Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spectrum's Cheer Camp has officially ended! For all spectrum's members, young or old (=P), it has been a very new experience for all of us. Instead of going to Thailand to undergo monster training by the Thai Cheerleaders, we organised the entire camp by ourselves and went through an entirely different training regime.

"Exposure" was the main focus of this camp, and indeed, both seniors and juniors alike have gained lots of exposure through trying out all the different stunts. It was tiring, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Well, let the pictures do the talking now:

Camp day 1: Most ppl in HAPPY spirits, just like cong yan =D

PT :(
but apparantly cy and gerard stil has energy to fool around. lol.

after the PT....poor Ah Liang is super tired...

PT at the Fitness corner cos feng wants us to improve our arm strength

Training pictures:
feng's liberty

junior flyers: Elisa, Hui yang, Phei san, Jeanette

Arm motions and chants

Last day of camp

Pyramid by the juniors =D
Spectrum group photo
Spectrum + Spectrum-X
Big thanks to KJ, Chuan Yan and Issac for coming down :)
Finally its BBQ, the day everyone has been waiting for!
We all LOVE marshmallows!
the take-5 gang...faster quit la! =P (lesser and lesser ppl joining u all now)

Yup, that's all I have.
Really wanna say that I have thoroughly enjoyed being with you guys, and hope that we'll all strive hard for HO! Jia you everyone!