Thursday, July 31, 2008

Team Spectrum Graduates 2008

Left to Right:
Chaangru ( former team coach/team founder-2005.2006.2007.2008 )
Jianning (mid-tier/dancer-2006.2007.2008)
Lawrance (base -2006.2007.2008)
Chuanyan (loader- 2006.2007.2008)

Absent with apologies:
Isaac Chan (pioneer batch/loader -2005.2006.2007.2008)
Regine Tang (pioneer batch/ utility flyer - 2005.2006.2007.2008)
Delan Yvu (2007 team captain/ mid-tier - 2006.2007.2008 )
Jason Fu (pioneer batch/ former gymnastics coach- 2005.2006.2007)
Vanessa (pioneer batch/ mid-tier - 2005.2006 )
Yuxin ( pioneer batch/ top flyer - 2005.2006 )
hanlong (pioneer batch/ base - 2005.2006 )
Lawrance lee (pioneer batch/ base - 2005.2006)
Lauratta (pioneer batch/ mid-tier - 2005.2006)
Weina (pioneer batch/ pioneer team captain - 2005.2006)

Previous graduates:
Kang Jun (pioneer batch/ 2006 team captain- 2005.2006.2007.2008)
Weida (pioneer batch/ fomer team slut - 2005.2006.2007)
Eddie (pioneer batch/ base - 2005.2006.2007)
Munhong ( base- 2006.2007 )
Uncle David (pioneer batch/ base - 2005.2006.2007)
Tanny (pioneer batch/ mid-tier 2005.2006)
Big Lawrance (pioneer batch/ base/ dragon boater- 2005.2006)
Willie (pioneer batch/ former hall 13 cheerleading chairman - 2005.2006)
Jasmine (pioneer batch/ loader- 2005.2006)
Xiuhui (pioneer batch/ mid-tier 2005.2006)
Alex (pioneer batch/ base - 2005.2006)
Wenjie (pioneer batch/ loader- 2005.2006)

**Note: Team Spectrum originated from NTU Hall 13 back in Aug 2005 and was officially established in May 2006. Nonetheless, I would like to thank the pioneer batch of 2005 for putting their heart and soul for the backbone of the team. Kudos to the pioneer batch of 2005... We were the only people in the last 4 years who trained till 5am + in the morning and took the first bus home from hall !

To be able to cheer is a luxury. Cherish it while it lasts.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Spectrum Recuitment Performace

Venue: Function Hall

Time: 830pm



8月15-16日,CLAIRE将再次来到新加坡进行第2轮宣传,我们邀请你组成啦啦队,学习/模仿郭静在以下短片中的动作,并有机会在8月16日表演给评判 - 郭静本人看。优胜者还有机会赢得丰富奖品,以及和郭静一起合照留念!



Translation (for the benefit of isaac chan =P ) :

There is an invitation by to emulate CLAIRE's cheerleading routine. Details are as follow:

Auditions: 15-16 Aug 2008

Actual Event: 16 Aug 2008. Claire will be there to see your routine personally.

Winner of this event will stand to win attractive prizes, as well as a personal photo with Claire!

Interested parties do include your captain/in-charge's contact number and send details to

The routine can be seen here.

A close-up view of the routine can be seen here. Claire's partner looks a bit like No-No from our latest singapore-tawian workshop ritee ?!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Taiwan (Monsters) Cheer Workshop by Denvers

Hi, Esmond here many would not know me:P haha.. ok i'll make it short that i am a new spectrum member which will post on this current event.

Day 1
Workshop started off with a thought-to-be childish but yet turned into a very good ice-breaker for the warm-up. Familiar music with cool flowing stretches and some cardio workout. very innovative thing that squads in SG definitely would like to try to make stretching even better:)

Next up was basic stunt training and it was not totally a waste of time for me. was totally enjoyable as i finally was able to prove what my 2 years of cheer training has did when i was in RP Rexaz and before that. Stunting with Jun Wei was a definite plus for me and with the approach of keeping flying till we fatigued definitely put my mind on making the best to enjoy my fav sports of all times; sincerely really!

Next up, dance! (i think?) haha.. dun really know the order but wow it definitely made me re-think how a routine should be. usually we think; stunts like alot, cheer like 8 bars and dance like 4 bars, got time throw in a bit of thumbling or if its needed. well this totally changed my mindset because it was 8 bars of 8 of solid actions. good choreography, not too hippy and neither is it too simple. confirm brought the spirit up in dance! Enjoy totally how that music was fast and yet it still gives space for creativity to add your own 'Ha' and 'He' and 'oomph' and 'yay' when you feel necessary. definitely another plus on making this a great workshop.

oh yea, before i forget it was a BIG and i mean BIG plus to see ppl i know in cheer in this workshop, my ex-squad, Blazers, Magnum Force and Spires just to name what i know rite now! and of course all workshops make you made new friends and for me it was the few squads my friends were in and a new experience to stunt and make friends with ppl in Flare:) will talk about this later on Day 2 collumn.

Next up is lunch and then back to more stunts. both were obviously totally cool with; one to catch up with old mates, the other is well to have a cool time using the muscles and techniques i think i still have (i think so) and still have fun fun fun in it. some might find that its a bore that we paying them to come and see stunts we usually do and not doing the advanced techniques which i know ppl were looking forward to. Something tells me that its gonna start easy first with the crowd so big and i think that basic basic was where they wanna start then:) i think that it was maybe because we came with such high expectation that some of us actually don't think its a good idea for our "juniors" to come which i must comment Magnum for not doing. i dunno how they got the funds but boy it must be a good experience for all those that came, be it experienced or not:)

Next up they combined the teams which was allocated earlier on to us which i felt should be integrated at the start. gel-ling members does not happen immediately which i think time and rush was the main concern of this workshop. Sorry for the wordy essay but i wanted a comprehensive post:) i find that some might find that this bonding teams together breaks the segregation of wanting to stay in your squad but i think they should just take everyone and mix them around. that way there's alot more room to explore culture in squads and also for us to share knowledge:P it was a great idea for us to try pyramids on Day 1 where i think was where most ppl came and it utilised this point in this workshop (another plus).

oh yea in the morning somewhere near dance prac we learn jumps. my favourite and they took it to a mini-contest which happen every now and then in the workshop which kept the spirit up when it seems to decline. the jmps contest was crazy and even blogging this i still feel this thought; why did i only jump 8 times, was it really cuz of the ppl around me stop and other reasons. but that definitely stirred me on to do more than 8 toe-touch for next year, be it that we need it for performance. i find that training for stuff you need just shows your logical, but training more than what you think you need, now thats passion. that only comes in hours of gym training outside training time, coming early to stretch and stretch extra during free stretching time, and setting outrageous plans for yourself just because you think its not your best.

Cheerleading at the end of the day is not just based on the stunts you do or else we might just go into bringing motorbikes in and jump it over cars and flaming rings. Cheerleading is more than stunts and routine, its the passion that pumps into your veins that leads you to do more. train harder so you can hit a stunt and become more useful to the squad in and out of training times, pushing each other to their mental abilities and hope that no politics will occur out of it and things like that. the passion of cheer for me is like some addictive thing pumping through my veins, once found you're hooked on it. No matter how much bad things happen you will know your life has a small attachment to cheer and i do speak from a person who bad things just happen a month back. Cheering just made me so hyper everytime i am on stage that if i was to repeat a routine again i wun mind doing it and i want to do it better. not for the fame, the glory, the money or the pretty girl in the audience. its really at the end of the day for yourself!

Day 2
Fewer people doesn't usually mean lousier day but it just mean more focused and boy were we focused. partner stunting and i could do a walk to hands le with joanna from rexaz, thanks girl! and then more and more stunt tries with a lot of not enough time to keep trying:P haha then we moved on to lunch and the next up is...

Tumbling. so fun! din know between Cartwheel and forward roll still got stuff in between to do other things. back roll to teach on how to conquer your future backtuck phobia, opening your legs after a forward roll to teach on your next attempt on front-tuck and when you should open your legs and definitely the hand-stand to forward roll to teach you how to not hurt yourself and have loads of fun doing a simple stunt. Hand-stand competition was amazing, i din noe ppl could hold handstand so long and i definitely din forsee a lady coach to hold so long (no sexist comment here). it was totally amazing how far we can push ourselves as long as we leave the nice nice comfort zone.

next was to come up with a routine in the group your in and the gruelling practise after that. it was fun to stunt with other squads and definitely fun when Spires's combined team won 1st for the competitons. Congrats on that:) Now go on back and share that knowledge ppl! haha. with that i end my long essay on Taiwan Workshop brought to us by Denvers and Monsters. Looking forward to the next one. Sadly i couldn't find pictures to share my joys even from the pictures i have cuz i find that somehow the essence of the whole workshop cant be squeezed in any number of pictures.

Take care and signing out
Esmond Goh
1st post
I think I'd better post some pictures before someone chases me ard with a chopper :|

Me, chaangru. Prolly me, but seems chaang looks much more decent compared to his daily ones.

Me and lovely Kat in white.

Jinghong and meee!!!!

With best bud Lawrence.

Yours truly, Spectrum cheerleaders :X

Forget not the opportunity to take self pictures :D

Strong congyan

Loraine and Kat

last but not least,


Friday, July 25, 2008

Convocation 2008- Congratulation!!!!
Another 3 of Spectrum Xpired: Chaangru, lawrence and chuanyan

24 July Thursday- Chaang's Convocation:

One more year to cong's graduation

2 more years to mine.............

his dream(stunting in his graduation gown with his prefect dream girl......ME)

25 July Friday- Lawrence Convocation
our fav number game... 0 1 2 3
Spectrum Xpired Vs Spectrum
After graduation, Lawrence is longing for more wifves
25 July Friday- Chuanyan's Convocation:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

graduate loh!!!'s some pix from my convocation day!

To all those in spectrum and hall 13 graduating this year, congrats and all the best as we go on our indivdual paths and endeavours!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cheerleading survey :)

Hi everyone! I am doing a project on cheerleading and i need some help! I hope you guys can do this survey! It wouldn't take much time, and the questions are really simple!

thanks everyone! =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

*Singapore-Taiwan Cheerleading Workshop 2008

2 NTU ACES, 9 Denvers & 4 Singapore Poly cheerleaders at Taiwan's Summer Camp 2008
Workshop updates!
The following have registered for the workshop ( as of 17 July 2008)
1. Saint Andrew's Junior College
2. Victoria Junior College
3. Singapore Management University
4. Team Spectrum
5. ZPL All-Stars
6. Republic Polytechnic, Rexaz
7. Temasek Polytechnic, Blazers
8. Denvers Cheerleading Team
9. KR Steppers, NUS Kent Ridge Hall
10. NUS Alpha Verve
11. Magnum Force Ngee Ann Poly
If you are still interested in coming for this workshop, click here for more details. Limited Capactiy so hurry !
*This workshop is organised by The Potong Pasir Youth Group, Denvers Cheerleading team with the Taiwan's MONSTERS cheerleading team and Chinese Taipei Cheerleading Association.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


okok. i know this is a bit out-dated but i finally managed to find a good clear video on youtube together with their routine music.

Understand that there is no one ''correct'' style when it comes to music so the best way to judge is to learn from the best ones in the market.

Music: notice how top gun plays around with their music lyrics with their stunts. For example during ''double double this" in the lyrics they were doing double fulls in the routine.

Choreograhy: notice at 1.11-1.20 as the music was screaming there was one flyer who ran into the cross fire of tumblings. In my opinion the whole music+choreography+screen play was simply awesome.

Enjoy !

Routine Music Lyrics:

*Ding *Ding
Ladies and gentlemen
and now the undisputed Champions of the WORLD!
TOP GUN...*Boom
All Stars...*who
We trying to take this thing to another level
Next level now, next level now, next level now turn it up a notch
Im gettin' this started x2
Im gettin' this started, you aint seen who you messin' with
Im gettin' this started (what)x2
Double double this (this)
double double that (that)
ready ready ready get back (*growl)
do it again (do do) do it again

You cant pretend, Miss thing I am the end
Im here to serve within the battlezone
I fierce and imma show it
and I must make you know it
cuz when a star, hits the floor...
its tens tens... (**DOUBLE)

1,2,3,4,5... I dont think that you'll sur(vive)
6...7...8,9,10,10... I did it before and imma do it a(gain)
Im gonna let it let it out (*bam)
Im gonna let it let it out (out)
You're gonna, you
You're gonna know my
You're gonna know my name...

What is it really, that's going on here
you've got the system for total control
Im gonna be the one that's taking over
now this is what it's like when WORLDS COLLIIIIDE!
Are you ready to go
cuz Im ready to go
what you wanna do baby (baby)
are you going with me
cuz im going with you
that's the end of all time

All my life ive been over the top
I dont know what im doing
all I know is
I dont wanna stop

**I hope your cameras rolling...
You're gonna watch this over and over (*YEAH)

Im a True... True... True, true
Im a Truuuue Believer
I'm with you through the night
You're my inspiration in life

**Bow in the presence of GREATNESS

ITs a party you dont wanna miss!!! (LETS GO)
Guys - show 'em we can make some moves HEY!
Girls - SHow 'em we know how to groove OH!
Here, and now... lets work the party out!
everybody ALL - FOR - ONE!
Now that all the hard work, work is done (*WoO, **WoO)
c'mon everyone lets dance (*Growl)
all for one...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

(XP + YR)'s visit to Spectrum training (15 July 2008)

okok.. finally this post is up.. as promised =)

first, yirong started warming up by doing a handstand
the basic of everything!xp warming up by doing a single lib with yr
(realized they are not on the same plane?
yr will automatically face wherever e camera is..)
cr's objective of taking a heel stretch photo with yr achieved~
and then xp's turn..
(gerald ready to help xp anytime)
(xp: n..o... dun help.. me!... i p.u.s.h.... i t.o.n.g...!!! arrrgghhhh!!!
...its easy.. its ok!)

xp decided to find wf to stunt instead
(i like this pic! the stunt looked so simple cos everyone was looking front n smiling =)
ah liang did a single lib with wf but...
he was not happy that xp was duing cupie lib!
evidence here!
(ah liang: i block i block i block block block)
motive being spotted by cr and yr..
he had to go away for xp to take a nice cupie lib photo..
xp seemed addicted to doing cupie lib..
since ah liang cant block the stunt anymore
he decided to prove his worth by stunting yr~
ah teck being forced by chaangru to stunt yirong
with his determination and technique
it was a success too! look front somemore!
ah tech zai!
for once yirong is looking small...
beside the giant gerald!!
yirong became the hot challenge of the night
seeing that yr is not so difficult to stunt afterall
uncle law wanted to take the challenge as well!
posed before stunting~
and guess whats the outcome?
success too?!?!?!?!?!
look again!!
the magic hands behind uncle law's single ex!!
yirong was basically 'floating'
uncle law didnt have any weight at all... -_-
not happy that he was the only base who couldnt stunt yirong
uncle law turned to cheat flyer again
single lib!
(wanna use the photo to cheat xmm in foc..)
who is cr doing cupie with?
who chopped off the head?!?!
who is the culprit?!?!?!?!?!
its ah teck!!!
cos he wanna fly too~~ fly to the moon..
to join 'chaang' (er) for mooncake!
now that ah teck is happy
he finally let chaangru take a nice cupie photo with wf =D
and then himself did a single lib with wf
yay~ finally!
both wf and yr sick of doing stunts with stinky guys
we have our own stunt too!
end of the day =)