Friday, September 29, 2006


Impressive Nice Tuck by Si Rong on the 2nd TRY !

Keep it up man u got the power of the game

*PS: U Gonna Have GUTS to do it !*
Alright..since most of you gals (like that tupid elegant) are either too lazy to do your homework or cannot find the apporpriate sources I managed to find one good reference from

1) Notice how they do their double full dismounts on libs.
2) Notice how they hit out their pelvis for the toetouches/pikes. Very exaggerated movements are necessary for the toss to look good.
3) Expressions !! Must learn how to smile while stunting !

Well do feel free to post other clips if you think that they will be helpful for our learning process=)

ps: elegantttttt where are my shoesssssssssss!?! you got until the end of the month hor.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Finally... I MANAGED TO GET TO THIS PAGE!!!! School network really sucks.. heesh, I don't think it's unfair for me to say that I took nearly 1 hour just to get in and post some darn stuff like what CR always coerced the newbies to do..

Anyway do enjoy this lame clip that I've ripped off Youtube. And yeah, it's real darn lame. <3 ya all lots.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

hey y'all,

heard from chaangru u guys had a great time out at shiok...nvm, there's always next time...anyway, just to put up some photos from my dive trip...not bikini babes thou so sorry to chaangru and the rest of the guys in advance....

oh yeah, highlight of the trip was catching a lobster on my last dive and having it for shiok is that...freshly steamed lobster fresh from the thing, for free!! diving...alright, hope u guys can join me diving soon... =)

welcome to pulau dayang =)

damn alot of jellyfish this time...

and cuttlefish as well...saw like almost 15 this trip...big somemore...

Scorpion fish...ugly motherfucker.....

Two turtles playing in the sea....beautiful....

before the poor guy ended up in my stomach...

BBQ and drinking on the last night...broke the empty martini bottle while playin around...haha

Here r the pics of our sentosa outing frm ning's cam =)

Regine & I on the sentosa bus.. We're late! Something bad awaits us at siloso beach...

Gotta upload this pic coz Regine looks so naked here!

& this too... omg...

Hmm Law doesn't seem to enjoy taking pics... He says, " Why u take me? Take chaangru la!!"

& hence this pic... hahahahaha...

Happily soaking in sea water...

I spotted a worn out walrus washed ashore, all the way frm the arctic seas.... Look! Someone else's checking it out too...

Meanwhile, our dear Mr. Personality aka little monk digs a huge hole in the sand.. Little did regine & I know we were gonna be buried right in there =X

Still very nice & clean... (before the burial)

Messy & wet & itching frm the dirty sand... (after)

I captured David in a random shot!


da girls.......

Later Miko arrived....

Mass of men...

Candid shot! Juz look at the different facial expressions!! hahaha...

Okie dat's abt all the pics I haf... Other than those of Regine & I camwhoring... Regine! Hurry up & upload the rest too alrite??? =)

For all of those who didn't know...
(more about us : feat. uncle david)

Our very own Uncle David ( besides fishing, mahjong and drinking his favourite kopi gao and half boiled eggs) is actually a very good singer!! I was browsing the net ( during office hours as usual =P) and found david's power song that blew the whole lot of us away during our last team ktv session. EnJoy!!

ps: The fotos/videos we took during our chalet are with ning,elegant and kah xian so you peeps can chase them for it. And kah xian, high time for you to start your virgin post !


Friday, September 22, 2006


CR asK mi contribute 2 bloG.. guess this is the besT n easiest way out... hahaha... this sonG veli nice...sumhow is how i m feelin...
Things you do when you're bored at work :

1) Start keeping a list of who has posted and who has not. ie:
-weida, david, munhong, (old man team + one gay )
-kah xian, junhui, kaster, chuan yan, angel, sirong, wenfeng, sally ( freshie team + do rei mi fa )

comments : EH ! freaking free loaders ! time to post an entry. comments do not count. __

2) start to find loopholes in entries.
haha! eddie ! you said you'll write part 2 if there are at least 10 views hor ! 10 views, not 10

comments. i'm very sure you have more than that already. at least i pressed the refresh button 10 times on your entry for the record. So time to post liao ah. lol...

3) confirm the sentosa trip namelist.
With the exception of isaac, edward, delan ( who needs 7 days to prepare for her quiz) and weida who are unable to make it...and van + kaster who will be late, we'll see the rest of you peeps on monday. for more details contact lawerance directly. BRING ALCOHOL !

4) SMU's party on the 30th ?
We'll do the final confirmation by this coming thur during training.

yeah that's it for now. I need to pretend to be busy again. Otherwise my boss will kick me.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

This is one of my favourite songs..and bears a particular significance to me and my screwed up life ( ha! ) but anyway.. I didn't know that there was such a huge twist in the MTV until i had time to slowly watch it while slacking at work.

It's towards the end of the MTV lah. In case you cannot read the words ( esp for those chinese chui one hor.. it reads : "Have you finally recalled? "

Very touching ritee *sniff~~

ps: I think I'm getting high from the lack of sleep. Clubbing+ sleeping @ 430am+ waking up at 545am for work = not a very good idea. The music's still in my head. damm.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Addy's Birthday Party Invite:

Date: 30th September 2006

Venue: PA Holiday Flats. 101, Elias Rd, #01-03.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

if you tink u belong to spectrum.. and u dun see your face above.. it may mean


2)i left you out ACCIDENTALLY.. "sOrrY!"

3)ya not officially in the team yet.. so pls approach any of the friendly faces above to join our trainings

Friday, September 15, 2006

Alright.. I'm definitely no die hard magnum fan but in my opinion i think their 2005 nationals routine was the best by far. Things that we can learn from them

1) Stage presence

2) Neatness

3) Speed of stunt execution

4) Creativity

there are 101 ways to do the same pyramid but it's the smooth transitions that count. LIkewise, hit rate is also very important. You can do the biggest stunts in the world but if that stunt fails it'll be useless. You even get points deducted for a stunt fall.

Bases: notice how they use only two guy bases for baskets. Their layout (back hollow) was good.

flyers: notice magnum's top 2 flyers in this routine. They have very good technique.

In cheerleading, it does not matter whether you like me or not. What's imperative is that you go on stage , give a good performance , and win convincingly. Convincingly in such a way that no one is close to your level of gymnastics, dance, stage presence & stunt execution.

Guys : work hard on your gym and strength. I think van's backhands spring was a huge inspiration to all of you. Munhong's ground up single base also proved that our investment didn't go to waste. I'm not joking when i say that such stunts are really 'do-able'.

Gals: There is a difference between a liberity and a scorpian. In stunting, points are awarded not solely just on the proficiency of the guys execution, but the ability of the flyers to maintain balance whist attempting higher level of acrobats. Regine never had proper dance/stretching back ground but her scorpian to-date goes to show how much an individual can improve if you have the drive to do so.

Keep it up ppl !

Thursday, September 14, 2006


My 1 year old Schnauzer is pregnant!!! and due date is ard the corner!!! Who likes to add a new member to his/her family???

Expected colour is either salt&pepper(with more salt) or white or white with touch of grey! Soooooo cute.... maybe comes with jumbo ears too...keke...

We would like to find Schnauzer's Juniors new homes and pls, only responsible buyers k!

Calling price maybe SGD250 and if ur frens r interested, u can always mark up the price n re-sell them at SGD1000000...hehe...but we bought the mummy for SGD800 last year(n its considered cheap!). Price negotiable cuz I dun wanna make $$ out of here, i juz wan some extra cash to buy more canned food, snacks, playtoys, biscuits, shampoo, soap, conditioner, etc for my 2 dogs at home!!!

I thk Boyfrens here can consider buying 1 pup for ur Girlfrens and give her a surprise!!! Well, at least if i get a puppy as a pressie, i'l love the giver forever! It can be both ur Baby....awwww~~~

Filial kids can also give their mums a puppy so when u r staying in hall n enjoying all the activities, ur mummy got company too ya?!

Advertisement will be kept to minimial so as to not add cost to the price of the lil' newborns...keke...interested parties, contact me @ 97938010 okie! Will gladly entertain u!

Aww~ tats Mummy Dog less den a yr ago when she first celebrated Chinese New Yr with us!

OHHH~ and her breed is Mini Schnauzer... u can keep her in ur plastic bag when u are shopping...

Her first Schnauzer Hair Cut!!!


Tats y i said her kids mite have jumbo ears la! Like Labbit like tat...

Err, she's at my feet... we went cycling at ECP...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh man...i juz saw a freaking funny video...kekek...but i feel tat its a lil R(A), and i understand we have small gals n boys in our team, so i shouldnt put it up...keke...but if anyone interested, can go xiaxue's blog to check it out...heheh..(act secretive)

Ok, i hear all the disappointing wails...but dun b sad, cuz i have another funnier one here! Check it out children! (p/s lets make it a point tat we should NEVER cheer for American Football and Rugby and Basketball matches ok!)

Oh, another thg! Vanny n I got our rooooom le!!! yes yes yes! Weihuang is so nice to us, so i decided to vote him as hall 13 president(ermmm, i thk its gonna b a walk-over n he wun need my vote anyway)... but CR n Law, u both got dirty old neighbours ok...the room is GROSSSSSS~

Alrighty, seeya kids and old birds!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hey ppl, I must say that everyone has improved alot!

For most of the guys, ground-up single base is 'easy job' liao. Some even progressed to direct extension (not very stable yet but hey, we have 2 tall backspotters remember? hehe). And our beloved captain can (almost) do a ground-up single lib (but that doesn't mean I will stop kicking you when you toss me).

And those junior guys improved quite a bit too. And at an amazing rate! (can't expect less with CR's crazy whacking) If anyone of you dun understand any technique, must approach the 'old' bases.

As for the gals, almost everyone tried tosses liao. For senior gals, I think we need to perfect and sharpen our moves more. As for the junior flyers, I think you all are lucky to have seniors to try out those shits before you all, and can hear from us what to do and how it feels like to be doing those stunts. CR pushed the senior gals to try new stunts first, and it can be stressful at times. But luckily I still have Regine to depend on. CR always grab her to try out new tosses first. And whenever CR pushes me next, she is always there when I cry. So junior gals, dun be afraid to try out new stunts, cos they are proven to be 'do-able'. Just remember to 'shut up and lock'. (dun approach CR cos to him, everything is 'can, can do... the most you fall and die')

PS: Weida, the left side of my face reali swells up le. Very obvious. Your forehead got swell???

Hey guys, i know this is long overdue but here it is!
Thanks again for always helping us out. Sapphires heart you all.
p/s: can get the bigger versions of the photo from me in original colour. =)

Monday, September 04, 2006