Wednesday, February 10, 2010

According to Brian, this is call LOCKING.

but hor brian, the frog cannot JUMP leh!

Monday, February 01, 2010

A look back at time..

Team Spectrum HO 2010

Team Spectrum HO 2009

Team Spectrum - National Cheerobics 2008 (1st runner ups)

Team Spectrum - National Cheerobics 2008 (Best new comer team)

Team Spectrum HO 2008

Team Spectrum National Cheerobics 2007 - Group (Champions)

Team Spectrum HO 2007

NTU HAll 13 - HO 2006

Team history:

I took over NTU Hall 13 cheerleading team from my hall senior Willie in 2005. Then we were not known as Team Spectrum. In 2005, hall 13 cheerleading became famous for our 9 standing back somersaults (only 2 were trained gymansts) and hanlong who fixed back his dislocated arm in the midst of the competition itself. We finished 5th that year.

Team Spectrum got its name on 24 June 2006 during an external assignment for SMRT. It was the first time many of us performed infront of a 2000 strong crowd at Suntec City convention hall 6. Following which, we never looked back.

Team Spectrum then made it's debut at National level during 2007. It was the first year CAS came out with a group stunting category and we bagged the gold!

In 2008, we took the a step further and procceded to send both group and team squad to National Cheerobics 2008. This was the first time Spectrum sent a full squad for team level competition. This was also the day I stepped down as Coach.

Wenfeng, together with the remaining seniors during my era (read: congyan, kahxian, kangjun, Sirong, Veron, Junhui, Kianwei, Tecky, Guo Liang, Delan) has done a very good job in cultivating the new generation of cheerleaders for Team Spectrum. In all honesty, I think they did a better job than me!

This is the year 2010 where I think most of your seniors would have reached the last stage of their cheerleading career. And they might too, want to continue what their seniors did in the past, guide you to at least one Nationals so that you as the next generation of Team Spectrum cheerleaders will have the sufficient knowledge and experience to carry on where your seniors have last left off.

Do not leave everything for next year. Treasure your here and now while you still can.