Thursday, August 27, 2009

At times, we take things for granted.
We din realise how important and precious something was until it is gone.

Uncle Law has lost his beer belly *sob*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Team Spectrum Committee 2009/2010

Introducing our new committee members...

Our welfare officer

Poh Kay Dee (aka Ah Dee)


Jeanette Yew (aka Ah Net)

Financial Secretary

Tay Hui Yang (aka Yang Yang)


Veronica Leong (aka Veron / Vavaron)

And our Captain

Cheong Chan Fai (aka Ah Fai / Bao Fai)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recruitment 2009

This year, Team Spectrum and hall 5 Vikings performed together for our recruitment.

First stop @ hall 5 on 19th Aug.

And the next day @ hall 13.

Special thanks to CongYan and KangJun for helping out with trainings, Delan and AhLiang for helping us with the performance and also Marcus, SM, CC Ng and JieYing who helped out with spotting and video taking.

Well Done Spectrum and Vikings!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

harlow guys. :)
woohoo! This is my first time posting something here.
Hahaz. A video to share with you guys.
It's cute! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

No prize for guessing who this monkey god is. Will add on a gold hairband next time.
Since Mr KJ ask for it,

I shall post the pics for our kite flying event. But more pics need to get from bah-ron.

And so it goes...

One fine sunny day, a group of cheerleaders decide to gather and venture out to the far far south of sunny island to have some fun...

SMALL boy boy, our dearest and smallest male flyer decided to go 2 hrs early to explore the area because he was hungry.. To his dismay, there is nothing except grass and many many construction sites...

So he changes into his $8 for 5? piece shirt and waited for the rest to arrive...

The 2nd to arrive was barney and cy, followed by 四毛 , ah-dee and brian aka 酱油..
And the last to arrive was 肉-ron who was still along the MRT green line, when we were supposed to have met at the time.

Poor wenfeng was lock in her dad's office and wasn't able to join us.....

四毛,肉-ron, ah dee, small boy boy
and barney showing his paws over 四毛

As you can see small boi boi shagged face after waiting for 2hrs in hunger... But no fear, kind hearted ah -dee bought donuts when he came.

四毛 inspecting her walking stick
for retirement purpose..

She thinks that a thin one might be able to do it..

Soon the gang board onto the bus and travelled to Marina Barrage where Chris was already there enjoying some cake and coffee while waiting for us..

It took some while , but the team manage to get their kites in the air..
and this is all that I have, need to get wait from 肉-ron to post the rest..

Pls click on image to spot the kites.... =p

肉-ron and 四毛 with 四毛's kite, Pooh (deceased)

It was fun and all, and surely as usual, but as a team full of spirit for adventure and mischives, accidents happen...

Wat's that?????

Oh no....

Poor Pooh, was the 1st of the 3 victim to be engulf into the sea....
But as the team always care for each other, and we leave no man behind...
Sotong and pikachu soon followed after, of course UNWILLINGLY.....

After that, we also celebrated 酱油's birthday.

酱油 with his bitter-sweet smile...

Blame it on either poor economy or recession or whatever reasons we can think of...
Due to budget constraint..


The one and only unique birthday cake =)

Of course as cheerleaders, we will do our specialty wherever we go...

Getting ready...

1 2 3 jump and Failed....

Ready okay 1 2 down up and PASSED =)

Barney and ah-dee decide to join in too...

The guys decide that they want to do something too..

In position and Hmm.....

Small boy boy favourtie hand stand,
he must be training all these while for this day...

And ever since chaangru was around, we alway been hearing from him the term "UP LEVEL"
Here is a gd example...

The Normal Level

Up One level


(haha that me breaking ah dee virginity)

And the most pretty stunt of the day..
( 肉-ron was lazy and slacking one corner)

After that we left for shokudo and had dinner before all of us made our way back home..

and the team continue to cheer happily ever-after

~The End~


By the lousy noob blogger,
Panda Tjong

Sunday, August 09, 2009

SiMao!!!! i wan you to do the stunt from 0.25 to 0.28!!!! steady bo??? gif you 2 weeks to learn!!!! if u can do HO we win leow.. no horse run.. on ar...