Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Team Spectrum first OUTING in 2008

Date: 3rd May 2008 (this Saturday)
Time: Morning till Night
Place: Sentosa & Marina Square KBox
Meeting Time: 1030 am
Meeting Place: Vivocity Sentosa Monorail
Contact Person: Lawrence/Veronica
Details: Ask Law or Veron
Expected Damage: $60+++

Bring food and drinks at your own convenience, i.e. its not compulsory but if you're kind enough, bring so we all can share! =)

Bring your camera!!

Bring your boyfriend or girlfriend or gayfriend along!!

All ex-spectrumites, seniors, grand seniors, great-grand seniors, great-great-grand seniors are welcomed to join us! Do ask wen feng for details =D

See you!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hi all, it is me again with a one off post.... this time, from Turkey!! Dont really have much time to write so just a short description~ and just 2 pics...
Well, stayed in Kayseri in Turkey. It is a small little quiet town but still nice. Went to Ankara for business meetings, presentations and demos... and then one day free!!!!
That was when I went to this place called Kapadokya. Mountain area with vast plains of sand and rocks... some of the rocks have man-made holes in them where people stayed in them. well, that was during the roman, greek, ottoman or other empires... which is many hundreds and thousands year ago... now, maybe some people still stay there during the summer because it is cooling inside there. yeah been in there and it is really cooling compared to outside temp.
anyway, just 2 pics of the rocky plains and me on a camel... hahaha....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

NTU Hall 13 Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) committee is collaborating with vPOST in the vPOST Tertiary Sponsorship Challenge.

For every individual who sign up for a free vPOST account online, vPOST will give cash sponsorship to the FOC committee.

Plus, for those who sign up, you get a chance to WIN air tickets to exciting destinations (WOW!), St. James Powerhouse membership (YAY!) and Singapore Flyer tickets (COOL!).

Click on the link below to sign up NOW:

It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up for an account and its reeeeeeally simple to fill in!!

For those who are wondering "What has Hall 13 FOC got to do with Spectrum?"
Well, it has A LOT!!

Spectrum is based in NTU Hall 13 and if the FOC committee has enough money, we can organise a super happening FOC. When the year 1s enjoy the FOC, they will like Hall 13 more. When they like Hall 13, they will want a more happening hall life. And joining Spectrum is the most happening hall activity they can find! LOL!

Ok lah abit exaggerating but hope you get my idea.
FYI, Kah Xian is the Chairman of the FOC committee so that makes Spectrum more related to FOC. haha.

Do support by signing up!!
Thank you Thank you!!!! =D

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hey everybody take a poll on the dates that you prefer the outing to be
For those on budget the cost have been factored in already
Beach : approx 10 bucks(9am-6pm) we can start later :) take a poll on the timing also :)
KTV cum Buffet Dinner : 23++(Sun),30++(sat) (6pm-10pm)
KTV Extra time : approx 12bucks(10pm-3am)

Dates Poll

Timing Poll(*Updated*)

PS:Sorry Guys Dunno y blogspot dun allow me to embed the poll here :(

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Training Resumes… Yeah!!!

Halo everyone, I noe u all have been waiting for this day for very long le rite? pls say yes k.. hee..

Date: 6th May, Tuesday
Venue: Function hall 12
Time: 8pm

We’ll be discussing the rest of the training days so pls be present. Also, pls keep 17th May free, we’ll discuss more abt it on 6th May. =)

Ps: to all ppl who are interested in joining our family, u may drop by on 6th May. =)
u may contact me piggy_pig13@hotmail.com or Jun Hui vegetto1126@hotmail.com if u wish to drop by.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008


12 April marks a very special day in Team Spectrum history. Our cheerleaders from all institutions and all walks of life gathered for the very first time. It is the also first time ppl ranging from freshies to super seniors got to meet each other. 12 April is also the day I step down as Team Spectrum's overall in-charge. I may not be the best cheerleader in Singapore, but I am proud to say that i have cultivated a new generation of coaches and cheerleaders that have surpassed my abilities at the same time frame. Most importantly, they have understood the Spectrum Spirit of cheerleading which says

"cheer for those who cheer for you"

For our team coaches Delan ( SAJC ) and ah teck (PJC) have done a very good job in preparing our two youth teams for this competition. Your dedication and commitment have already surpassed mine during my prime and your routine has maximised the potential of every single individual in your squad.

I would like to thank my senior Kok Tiong for joining us as our guest performer for our Senior Squad. KT contributed a lot to Spectrum's inception and was one of the few who encouraged Spectrum to become a reality. Spectrum would have never been possible without your help. =)

Without further ado, i would like to present the new Exco Committee for

Team Spectrum Season 2008/2009

Public Relations Manager: Ms Katherine Khor

Team Vice Captain: Mr Soh Jun Hui

Team Captain: Ms Xu Wen Feng

Ms Xu addressing our entire cheerleading family as Team Spectrum's new overall in-charge.

With this, i shall henceforth handover all authority to Team Spectrum's new management committee. The entire 2008/2009 committee will be out during our AGM in May.

We are a part. not apart. =)

am i efficient or what? :D

i made the albums public so everyone can go tag themselves crazy.

make up/hair in sajc:

warm ups:

competition 1:

competition 2:

(*****note:some disturbing photos such as this:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

one more! one more!

they have really strong visuals, right?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dear person-in-charge of Team Spectrum,

A very good day to you.

My name is Ee Wurn, I produce TV programmes in MediaCorp. My productions are mainly Ch 8 & Ch U Chinese variety shows. I am doing some research on cheerleading in Singapore, as I hope to produce a cheerleading competition series on Ch U.

May I know if Team Spectrum is keen to participate if there is a national cheerleading competition organized on a TV platform?

If the competition kicks off in July 2008, is it too rushed a timeline for your preparations?

If it’s not a competition, but a showcase on TV (like a cheerleading-based variety special), will you still be interested?

For your advice, plse. Many tks.

Best rgds,

Lee Ee Wurn

Vice President

Chinese Entertainment Productions

MediaCorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd
now i know why they have SO many safety rules for cheerleading. their dismounts are hell scary hahahaha

Monday, April 07, 2008

Team Spectrum : Just for Laughs part 2

erm.. this is slightly tougher compared to part 1 so i'll post some hints ^^ :

Designation : Team Captain, Season 2006/2007

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Team Spectrum: Just for laughs part 1

Can you recognise the champion in the foto ?? ^^

Friday, April 04, 2008

SKM Cheerleading Prelims

For the first time in Spectrum history, our entire family tree of cheerleaders will be in the same competition !

Details are as follow:

Date: 12 April 2008
Venue: Toa Payoh CC
Time: 12 pm

St. Andrew's Junior College: Team Serehs

Coach: Delan Yva

Pionner Junior College: Team Syphors

Coach: Zhen de (aka ah teck)

Team Spectrum : Senior Squad

Coach: Chaangru (aka CR)

All past/present/future (and aspiring) Spectrum cheerleaders do come down and support ! Spectrum organisation currently has close to 80 cheerleaders spread across two of our Junior squads and our primary senior squad. It'll be very cool to take a mass group foto!

Cya !!