Friday, February 25, 2011


HEY GUYS!! it's 2am here and I guess it's the only safe place that I can declare that I am DRUNK from a pub crawl... lol okay not enough cos I can still type here. My exchange so far has been GREAT but I feel guilty cos I haven't been working on my stretches and handstands when I'm here, can't wait to see YOU GUYS in training in JUNE when we have our lovely holiday trainings when I'm having my internship AS WELL.. Meanwhile enjoy SENTOSA!! I expect PHOTOS ON THE BLOG!! MISS YOU ALL and SEE YOU IN JUNE!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

HO 2011

This is quite a long overdue post >.<
I know I have watched our HO video hundreds of times, I watched almost all the videos taken by different people from different angle, and I just can't stop myself from watching them once in a while.

Yeps I just watched the video a few times just now and I would like to highlight some parts of the video! :)
1. I love the energy of everyone! The 'Power Rangers' at the beginning part is so POWER!!! haha.
2. I love the formation we did before the final stunts sequence! See how Megazord did the formation with us and it's so in sync! :D
I think I don't have to say much about all the stunts hor. Everyone put in their best efforts and that's good enough.

So I want to say about something that is not exactly in the routine. See the few seconds before everyone got into their first position, what was everyone doing? :) I bet the high5 from each other meant a lot. It's assurance, confidance, encouragement, comfort.. I was really happy to see that in Spectrum :)

so, thanks everyone who is directly or indirectly to make HO 2011 a success! Thanks team Spectrum, coach Vincent, Hall 13 and everyone! :)
I am proud to be part of team Spectrum!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spectrum's going Sentosa!!

Can't wait for our Sentosa outing on 27 Feb (sunday)!!!!!!!!

Are we doing potluck picnic or just go NTUC buy snacks and drinks before heading to Sentosa?

I hope the whole team will be there!! =D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank You note

Now that HO is over, and we have gotten third out of 16 halls, it's time for Spectrum to thank those who made all these possible.

The first is of course to our coach, Vincent. Thank you for being mean to us, for implementing all the unimaginable PTs (buddha claps!!), for not being contented at whatever we do, for pointing out every small little mistakes that we do, for finding fault with everything, for demanding perfection. Thanks for the endurance runs, it woke us up to our senses. Thanks for not pampering us. Thank you, for being the devil.

To Hall 13 JCRC, especially Amin, we are grateful for the physical and financial support given to us. And also for garnering support from the residents. Most notably, the last minute banner that made such a huge difference to our routine!

To Hall 13 residents, thanks for being there for the showcase, we have never seen such tremendous support in all our previous years! Thanks for all the words of encouragement and most importantly, for SCREAMING your lungs out on HO itself!

We're also grateful to hall 12 Bulldouzers and hall 5 Vikings, for sharing their mats with us, or else it would be impossible to have a 10X10 mats for running routine. And everytime we run our routine, you guys will be cheering us on. Thank you!

We definitely will not forget our seniors for their physical and mental support during trainings and on HO. Cong Yan, Chaangru, Kah Xian, Lawrence, Shuen Min, Barney, Wen Feng, Kang Jun, Sirong, Yinxue, Katherine, Chan Fai - Thank you for your encouragment, words of wisdom and opinions regarding our routine. Thanks for the Macs supper too (kx, sm, law)! Once again, we would like to thank Eddie for his $50 contribution to our canvassing fund!

Spectrum is extemely thankful to Wildcards for being around at our trainings to help out, give advices, spot for us and spur us on. Thanks for cheering for us on HO day too! We wish Wildcards all the best for Nationals and we'll definitely be rooting for WCT to bag the championship!

For making the pretty flyers even more pretty on the day of HO itself, we wanna thank Yirong and Felicia for helping with the make-up. The flyers really love it a lot and we think the bases love it too! hehehe! Thanks Yirong and Felicia!

To Jon, BIG BIG thank you for our routine music. It's one of the best mix we heard during HO, and fits our routine/theme completely!

The last person we want to thank is still Vincent. Thanks for designing the uniform, making the hair bows, coming out with the eye make-up and giving ideas for the props. Thanks for the cheoreography, the chant, dance and stunts. Thanks for sacrificing your time and sleep for us. Thank you, very very much, for believeing in us and not giving up on us. Thank you, for being the angel.

Team Spectrum 2011

P.S. for those interested in the pretty and cute cupcakes I ordered for Spectrum, do visit here!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dee's dream

Ah Dee just had a weird dream. He dream that Hall 4 won the HO. Second and Third is 10 and 3. So Hall 13 and Hall 7 didnt win anything.. HAHAHA

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Videos of NTU Hall Olympiad 2011 Cheerleading winners

Champion: Hall Se7en

1st Runner-Up: Hall 1 Unisus

2nd Runner-Up: Hall 13 Spectrum

Consolation Prize:
Hall 3 Wonders

Hall 10 Razers

yay, finally over

As a freshie, come to think of it, i did not come a long way... think the most 5 months... haha... i m actually quite happy that i m able to be part of the routine and to know such an awesome team. Now i finally understand wad is to perform from your heart and it was really an enjoyable day for me. the result is not important, wad really matters is the process. Do not be contented, there is always room for improvement. Strive for greater success starting from today... We have done it once, we can do it again, and even better this time...

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011


Hi Spectrum!

I guess all of you are all enjoying your CNY holidays now and taking a short mini break from HO. Reading that you guys manage to complete your routine so early makes me very very proud of you guys! I remember the days when Jianing cant climb up a shoulderstand and Nabil can only toss Xingtong. :P Im sure these HO trainings turned everyone into better cheerleaders and Im looking forward to the wonderful stunts by the seniors!

I saw some walkthrough videos from other halls (okay it was just one hall) and I really missed the days when we toiled and slogged to perfect the routine. This will definitely be a positive experience in your hall life (in fact it is my proudest one) and you can count on me to be back for the next HO!! Actually Im quite guilty because I did not push myself hard last semester, thinking that I will not be in this HO so Im counting on you guys to coach me along when Im back in June.

Meanwhile, it is the final stretch to HO and I wish you all the best!! LETS GO FOR THE WIN!

Message from Vincent!

Hi Spectrum,

We are reaching the finishing line and the end of the season. Standing in front of the team during the full run in SRC on 1st Feb, I was proud of you guys on that presentation. Though not a perfect performance, I could sense the collective effort to perform the routine. That was good, but as the coach, I need to spur you guys to achieve better.

I am thankful to have lead and known Spectrum for 2011 HO. I couldn’t have asked for a more self-motivated team. How the committee got the team going through the trainings without me, knowing what you needed to do so that you will not incur my wrath ;) But somehow, no matter how hard you tried, there is still flaws that I would pick at. Who would have known you could complete my school runs? You guys managed to struggle through my thigh burning PTs, and Spectrum came out HARDER, BETTER , FASTER, STRONGER.

Did you all remember the 1st time I visited the team, during debrief, I asked everyone what they wanted to achieve during HO? Perhaps you did not accomplish all your goals. If you did, very good! Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t; some skills really require a longer time to master.
Trainings will never be easy, but I’m glad everyone persevered, and survived. The team definitely got fitter, some better in shape :D

In terms of stunt skill improvement, I guess it’s less significant on the seniors due to time, different responsibilities and stress. Again, good job on the juniors for chasing up on par. This season, there was a lot of mental work involved. The team started out unsure if the juniors can fill the rolls in time, team dynamics not there, new Imports from previous halls. Somehow, we managed to work as a team.

Teamwork noun
the combined action of a group of people, esp. when effective and efficient.

I see it more as understanding each other’s strengths and weakness, accepting it and helping each other fill up the short-falls. It is also about backing each other to push for greater heights. Encouraging your team to persevere, to weather shit together.

It will never be the best member combination. But you’ve got to make good use of who you have. It will never be the perfect team synergy. Unless you believe in it, and trust that it will work.

“self-HIGH” people will get low and unmotivated at times too... But they get recharged when they see those whom they are encouraging respond. Keep the energy going ok?

I am glad we did a full routine on 1st Feb, for I can safely say, you can enjoy your Lunar New Year without worrying that your routine has yet complete. 3 more trainings, a lot more polishing to do. I know you guys can make it.

Go, Go, Rangers!
Go, Go, Rangers!

Ai yai yai yai yai!
Vincent Fok
Spectrum 2011

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy CNY!

Happy CNY spectrum! Rest well during this long break and hope to see everyone healthy and ready to stunt on sunday!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011



Every time we stunt, let's take a deep breath - inhale all negativity and exhale only positivity.

Team Spectrum, go!


Guys... we have finally reached the last lap to HO'2011... lets all give our best and not look back... give the final push and we can definitely make it as a team... lets PERFORM AND STUNT WITH NO REGRETS...