Monday, September 26, 2011

This is really awesome!

Not only are their stunts really good, their jumps and dance are also very syncronised. Just awesome!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Asian Thailand Cheerleading Invitational 2011 Videos

Just reposting; enjoy the videos and be inspired!

1st Place - Team Japan (NBU Braves)

2nd Place - Team Thailand (RSU)

3rd Place -  Singapore (Team Lions)

4th Place - Chinese Taipei (Monster Cheerleading Team)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Masterchef 1: MUA CHEE

Masterchef Augus with a very spastic me :X

This will be part of our brand new masterchef series since we have AUGUS in our team. Today shall mark the beginning of his cooking exploits (while we exploit him of course!! :P)

The ingredients in position

Dough making in process. Note the speed of the mixing!!

Helpers hard at work to make the mua chee..

Noodles as side dish to fill our tummies :P

Faces of satisfied customers!

Oh, I didn't really show the final product here? Well, you just have to join us for supper after training every monday and thursday (sometimes wednesday too!) to feast (your eyes or your tummy) on all the good stuff masterchef augus offers. To greater food and beyond!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let's try to do this for HO!

Posted on behalf on Captain Sia, because he don't know how to upload video. =P

Do take a look at this video. It's quite a clean routine, and the stunts are quite achievable!

PS. To all the freshie, if you are still deciding, do still come down for trainings. Give cheerleading a chance, you may find yourself enjoying it a lot, like i did. I'm currently in sweden right now for exchange, and one of the things i miss a lot is cheer trainings. It gives me an avenue to forget about school work for a while and just enjoy myself. To be able to hit stunts give me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that someone like me(not very big sized or muscular), can be a cheerleader. When i first started cheerleading, i really didn't think i would stay on. But after a few months of training, i began to enjoy it more, and wanting more to improve myself. Cheerleading is now a big part of my hall life, and i hope by joining, you will feel the same. Trust me, the feeling after you complete a routine for HO is awesome. The sweat, the efforts, at the end of the day, when you hear the crowd cheer for us(cheerleaders) and their roaring applause for, you will feel that everything is worth it. You can have a taste of it by watching the videos of past competitions. Team Spectrum always get roaring applause and cheers. I've been in many activities that requires me to be on stage, and i can honestly say, the most awesome feeling comes from a cheerleading performance. Therefore, do give cheerleading a chance, also give yourself a chance to try something you'll probably never get to try outside of hall. Uni life is short, and probably your last few years to really enjoy yourself and commit to try something new.

Team Spectrum! GO!


Attendance and Committment

Hi guys! Recently I feel that there have been issues about getting everyone to come down for training and to get everyone down on time as well.

  • If you are still considering if you wish to join cheerleading or not, PLEASE COME DOWN for trainings first as every training you miss is a lost chance at improving your cheer basics and techniques.
  • If you have study committments (e.g. project meetings, quizzes, deadlines) or CCA committments outside cheer, PLEASE try to manage your time around cheer trainings. Many of us also have to cope with these committments as well and this is a chance for you to master your time management skills! Also we will take a break from training about a month before exams so that everyone can study hard for exams! Of course if you have an urgent committment that cannot be changed please let Suelin or I know, we are understanding people too! ;)
All in all I know that everyone has to make some sacrifices to come for trainings, for me I am also missing out on the time to study and to spend time with friends in hall. Please try to arrange your time around cheer trainings as much as possible so that we can all improve as a team! As I mentioned in my debrief just now, I hope to focus more on the training content than to worry if my team members are actually attending trainings or not. Cya on Thursday!

Friday, September 09, 2011

The recruitment doesn't stop...

This picture says a thousand words!

September Babies!!

More bday celebrations for the next month!!

Spectrum 11/12 Main Committee Recruitment

Hi all! This post is just to keep everyone up to date about what positions are available and what are the respective job scopes:

1) Publicity/ IT Officers (x2)
  • Manage the Spectrum blog and Facebook page
  • Design posters and/or T-shirts for Spectrum events (Cheer Camp, Cheer Clinic, Spectrum bonding, Spectrum Anniversary)
  • Design any props that we need for Hall Olympiad (banner, flag, etc)
2) Welfare Officers (x1)
  • Organise Spectrum bonding events and arrange food for Spectrum Anniversary
  • Organise monthly birthday celebration for Spectrum members!
3) Logistic Officers (x1)
  • Manage all Spectrum logistics (uniform, mats, props, banners etc)
  • Organise mats washing if necessary
4) Business Managers (x2)
  • Look out for and arrange canvassing opportunities for Spectrum
All the above job scope are not exhaustive, do come to me if you are interested!!


Hi guys! (especially those who didnt make it for training today)

There's a slight change for the next training as Hall XIII will be celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival on this coming Monday (12/09/2011). We will still be holding training AFTER the celebration :)

&&&im glad to see familiar faces coming down for training! good job today, you guys really picked up fast! let's look forward to learn more new stunts! :DDD

Team Spectrum, GO!

p.s. dont forget to mark your attendance at tagboard!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

JCRC rally

hey guys! I just attended the JCRC rally and I feel inspired to share with you all that we are not only Spectrum members, but also Hall 13 residents! So do look out for all the activities that are organised by the Hall and take part in those that will interest you. The next hall event is coming up NEXT Monday, which is the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration, so we have to reschedule our training as the celebration coincides with the actual lunar August 15 so I can't argue about that... Look out for Suelin's SMS on details for rescheduling!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

life in hall XIII

normal hall 13 residence simple just

conclusion: mundane


add more colours to life

conclusion: EXCITING

Friday, September 02, 2011

Just Some Words...

Veron said to me, "Aiyah, it's like that one lah, only the captain will be worried about the blog de."

True enough, I think my activity level in this blog increased by about 5 times since I took up the role of captain. (oh, if you don't know, I'm captain now, a blog on the main committee should be out soon). I would like to thank Choon Fu for giving me this opportunity to contribute to Team Spectrum, I hope that I won't let him down.

Spectrum gave me a lot of fond memories. Taking part in Hall Opening(Olympiad) when I was in year 1 was the best experience I have in NTU. Similarly missing out the chance to take part in HO when I was in year 2 was the biggest regret I have in NTU as well. The sweat, blood and tears shed during the HO period was definitely worth it and I had many wonderful seniors to support and encourage me when I was a junior.

Now I am the senior. Now I have to bring my team through the journey to HO. Now I have to create better memories with my juniors and give them the experience I felt when I was in year 1. But I know I am not alone, because I still have Suelin. And Huiyang. And Phei San. And Jeanette. And Choon Fu. and Wee Keat. And many many more.

There are definitely challenges ahead. Recruitment is an issue. Commitment is an issue. Team bonding is an issue. But I will forge ahead and continue with cheer trainings. Because I am happy when I train. And that's enough for me.

So that's that! It may be a new Spectrum in terms of the members, but may it be the old Spectrum where we are a family. Team Spectrum GO FOR THE WIN!


Status: Mats are clean again!!

Cheer Clinic 2011


Spectrum conducted our very own cheer clinic for the residents of Hall 13 on 22 August 2011 and it was a resounding success! (look at the number of people who turned up!) Residents and freshmen had a taste of cheerleading as they joined us for our warm up, stretching and locking exercises. Then they were split into groups and roamed different stations trying out elevator, shoulder sit, on ground extension (not ground up extension!) and also our very own trust fall (with our trusty crash mat at the bottom). After that we also let some of the girls try how it feels like to be on the very top of the pyramid stunt. We hope that this cheer clinic has allowed residents to gain a better understanding of how tough cheerleading is and also piqued the interest of some of our residents, new and old, to join the Spectrum family.

So join us! A new life awaits you!

Residents trying out how to lock...

A freshgirl on a pyramid!

Chengyee the GL with her group members :) Familiar faces soon!


Of course a cheer clinic post can't end without everyone who make this clinic a success.
  1. Vikings! Thank you for helping us with the running of this cheer clinic.
  2. Hall 13 seniors. Thank you for coming down to show your support and gamely join us for some of the activities even though you guys are probably 'old and rusty' already.
  3. Hall 13 freshmen! Thank you for giving us a chance to show you how cheerleading is like. Hope you can join us for many more fun trainings!
Okay that's about it.. signing off! (and spamming more posts!)