Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Confessions of a die hard jason fan...

But how come nobody point at meeeeee!??!!?

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Yeap that's it folks ! we had a hell of a time @ SMU ( pity those who couldn't make it ) but here are the stuff you peeps missed out !

The overly enthusiastic Jason was one of the first to arrive and ...kinna got his hands full...

Jason shows that he has his own fan base as well as he gets cosy with Addy....

Jason gets his first hands on on cheerleading....

Yan doing the chair....

Yan being chaired...

(he was later told by our sumiko tan that his high V looks like some china martial arts crane..lol.)

Dun play play man. Mun hong don't chee hong don't chee hong. Chee hong only he does it sooo professionally that even the SMU babes are attracted to his recruitment talk. I think he's out- shinning me man. dammm....

Meanwhile, Isaac chan is busily making preparations for Isaac Fan Club (IFC) SMU branch. And yes, Isaac DOES have a fan club in SMU as well. You should have seen the number of chicks he was talking to man. whahhahha..

The flyers of Sapphires !

The bad boys from Spectrum (sumiko is a half-guy. whahahhhaha)

A group photo before we call it a day...

We love SMU too !!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


See how clear the pics r



Introducing the Latest Sony Erricison K800i. It's Powerful cos it take great pictures and u can even save time and effort in tutorial as u could just snap all the solutions down with just one click ! Furthermore it doesn't lag like NOKIA ! I changed from N6280 and noticed the difference. Quick grab one today from chaangru as he got LOBANGS as it only cost SGD 768 without line. BTW I got mine with line for SGD388 from M1! Any M1 3G user ? Msg Me !!! BTW if u guys got any suggestion on the blog layout or contents feel free to tell me k

Friday, August 18, 2006

So what do you do when an events company refuses to pay you your dues?

You sue the serious bullshit out of them !

Chaang's guide to filing a claim at small claims tribunials.

1) make your way to apollo towers at chinatown.
2) Pay $4.80 for a copy of the Registry of Companies (ROC)
3) Make your way to the subordinate courts located just across the road
4) Get a queue number under 'enquiries'.
5) Make your case known. The counter lady will then ask you to fill up a claim form.
6) make 4 copies of the claim form, 1 copy of your contract and 1 copy of the roc.
7) pay $50. by nets/cash. You will then receive a consultation date should the other party refuse to pay.
8) you're done!
9) ** run away from all irritating reporters who wish to find out more about your case. No comments.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This is amazing... I think even Boss, Jason and Isaac can't do this haha!


Btw, I prefer this blog design. Nice, attention grabbing and friendly to the eyes! Good job, Law!

Pretty cool huh?
Eh elegant ! your favourite leh. leg wide wide. Maybe you'll draw a bigger crowd. ha!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Training matters.

your vice-capt ( the super elegant one la ! ) has been complaining that traning progress is too slow. As such, we have agreed on the following :

For now, all freshies will end at 11pm. After which we will chiong our more advance stunting and pyramids. We will aim to finish at 12am every training. We will step up on training intensity and efficiency from now on. As such, please ensure that your body is properly conditioned before every training.

And I will be more sadastic too. whahahhahahah ! not that you all are not used to it la but pls be prepared.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good job guys! we hit an all stunts up! The reviews where that this performance was wayyy better than what we had in HO last season. What's more, we have short-listed 20+ potentials into spectrum! hope you peeps have a great week ahead and i'll see you all again next training!

ps: the gal giggling in the clip is our very beloved smu attach flyer wong ai hui. lol. and did i mention that regine's scorpian looks like.......erm. i dunno what you call it. fish?