Monday, November 27, 2006


I really wanna thank those who have voted, but......HELP me vote some more pls!!!! vote more vote more!!! *VERY desperate*

CR, i thk u wrote the wrong address...(blur~)...ahahah! anyway here's it again!


And i have a truck load of free invites to MOS with me! Help me get rid of them!!!!!

Date: 7 Dec 2006
Time: 7pm-10pm
Freebies: 1st Drink + lotsa booths to get free stuffs n services! hohoho!

Anyone interested in the tix, msg me ok!!!!

Rmb to vote for me n dun look at the other gals ok! hohohoho! love u all loads!

Monday, November 20, 2006

*Disclaimer : The following entry may contain some disturbing images. Please refrain from proceeding if you're feeling unwell. =P

SMS from Ms Regine Tang Sze Jia. ( Also known as : Elegant, flawless skin, jiajia ) @ 20/11/2006, 1305hrs.

"DO NOT LOOK AT OTHER GALS!!! WWW.BLUNICMEDIA.COM/QUEENS06 closing date 30 nov. click 07! e pics fugly so pls tel ur frens i look 200% better in real life k ! "

And at 1317 hrs...
"... I'm disturbed by my fugly pix for 2daysleh !! n u not spose to look at other ppl!! sob sob "

Editor's note : If you're having the classic msn -_-face, then I thank you for being on the right side of humanity.

Then at 1321 hrs....
"I wrote ntu! somemore is kanjun think for me ok! is the stupid editor kept imagining i'm from nus. -wails-

Editor's note : My friends from NUS. I feel for you.

Just when you thought the worst was over. ( @1324hrs)
"NM!!! Just vote ! i need supporters! "

Chaang: ...........

Oh well. Regine has been great company. And a valuable asset to the team ( nvm that she doesn't have any herself ). So I decided to be nice and dig out some of her past 'nicer' fotos and profile. credits to )


We still love you regine !

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Peeps, you all can view our uniform designs here :

comments? suggestions? at the comment box below =)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The following extract is taken from an email to me by Lenny. Lenny is the current coach for Magnum Force.

CAS would like to announce an IFC CLASS I COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSE from Dec 15th-17th, 9am-6pm. To ensure safety and standardize coaching capabilities, CAS urges all coaching enthusiasts and cheerleaders to assist the association in promoting cheerleading as a sport. With this certification, an individual;
1) can sign up for overseas clinic/workshops organize by IFC
2) gain an internationally recognize cheerleading certification
3) gain a CAS recognize cheerleading certification
4) can qualify for IFC Class 2 coaching certification course
5) will be selected to represent CAS as coaches or judges for cheerleading workshops and events
6) can qualify their team at Cheerobics National Cheerleading Competition.
A course fee of $150 SGD is chargeable.

Those of you who are interested can contact me directly and I will tell you how to go about registering for this course. Team Spectrum is expanding very fast and we will need more qualified coaches among us to help this organisation expand and grow.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ladies + weida

For your reference

*note: Ning, sal. You're going doing the scorpion when we resume training. Go stand on your liang tehs till then =)

Sal: if the liang tehs are no kick for you , you can start standing on shot glasses as well =ppPP

SR : with your background in dance you'll just need to put in more effort in stretching and you'll definitely be able to hit that scorpion. Get your dance friends/ spectrum seniors to help you.

Delan : i'm leaving you to ed. haha.

weida : erm....ok i dun wanna know. hahahhhaha

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now i very stress
Exam Coming yet i Know Nothing

Very Stress
So i Decide to design Dress
after that have a Good Rest
Cannot rest
Gonna Study for Tomorrow Test

whahaha does it sound good
whahahah i tHink i'm really stressed up

Anyway here are my Designs

Uniforms ! Uniforms !!!

Alright peeps. We need to start deciding on the designs fast so that the tailor can proceed with doing our uniforms. I have to submit the designs by mid-nov. You may include your suggestions under the comments column or post your own entry. The only prerequisite is that the uniform's main/outstanding colour must be ORANGE.

Some designs I got from the net :

fastpax_id_264 fastpax_id_263 fastpax_id_173 fastpax_id_121 9451P5

9427P5 2306S14

I like the Raiders uniform best. What do you all think?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dec and Jan Training Schedule is out !!!

Please Check it out
HO Training Schedule

*You can only add comments to the dates when u got a Google Calendar Account


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today i good mood, so i'l post my pic ok! kekeke...

Guess who's blowing????

The fan.... and we sure looked blown away...

Delan really likes Mr PM... and Eddie tried all means to make tat happen

Kekekekekkekeke, Delan so cute!!!

So Van braved the storm and knocked out his row of very handsome bodyguards just for this photo...

Wad to do? Dam pretty...

Spectrum guys r all so lucky...

Van n Sal were really grossed out...

We realised tat Sundays are David's G-string day!!! *slurp*
Cute face Kah Sian...

Isaac oso got his male fan club base????? eeeeeeek~

Now for Sal n Sian... heheheh...

And den Angel + Devil...heheh...

Devil always tout he has big hands...UR HANDS R SMALL OK!!!! <--means buay balance

Cyan looks like he's shiiiting, CR looks like he's sleeping, Weida is pulling my hair and ChuanYan looks happieeee!

Ning n Lan n Ed says goodbye!!!

Alright.. since blogger kept giving me problems and I already posted on Sapphire's blog first I figured that I might as well cut and paste the entire blog entry addy & I contributed. This entry is of course dedicated to all of you peeps to celebrate one milestone in spectrum's history. Enjoy !

-edited (6/11/6, 2349h):

chaang, *THIS* is wot u call a fan club...

IMG_4088 >>> IMG_4087
(girls, that was mr fu, btw.)

3 dudes *plus a cyan unda david, bt uncaptured* and 3 see-speak-hear-no-evil monkaaays~


beauties & da BEAST. mwahaha.


=some shots of da performance=


pangs of love,

Yes!! spectrum had a performance last sunday and we would like to extend our thanks to pris and addy for coming down to support ( and being our camera man = P ). So for those who couldn't make it, here's what you missed :

two scorpions

A tale of two scorpions minus the two extras (yan and delan) in the center.

Did I mention Isaac fan club?

isaac & el elegant

How about kah xian fan club? He's one of spectrum's new additions:

kahxian's chair

But team captain kangjun is determined not to lose his fan club base too. hor jennifer? haha..

KJ & wenfeng

CR has given up hopes of ever setting up a fan club. So i'll just go for the plaque. haha. (AND THIS IS WOT I CALL HAOLIAN.)

cr & pm

The team of the day !

PM group foto


Edit : Special request by delan. I didn't want to put this foto because of her ugly hair. whahhaha.!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The 3 Stooges part1:Eddie's motivation(feat. eddie kj weida)

The Three Stooges part1: Eddie's motivation-(feat. eddie kangjun n weida)

PS: watch till the end for weida special..
just to share some of the dumb things my row of guys and i did this week when we so bored and stressed out with exams...helps if u know hokkien swear words....enjoy =)

Room no:

Occupant Names (Real):
Chan Chun Seng, Isaac
Marcus Png Kok Kwang

Room no:

Occupant Names (Real):
Lin Jie, Shaun
Lee Boon Kiat, Lawrence

Room no:

Occupant Names (Real):
Chee Kwok Seng aka Jereme (Camalus HGL cum Beach Day Chair)
Chua Zi Xian, Bernard

Room no:

Occupant Names (Real):
Jonathan Ng Kim Lai
Goh Puay Yew aka PeiYao (JCRC FC)