Friday, September 28, 2007

I m going to dedicate this whole entry to


Jiayou for ur op tmr ok!!! Spectrum misses u so much!!! I still wanna do single base with u one, u know!? ok, i promise i wun tempt u do stunts next time but u muz jiayou n recover fast ok! Good luck for ur operation tmr!!! n u muz promise me to walk carefully next time, dun fall down again hor...kekek....dun see babes until fall dwn n break back anymore ok! kekek... Spectrum misses u!!!

I was searching for Junhui's pix when.... i stumbled upon...secret footages that Junhui has nv seen b4!!! *playful*

Xiao Hui looks delighted to be 3-men-based to his 5-star hotel room!

Caught JN secretly taking pix of Xiao Hui.... (popular men always secretly captured on tape CR, no one is taking pix of u...dun thk so much ok)

Xiao Hui seems oblivious to the surroundings, and 'surroundings' means getting a sexy male courtesan lying beside, who is tryin to pull dwn Xiao Hui's pants ah..*horror*

Ok, the star finally realised he is being filmed....he hurriedly tries to cover his face while David-the-courtesan dashes out of the room...

Oh no! David-the-courtesan did not run away! He dashed to the suite next door to prey on another unconscious victim.... sob, CY, sob....

THE END.....


Monday, September 24, 2007

Team Spectrum @ combined cheerleading workshop 2007.

Organised by NTU ACES, this combined cheerleading workshop saw teams from Nus Alpha Verve, Team Spectrum, Denvers and ACES coming together for the first time.

Instructors from Taiwan doing a mini-routine. Simply awesome !!

The four teams were then told to do a mini-routine on their own using whatever they have learnt for the past two days.

Team Spectrum

Alpha Verve



Stay tuned for more videos and updates !

Thursday, September 20, 2007

TEAM SPECTRUM's Team Cheer !

ehhh. okok. ALL Team Spectrum (junior and senior squads and all future generations to come) cheerleaders must know how our team cheer came about (stream to 1min 25sec) :

Carry on the Spectrum Spirit !

Monday, September 17, 2007

Chinatown Mid-Autum Festival 2007

Team Spectrum would like to thank our Seniors Uncle David (pink) , Weida (former team slut), Munhong (bottom right) for coming down to help for our event !

*More photos and event coverage will be up soon ( shoots arrow to ah teck )
15th Sept 07 - Chinatown Midautum'N' Festival
3 in front + 3 at the back!

let's go!

first stunt up nice and sweet!
ending stunt! perfect pose!
group photo before the performance
group photo after performance
lastly, post this photo coz its with the pics sent to us. Now everyone got a photo of weida to look at at night! lol...

( arrow deflected :P >>---> ......... hit back chaang xP)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Nellie !! I found the song !!

you just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see just gotta see this.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Our new name card design courtesy of Team Manager Junhui.

Comments/Suggestions pls do so (Tag board or comments column) asap cos we have to rush it for printing by this monday.

*Note: There are no names printed on the card to allow flexibility of use for the whole team. You may write your personal contact on the back on the card when you pass it to your clients/friends.

Aspiring Designers may forward your designs to Junhui .

Edit : We have decided to change the heading to "Team Spectrum Cheerleaders"

Edit: We have decided to change the words to : "Events.Choreography.Workshops"

Edit: Jh is working to improve on the pixelated Spectrum logo.

##Thanks to Munhong and Weida from 'Spectrum X' for contributing constructive

Friday, September 07, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A moment of peace.
A time of truth.
A reason to believe.
And a Sport to live for.
SA Serehs Teacher's Day Performance Clip
Finally they uploaded it. Thanks to Valerie :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

here are more photos taken on teachers' day celebration..

SYPHORS+5 men in black

awww. aren't they sweet. :DD

okay, i don't know what have got into them but seriously i think they look so sweet. kj seems to be very happy in cy's arms. haha.

nice one, eugene