Monday, July 31, 2006

Yeah I'm the 1st to blog about the FOC performance!

Anyway good job people! All stunts up! (ok lar, my 2-2-1 was a little weird but boss, I did lock! dun whack me!)

Have a good rest and see you guys on Monday!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hello Darlings!

Rmb those lovely pictuuuures we took during STOMP? hheehehhe...yeah, those lovely pictuuuures tat u all have been pestering me to upload! Well, HERE THEY ARE!!! *claps n cheers* ( So i can have sum peace at last )

First, we welcome the prettiest of the most gorgeous babes u can ever imagine living on earth...even better den this year's Ms Universe...
Well, of cuz tat includes Eddie as well...cuz we all have the same height range...keke! (hrmm, eddie, i thk u can look q chio if u r a gal)

Den we have our chairs here, and now we know why Dayvit (and Eddie again) muz stand in the middle...keke! And Isaac is happily showing off his lil sexy tummy...

Next, we have our 2-2-1!!! yeah! And check out everybody's beautiful smiles....and AGAIN, we all know why we have to hide Dayvit n Eddie...keke!

Okie, i personally have sum misunderstandings wif i personally thk this pic is nice, until the very top part...i juz dun like babes opening their legs ok! Hrmm, now we see Eddie, but where is Dayvit????

Eddie is angry and decided that he muz b on top...woohoo~ n Dayvid looks great!Ermm...Jian ning, where did u go? kekekek!

Haha, and now, we have our Fan!!! (Great for the hot n humid weather now) At last we see everyone here! All the gals looks bebelicious! *yummy* (Dunch u wish ur GF was as hot as me...dunch u...dunch u) <--SiNgS

Woahhhh~ Spectrum's Family Foto! Everyone looks happieee!!! Er, who owe u $$ Congyan? keke!

Ok, everyone gather for debrief pls...

Tanny is cute! Weida too la...keke!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

heh! HapPy biRtHdAy tO bOsS.... getting old already... becoming naggier and naggier... haha... enjoy your birthday!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

heh guys... I got these photos from the YouTube to post some photos... but the rest of the photos... dunno who has it... post it leh!!

the ceiling was so low... we practised a lot le.. seriously most of the time we do it, we could get it right... but the ceiling... haiz..

Our Final Position...

Pictures are what I have only... i want the other photos! haha... me and Tanny , Issac and Jian Ning took these pictures at PS...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hey guys!!!!! Check this out!!!!!

We were mentioned in this thread and I think the reviews ain't bad at all man... GooD publicity.. YEAH~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well Done ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Why so Tulan ???

Yeah there has been much speculation of late that how come boss like having pms like that..whole day scold scold scold. Face black black. It's like things has changed. We're no longer having the same degree of fun anymore. Very regimental. Very strict. So why ah?

Alright....I have to admit that I'm having some problems coping with the new change of my life-style following the start of my 5 mth Industrial Attachment which ends in Dec. (0730-1550 mon- fri ) This is on top of the existing responsibilities I have as the current coach of Sapphires as well as a tutor for my A lvl student.

Of course, this is no reason to complain. You peeps have your own responsibilites and problems too. ppl like delan having to travel all the way from sengkang back to NTU just to train. And tanny and Kangjun who are also working in the day just as I am.

Perhaps i'm getting worn out. I dunno.

But rest assured that Spectrum is my brain child and it took me much pains to set up. And I am putting all my heart and soul for this team to grow. It hasn't been easy, cos we are after all we are a common threat the existing teams in singapore. Of course ma. One more competitor. Esp for the varsity team who sees us as dividing exisiting resources. Stealing their ppl . bla bla bla.

I never denied that i have high expectations. which is precisely why I get pissed when I see basics not executed properly after all the hard work we have put in. At our current level , simple things such as baskets , extensions and shoulder stands should be second nature to us. You find it fustrating too, don't you? esp when you know that these are the things which you can do but for some funny reason you simply cannot perform.

But the main reason why I'm 'pms-ing' all over the place is the attitude of the entire team. We're getting complacent. And this is very dangerous. People are starting to slack. Coming late for training without reasons and being late for yesterday's assignment was really over the top.

And no, I do not pick on people. I have no reason to.

Spectrum would have never been possible without every single one of you. We are a group of ppl who have come together for the love of the sport. All of us enjoy each other's company, bitching together and doing gay + absurd stuff that the common public could never comprehend. But this IS us. This IS the Spectrum culture. Spectrum exists because each and everyone of you compliment each other's strength and weaknesses.

The only thing that i can repay you for your contribution to spectrum is a memory. A memory that you can bring with you once you graduate from University...once you retire from cheerleading. Because I too will retire from cheerleading one day. And you can always look back at this memory telling yourself that i once had a team of people whom i can associate and identify myself with. And I was happy. I AM proud to be part of Spectrum.

Be it harsh tones, sadomasochistic notions or even the black face, it has never been my intention to make anybody unhappy. But as boss, there are times where it is necessary to make unpopular decisions/ comments for the good of the team and I apologise if i have offended any of you in this process.

So yeah. That's about it. About the black face? Ask regine la. She'll just tell you "ignore him la. His face naturally black one..."


Monday, July 10, 2006

Submission of Plan for Destruction of Psychotic Coach

Alright guys, we all know "someone"'s birthday is coming up in 2 weeks' time. Any idea or plan to "celebrate" ( read SABO!!!! ) his birthday is warmly welcomed in the comments page.

Expenses to be incurred need not be taken into account as long as a certain amount of pain is inflicted onto the victim.... come to think about it.... nah!!!! more pain is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwahhahaa....

All those with any devious plans may submit them online and a poll shall be conducted to vote for the most "appropriate" treatment for the psychotic u-know-who... hahhaa..

Come on come on... keep the ideas coming... anonymous identity when posting comments are acceptable in this case. However, if you are those that do not fear the repercussions of a mad coach by all means leave ur names behind... mwahhahahha...

Alrighty then... cheerios~

Sunday, July 09, 2006

No worries sumiko....anyway u guys helped me and the other july bdae peeps "celebrate" with tt cake and whipped cream tt night alredi dun waste anymore club resources on me liao. lol.

Friday, July 07, 2006

sorry Edward! welfare officer here say sorry... for forgetting to announce your bdae! i actually remembered and remembered that it falls on a friday! thats why i asked if this froday got any practice... then after training i was exhausted so totally forgotten about it! ah!!!!!! so very veyr sorry! sorry this welfare officer here very bad!

anyway happy Birthday !Edward!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


This place is where we ate our breakfast , lunch , dinner and also our BBQ! haha... we had free service for the BBQ... we just sat there and wait for the food to arrive! ...
This is one of the huts which Jason and his friends stayed in... not bad.. small but yet cosy... their toilets are seat ones... where as mine is the squating type... haha...then double deck beds...
Photos taken out in the sea...

Jason and his friends... mostly divers from NDU...

hey guys... i finALLY found out how to post this entry... haha... anyway... finally got some photos from my diving trip... so share with u all... most of them still not with me...
haah... these photos are taken at Pulau Aur... yup...not bad a trip...din have sun... so i could not Sun tan! haha... though it was not a great trip for me... but then i managed to pass my Open Water course... haah yups!

This is my team and me... all open water course pple ... from SIM... heh heh... no chio bus and yan dao so no need to bio so long!
This is our photo on the boat... which i keep feeling nauseous... wah damn it lol... keep having headaches...

See the above pictures... guess what are they! haha... well its actually sharks man... baby sharks .. caught by the villagers staying there... so bad ... they are actually going to cook them and eat... they caught a lot!

dunno what happen... cant seem to upload any more photos... haiz... never mind... anyway... see you all tonight!

Interested pple ca come join Eddie and me to have a 5.6 km run before training!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I've juz uploaded some pics taken on ning's day! Feel free to take a look at them & find urself in the photos... hehe..

starting wif pics of myself... hahaha.. dun u all think i look very fair here? rite rite? RITE?!

i got pretty hungry & almost bit off my finger thinking it was food...

went minds cafe to meet up wif my tutorial mates... had a great time over there!! taboo & pit are fun games =)

a rare group photo... had to leave for cheerleading soon after... thankyou chauffeur for the lift...

tanny baby~

fellow swordswoman zhao min

say hi to the gay club members!

darryl looks like a care bear... hehe


yu xin likes snoopy... everyone noes that...

face has grey hair... hahahahaa... old man

cong yan's act attitude cum constipated face... hahaha oops kidding~

tanny & jason the baddie who put whip cream on me.. hmph!!

and now.. time for some unglam pics....

that's all folks!! =)))

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3) Select 'Create'
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Alternatively, you peeps can rely on our new IT officer lawerance to give this blog another new look. yes yes, i know many prefer the old skin but you peeps should always be ready for something new ya? Sticking to the same old thing is boring.

Because change is inevitable. Love it, hate it, you still got to face it.