Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wahahaha, i am here too!

Want to share a video on youtube. It's cheerleader stunting recorded using high speed camera, then they slow it down.

Interesting thing to note, at 3:40, they did the elevator pop, the bases actually did jump too.

The chopper looks kinda fun.

Check out the video on our gymnast coach Alan!!

Round off - back-handspring - running full - back tuck!! (i think so) :P!/video/video.php?v=10150220806385157

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello peeps! as stated in today's trg, we shall have our very own spectrum pokemon index... so i shall start off by creating an index for our beloved Ah Sua! and of coz not forgetting myself...
Please add ur very own pokemon index guys!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello peeps.. Here are the pictures and videos about the Flashmob that happened at Scape on 19th June 2010. (Apparently we broke some Singapore Record I think but who cares..)

(Auntie Sussie so nice come support us)

(Yang Yang getting advice from Grandmaster Chaang)

The btoss only came on the 3:36 of this video.
We are the 5th btoss but its hard to count because a lot of us got the timing all wrong! We are the one on the top right corner of the video frame.

1st btoss : Yang yang toe touch (Success)
2nd btoss : Yang Yang pike (Never go up :( )
3rd btoss : San back tuck!! (okay.. but tuck faster!!)
4th btoss : Yang yang (did go up but dunno do what.. we got the timing wrong already)
5th btoss : San lazy to go up.. (just kidding... timing wrong so we missed it)

Good job for those who went for the performance. Keep it up and improve on the btoss. Yang yang make a vow that she must know how to do btoss back tuck, if not she dun graduate. ^_^

woo hoo!! It's my turn to blog at such an unearthly hour... Just back home from supper at simpang bedok after cheer training, FRANCE LOST TO SOUTH AFRICA!! haha that's the first thing I saw when I reached there.

For the first time we had training without the sharp and eagle eyes of our captain and vice captain but I do think we did pretty well without them, considering the amount of sweat at the end of the training. Hope we will all level up after the hols and put up a good show for recruitment!!

go spectrum! and SOUTH KOREA!!! (cos my friend bet $20 on them, legal of course)

P.S. vavaron needs to invite more pple like youjin and ah fu.. hohoho..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wah! Can't believe Mr Ong is faster than me arh.

Anyway dear Spectrum!
Thanks to all your encouragement and advices and comments and everything,
I managed to do my btoss backtuck! :D
I did twice during the flashmob itself! hahaz.

I know those are not perfect backtuck, but I am really happy that I could do it!
Thanks again Spectrum!
Especially to the bases who got kicked, knocked, squashed.. (like Chris who has to go HK with a big bruise on his nose >.<)

Haha hopefully one of us will blog about the flashmob soon!
It's really fun! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Yesterday I was trying to blog about the flashmob but i can't get how to post on Spectrum blog. So i consulted our very own Elisa (because she is online) and she makes me feel like I am an extreme noob who knows nothing about blogspot.

Elisa "Just click write a post!"
Ong " Where!??"

so after a while then we realised that I am not invited so i can't blog. ARHHH...
Anyway be sure to catch me again on Juz SHUTUP and LOCK as i bring you guys the update on our record breaking flashmob at SCAPE!! (if i am able to get the pic and video from auntie sussie)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hey all!

We have been on low of activities lately.. but, still, trainings are still on and we all are still improving.. Thats an update for whats happening. =)

Well, recently, me and hui yang has been volunteered to perform for an outside event which most of you all would know. Anyway, just wanted to share some experience of what I have been through.

When i went for my 2nd training, the performance is just about 2 weeks away. The team that I am in, contains of roughly 30 members, which is quite alot, and the thing is... practically, 80% of the team, are all 1st timers.. I was really shocked and worried with our progress then.

2 weeks, 30 members team, and around 6 have some experience, including me, hui yang and kin wei. As usual, we trained almost every night. We were coach by a professional coach that some in team Specturm would know who is her. She is Jesse. (anyone rings a bell?) =)

Okay, within the short 2 weeks, tough, rough times, ups n downs are all happening all the same time. But, ONE thing that I sense from the WHOLE team together, is that, the MOTIVATION and DETERMINATION along with the SPIRIT is always there. They never give up, and they only have ONE purpose in their minds... is to perform with all they have!.

That attitude remains throughout the whole 2 weeks and finally the day came. When we perform, the energy was there, and everyone was high! Although we have some stunts that never hit, the spirits remains.. and we all enjoyed...

Ok, the experience I gained through this is that, no matter how short the time is, or how inexperience the people are... with the right attitude, We still can achieve what we aim for!