Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cheerobics training dates:


4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 21, 23, 25,28


8 = competition !

Let's all concentrate on this ba. final lap liao.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hello dear Spectrum... Hope everyone rested well!

no, im not here to contribute to more tear-jerking, tissue-wasting, heart-breaking messages.. juz wanna share some pics we took together on wed! frm preparation to celebration.. happy times! =)
here they are:

Veron n Rong caught unaware..

Next target: YX, Adel n Feng...

Ning got reeaally bored taking pics alone..

... so she grabbed e nearest person, ah feng, & they snapped...

& snapped....

Ah Rong pouting her sexy lips while irritating ning snaps away..

Regine aka BC finally arrived & made herself busy as a bee, helping her bee-children sprinkle golden shimmery lovely pollen dust on their eye lids..

Family photo =) but who's dat ah pek squatting on e floor?

everybody yell "CONG YAN!!!!!~!!!"

Finally a decent pic.. NICE!!!

On e shuttle bus oso can take pics u noe?


(Press e fast forward button)

It's night time! yummy bbq food from Spectrum X.. thanx!!

Dear Yuxin came to support too

I decided to grant Mr CR a pic... hehe

Blink-blink Sal!


need to bend so low anot Isaac?

Jason too! u very tall meh? haha..

now Jason no need to bend.. hahahaha

Chuan Yan stole my cam! roar!

3 young hot babes + 1 old wrinkly balding man...

& at last, final pic of the day!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dear Spectrum cheerleaders

I am very sorry that you guys didn't win the competition! I hope you don't feel terrible. Winning is not everything in a competition, especially in a cheerleading competition, when "best" is usually subjective, and entirely dependent upon the taste and preference of judges. I guess what matters is that you had really good times as a cheerleader (i know i did). Anyway, I was busy clicking away at you guys, so here are some of the better pictures. I'm not going to upload all the pictures here because its a big pain in the butt to upload everything, so I'm going to pass the rest of the pictures to Chaangru. Hence for ugly pictures, please refer to Chaangru. (pun unintended) :)


I have some pictures in my camera which i uploaded in my blog! come steal okie!!!

regine jiajia

This is definitely at National Standard. Well done Spectrum !!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This 3 years have been a long time for me so pardon me for hogging the blog ya?

Some people that I would like to mention thanks to:

Chaangru. Yes, Chaangru. Much as he is quite a b****** during training, the sacrifices that he has made for the team is undeniable. Although he always thinks that he damn zai. HAHAHA!!! Without me he would be dead long ago lor. Hahahaha. But really, working with him for the past years, there are things that I know that some of you do not. And I dare say that while he may be harsh, he does these things for the best of the team. Someone has to be the bad guy and since he has the inate ability to be one, I had to be the good guy. Without him, I never would have met you guys.

Tannie. Some of you might not know her but she was my first partner. hahaha. She and her crazy laughter. Tannie, I know you're somewhere out there. Thank you. Just for being who you are and bringing us tons of laughter.

Isaac. My first base partner. Hahaha. Thanks for always being the male eye candy of the team and stealing all attention. Always stealing the limelight from me. THANKS ar BROTHER!!! haha

Jianning. She was one of my first "job" as captain. Haha.. Chaangru said if she join alot of guys will join so me and him spent hell lots of time trying to get her to join the team. Initially she was damn reluctant. After much persuasion and coercing, she finally joined us. Despite her hatred for Chaang and her constant mentioning of quitting when she first joined, she stuck it out with us all the way until today. In my opinion she has the best basket toss toetouch in Singapore and I am darn proud to be her team-mate. When we first started training basket toss with her, she would always say she's very scared and don't want to do but the moment the counting starts she will start jumping and doing the toss. Hhahaha.. I remember we used to have such a good laugh over it. And then there was her screaming when doing basket toss. Every toss she did she screamed. Then we starting placing bets on how long she will scream and how many more before she stops screaming. Haha. Despite her fear and all, she has gone on and become one of the silent pillar of the team. She is in fact one of the strengths of our team. I remembered there was once she shouted at Chaang. First time we heard someone shout back at Chaang lor. Hahahaha.. We were worried then yet somewhat feeling shiok! Haha.. Finally Chaang got a taste of his own medicine. Then he stand there lan lan cannot say anything. Hahahaha.. That was one of the classic moment of our team man. Jianning, Thank you for being part of this wonderful memory. I hope we are part of yours too. =)

Weida. My eventual base partner. Eh, we're not the best base in Spectrum history for nothing ok.. Hahaha.. Everytime I think back on our 2nd year pike reload 2-2-1 toss I can't help but be amazed. Not easy for all 3 bases to co-ordinate and throw so accurately ok.. Somemore even when we were not aligned properly and standing about 1.5 mats back we still can hit one lor. Haha.. That is what you call mo qi. Haha. And our pike reload during the Taiwan Cheerleading camp. Hahaha.. We were late yet we still managed to work together and get Regine there on time to catch WF, drawing the loudest applause for the camp. Memories.

A lot of other people that I will like to thank. I wanted to type these posts when I retired as captain last year but I keep procastinating. Now I finally got to doing it. I hope you guys don't mind my hogging of the blog. =P
hey all,

as kangjun said, its hard for some of the some of us, last night was our last official training...i know its my last...and kangjun's...probably even ning's...

sitting on the stage last night, looking down on the very mats that i have been training on for 3 years, memories filled me...

the mat was there....

when i first saw hall 13 team training at the amphitheatre and i thot to myself, i will give chaang face and quit after the recess week....there were 9-16 mats then....

the mat was there....

when we started to train for HO was there to cushion our fall when we failed in our stunts, in our gymnastics...the 9-16 mats were accopmanied by the judo mats and very old green mats which we destroyed by the end of that HO...

the mat was there...

when jianning, sokyin and nicole first came, helping out with our dance...coaching us to look sharper, more fluid...even kangjun had to go through ning's dance tuorials...

the mat was there....

one week before HO when yuxin slipped through our grips, fracturing her arm...mats were there supporting her til the ambulance came and rushed her off...the mat was there for all of us, to huddle with each other...

the mat was there....

when the new batch of freshies came in...wenfeng, sirong, angeline, kahxian, congyan, junhui...together with some lau jiaos delan, sumiko, lawrence, chuan yan, edward, kester...and with much persuasion, ning, our dance instr was part of hall 13 cheerleading team...sally too joined us...the last two was much to chaang'svdelighted (chee ko pek)...the mats were there, welcoming everyone, with the stench we which have become accustomed too...

the mats were there....

when Spectrum was borned...the mats were joined by "O'jump", our big soft cushiony times ofexhaustion, fatigues, we would lie down together, on "o'jump"...encouraging each other on...

the mats were there...

1 year on, welcoming yet another batch of freshies in yinxue, adeline, veron and jinru...laojiaos were present again in theresa, chin seng and kin wei...we had 17 in our team...we thot we could not do, we are there, cheering every night, for ourselves, for oursupporters....the mat quietly watched us progress....we now have almost 50 mats....

last night, the mats were still there....

as we left to have our well deserved rest, the mats sat there..i sat there, looking upon the mat, for once, with nobody on reminded me of all the times it was with us...through the sweat, the tears, the blood, and then the smiles, the cheers, the friendships....

the mats were there, are there and will always be there...just like Spectrum and everyone in it...long after the seniors go, it will be there for the many future batches ahead....

to the seniors, not just kangjun and regine, but to ning, delan, chuanyan, lawrence and even chaangru with his tough exterior, this will be the final time we are in the team for HO...and we all feel a tinge of sadness...i thank all of you for the times we have cried and laughed together...

special thanks to some of my fellow seniors...

to kangjun, for being a friend and brother one would always want, walking by your side...

to ning, coz it was hard for her to commit at first, but she did...and she topped it up with hard work and commitment, making her one of the best basket toss toe touch any cheerleading team in singaporeand as friend and fellow "face", knowing you has been one of the things i hold close to my heart...

to chaangru, you have been with the team all this while...the team was borned because of u...we are where we are because you started it...thank you for "bluffing" me into this experience one can only get through the good and the bad times...

and last but not least, to everyone else, this is not possible unless you were one said, we are doing this for a team, without you there's not team...good luck all for tonight, we will do ourselves and our supporters proud...
Sorry for always posting lengthy wordy posts. Although they say a pictures says a thousand words, I don't think a thousand pictures is enough to describe how the seniors feel.

Wenfeng asked me just now, "Why are you seniors so sad?". She was referring to Regine, Isaac and me. I told her that she won't understand how we feel, not yet anyways. For those of you that did not notice, Regine was sobbing her heart out and Isaac and I was trying damn freaking darn hard to hold back our tears.

You may say that parting is inevitable. Sooner or later we have to leave the team, leave cheer. To us, it is akin to leaving our family. Imagine how you feel when you are about to leave your family forever. That is how we feel. We are family that has gone through blood and sweat together. Isaac is the closest to a brother that I will ever have and Regine is like a sister that I've always wanted.

To the juniors, treasure every moment that you are in cheer. While training may be hard and injuries aplenty, you will always have frens that catch you when you fall, help you up when you are down, encourage you when you feel that you are the lousiest person in the world. In fact, these are the very same people that you can trust your life with.

There will be tough times ahead. I beseech you never to give up. Not on yourself, not on the team. Instead stick together and ride it out as a team. I guarantee you, at the end of the day, you will know how we feel. You will know why we still come back. You will know why we tear when we have to leave. You will have bonds so strong that not even your own siblings can give you.

I have found my comrades-in-arm here in cheer. I have found my brothers in cheer. And I will never regret the decision that I made to join Spectrum. Regine, I've never thanked you enough for helping me out as the vice captain when I was the captain. I will miss you. I really will.

Tomorrow will be the last time I will be coming to cheer. For all the wonderful memories before, I thank all of you. It will be memories that I will treasure till the day I die.

Team Spectrum Captain 2006-2007
Team Spectrum 2005-2006
Team Spectrum 2006-2007
Team Spectrum 2007-2008
Cheer for those who cheer for you.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hi all . The following competition scoring guidelines are from Cheerleading Association of Singapore (CAS). It will serve as a good reference as to what to expect from our coming competition.

Penalty List
The following stated deduction point(s) is based on PER OCCURRENCE IN TECHNICAL SKILLS(stunt,pyramids, jumps, tumbling). The final deduction to be made to the final score is averaged from the penalty judges totaled points.

No Description Points
1 Obvious Wobbles =1
2 Major Mistakes =2
3 Major Misses =3
4 Safety Guidelines Violations =4
5 Inappropriate Choreography and Music =4
6 Major Falls (Pyramids Only) =5
7 Judges Stopping of Routine =5
8 General Competition and Safety Guidelines =10

4.2. Obvious Wobbles (1 point deduction per occurrence)
a. Shaky stunts/pyramids.
b. Incomplete dismount
c. Obvious errors during jumps and tumbling skills.

4.3. Major Mistakes (2 points deduction per occurrence)
a. Falls prematurely from individual stunts after pose, top person is safely caught
b. Falls from jumps and tumbling skills

4.4. Major Misses (3 points deduction per occurrence)
a. Falls before pose, top person is safely caught
b. No execution of stunt

4.5. Safety Violations (4 points deduction per occurrence)
a. Violation of safety guidelines
b. Failure to catch top person

4.6. Inappropriate Choreography / Music (4 points deduction per occurrence)
a. Occurrence of any vulgar or suggestive movements
b. Use of music with overtly sexual content, racist or vulgar lyrics

4.7. Major Falls (5 points deduction per occurrence) (Pyramids Only)
a. Collapse of Pyramid

4.8. Judges Stopping of Routine (5 points deduction per occurrence)
The Head Judge reserves the right to stop a routine due to:
a. Uniform distraction
b. Inappropriate exposure
c. Cases of injury

4.9. General Competition and Safety Guidelines (10 points per occurrence)
A 10 point deduction will be given for EACH occurrence of the General Competition and Safety
Guidelines violation. This includes the following:
a. Routine, Entrance & Exit Time
Exceed the allotted time.
b. Entrance and Exit
Any skill performed before or after the allotted routine time.
c. Performance Area
Participant unintentionally steps outside of the competition boundary.
d. Routine Requirements
Failure to perform any of the compulsory routine requirements. (If a competitor is unable to do the
compulsory exercises due to an injury, it will not be considered a violation.)
e. General Safety Violation
Refer to General Safety Guidelines.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

oh, and i just chanced upon the team singapore's motto which i think is very fitting for us...

We share the work,
We share the sweat,
And finally, we share the rewards

I am sure everyone of us will be rewarded in one way or another, be it in terms of achievements in the competitions, or simply the relationships you share =)

hi all,

just looking at some of my old hall 13 cheerleading pictures (again)...think this picture was taken by titan poh weida (ex team slut) way back in our first HO...

alot of things has happened since then...ppl have come and go...yet, as kangjun said, spectrum has grown from strength to wish, and i believe many of the seniors who have left and will be leaving this year, is that spectrum continues to grow...not just as a competitive team, but a group of individuals bonded together by the enjoyment of cheerleading, not just for people, but more importantly, with the people we cheer with...

yesterday's performance at chinatown was a very heartening one...seeing the excitement of theresa as she gushed at goh chok tong clapping at her,or the happiness on veron's face, it left me with a good feeling that spectrum will be in safe and capable hands after this semester has ended...and like how the 1st generation of spectrum seniors has said, the juniors really outshined and exceeded expectations...for a first performance, they exuded confidence and showmanship that any cheerleader, new or old, can be proud of...

we have 2 more training days to HO...the worry is no more about stunts not fact, we should expect ourselves to hit nothing less than an all stunts up coz we have shown that over the past few trainings, as well as the performance...the thing now is for all of us, seniors AND juniors, to be disciplined enough to go out there and execute what we have trained so hard to achieve. focus on what we have learned and practiced so far. not once should we feel we are good enough to slack off, to relax, to close one eye...coz that one time u slack, relax and close your eye might be the time someone, your team mate, your friend, gets hurt...

on a brighter note, im eagerly looking forward to get out there on 23rd jan!! maybe its more special coz its the last HO for myself...its been 2 years since my first HO and i still feel the rush of performing at the SRC...but the rush is some what different used to be the rush when you knew you were the hot favourites, the certain arrogance and pride we had as a hall 13 cheerleading...but now, im just glad that we have a team like we have right now and i would want nothing more than to end off with performing with you guys, for those that have, are and will be cheering for us! jia you spectrum, let's rock SRC on 23rd jan!!!!! =)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Random rantings...

Hi all, just saw some quotes on a blog which i thought would be nice to share.

" Empires have to fall for the birth of a new, stronger one. Whenever you get a fresh start, you get more drive. Sometimes no matter how to tried to right a wrong, you thought that you are doing it for the good of the team, you will realise that no solutions is the best solution. Sometimes no matter how you try to solve your prob of your comp hanging, the best solution is still to press the restart button. "

If im not wrong this was posted by xingwei. I share his insight completely. Many of you doubted the survivabilty of the team when the seniors left last year. Many of you doubt we can continue next year. Yet we are still here fighting strong. The juniors have shown that they have what it takes to be a part of Spectrum. Have trust in them, trust yourselves. From the ashes rises the phoenix. You may not be as strong now but you will be stronger. You may not have numbers but you will have unity. You may no longer have guidance but you have each other.

And that is the true calling of Spectrum.

I like wikipedia's definition of the word Spectrum. I quote from wiki, "In most modern usages of spectrum there is a unifying theme between extremes at either end." We may all come from different places, but it is the team that brought us together. I thank God that I am able to meet people like Isaac, Regine, Delan, Edward, Wenfeng, Sirong, Congyan, Kahxian, Junhui, Jianning, Lawrence, Chuanyan, Sally and even Chaangru though Spectrum. The memories that I share with them is so precious no amount of money or winners medal can buy. And it is Spectrum that brought me and Weida, Eddie, David and Munhong closer. It is memories that I will look back fondly on everytime I think about Spectrum.

Spectrum is a team where we share our passion. We named ourselves Spectrum because we wanted to take in anyone with the passion for cheer. Along the way we may have forgotten our cause. We need not be winning to be a team. So even if next year or the year after that Spectrum might be left with only the 5 of you, the 5 of you still makes a team. And as long as there is 1 person left, the legacy of Spectrum can continue.

I remember telling someone this before. I coach because I wanna give to others what cheer gave to me. The team bonding that I've experienced is so great that I hope that others can feel the same way. When I coach I do it not so much for the money but in the hope that the kids can find the bonding that I found in cheer. If you feel the same way as me, won't you wanna pass it on to the next generation?

ok... i realised that its really random rantings.. coz i really dun haf any organised thoughts at all.. haha.. just typing whatever comes into my mind..

ANYWAYS, I am suggesting that we have a official get-together at least once every year for all members of Spectrum young and old. Since the name Spectrum started around during the last week of May, why not we celebrate Spectrum's birthday on the last Saturday of May every year? We can all meet up and talk about old times, like how we thought we were the best of the best during our first HO. HAHAHAHA. How bout it? And I suggest the EXCO tat year should be the one organising it. hahaha.. onz?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

SAJC Cheerleading CCA Day Performance

Many thanks to KJ, WengFeng, Uncle Law, KX and Chuanyan for turning up that day. You guys were such great help!!! *MUACKZ*

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

An email from Aljunied Town Council:

Hi Chaang Ru,

Your team was awesome on the date of event. Thanks for putting together such a great performance at such short notice. Your invoice has already been submitted to Finance department for processing.

Have a great 2008!

Best Regards,
Ivan Wee
Public Relations Executive
Aljunied Town Council

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

UPDATED 15Jan : The Tixs have been sold. Thank you for your support !!

02 x Jay Chou tickets on sale !

Date: 19th january 2008 , 8pm
Seating: Category 1, A33 second row.
Starting Price: $320 for one seat.
"Buy Now" Price: $350

peeps! as you all know we have an assignment on 19 jan which clashes with Ah Seng's concert. According to him, the tickets were a birthday gift from his sis, thus it is her intention that the tickets are sold at the above price.

Do help ask around! On the other hand, if you're a non-spectrum member but you're interested to buy the tickets you may contact Ching Seng directly @ 91814914.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Two cute flyers.

Three cute flyers.

Four cute flyers.

An uncle.

There are two hunks on stage. Which two? U decide...

It's game time for Spectrum.

Here comes contestant no. 8!!!

Regine's fan club.

What's grabbing the attention of these guys?!

Looks like these guys are going to beat me up...

We both have a tail!

Wenfeng likes prawn noodle, so does Congyan. But he likes his without the prawns.

We had western food for dinner. Dun mess with us; we still have our knives.

Three guys looking at another guy on TV over dinner. That's pretty... erm... gay.