Wad to do? Dam pretty...

Spectrum guys r all so lucky...

Van n Sal were really grossed out...

We realised tat Sundays are David's G-string day!!! *slurp*
Cute face Kah Sian...

Isaac oso got his male fan club base????? eeeeeeek~

Now for Sal n Sian... heheheh...

And den Angel + Devil...heheh...

Devil always tout he has big hands...UR HANDS R SMALL OK!!!! <--means buay balance

Cyan looks like he's shiiiting, CR looks like he's sleeping, Weida is pulling my hair and ChuanYan looks happieeee!

Ning n Lan n Ed says goodbye!!!