Saturday, May 31, 2008

hey y'all,

this post has been a long time coming...anyway, here are my pix for our joint training with KR Steppers =)

ok, start of the day, i was lazy to take pix so KJ started playing around with it...

kahxian looks like he's some pervert focused on sth he shouldn't be looking at..haha..

As usual, our team beast trying very hard to look and act cute....AND as usual, fails...................

Oh, and the very cool shirts steppers were wearing...flyers for girls and bases for guys....nice nice...

and finally, our group shots....take ur pick....either one, larry is acting cute...haha..sianz, don't follow the fottsteps of the beast!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


(if u dun get it pls approach Isaac)

SKM semi-final is on this coming Sat!!!
Ngee Ann k.
Starts at 4plus.
SA performing at around 6pm.
There will be a prize for the best supporters!!!
(not really that attractive I know)

Come support SA and PJ k!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Team Spectrum's Visit to KR Steppers
Sat 17 May 2008

Members of Team Spectrum and KR Steppers had had a fun and fruitful afternoon training together at NUS KR hall.

On behalf of Team Spectrum, I would also like to thank KR Steppers for the warm and cordial hospitality on that day. =)
Photos of our times tog...

Known as the 'big mouth' in Spectrum.

gossip king, Mr isaac

Kangjun Isaac with KR Jon

First thing that caught my attention- a very HAPPY daniel (KR) =)
Kahxian holding on to (KR) MingChuan's waist. Shy MC

KR Shimin stunting with chaang

While larry and me were slacking and started taking photos

then veron and KR jocelyn joined in the fun...
*behind us, we have chaang trying real hard
Strong veron & cutie yinxue

walk to direct liberty Chaang and me.

Then we tried cupie

After a tiring and effective day, we were all very hungry!!!

Ending our session with debriefing frm Steppers' Siyong and Spectrum Wenfeng.

Debrief by Si yong from KR

Debrief by Spectrum New Boss Wenfeng

and wheres chaang?
he is sitting down, crossing his leg and listening attentively...
*super act cute

left to right we have:

Shimin Mingchuan Chunting Siyong & Junkang

and a senior graduate frm KR (pardon me that i cant rmb ur name)

Left to right we have:
Jocelyn Shiqi daniel deo

Left to right:
nellie veron law and larry
Yinxue Wenfeng and Kangjun
Kianwei Junhui
Law soooo flexible, Larry is impressed
isaac's Hairy legs.
as usual, isaac took this...
for those who din realise from all previous postings....
our dear isaac loves to take photo of floor and legs....

Monday, May 12, 2008

All Hail the mighty Top Gun !

i love their dance ending sia. Kahxian you can go choreograph !

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Training Schedule for May, June & July

Hi all, training schedule from now till end of July has been finalised.

Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 7pm-1030pm
Venue: Function hall 12

Pls take note of the time changed (7pm instead of the usual 8pm)!!!
We need to start earlier cos not everyone stays in hall and they hafta leave at ard 1030pm.
If u are unable to attend training pls let me or JunHui noe. =)
Team Spectrum Outing (Part 2)

continuation of part wat happened to our dear chuanyan??? nothing....probably just went to take a piss in the water....haha....

anyway, missed out one of the spectrum hunks....the one we have come to know as uncle david....also the spectrum guy with the most chest hair...check this sexy boy out....

Then of course, the stunting started....

we all had to go swimming in chuanyan's piss u can see, some of them are washing their hair and obviously ning got some of it in her eye....bleah...

and here we go!

Then we had the preparations for next year all girls team for group stunting...

then, we have the back somersaults.....

and after the hard day of showcasing some stunts to the beach go-ers, here are some of the group shots we had that day....

this picture actually included chaangru, until the guys decided to stand up and show how tall they are....obviously chaangru shouldn't have been standing behind...

from left to right....beast and the beauty.....

from left to and the beast....this sorta things are all relative u see.....hahahha.....

law and his wives....

3 happy "flyers".....

veron flexing her so much potato chips sure got muscles lah!

our failed group shot...sirong and law being washed away...hahaha....tummy causes increased buoyancy and hence, more possible to float on waves and be washed away...haha...this is directed at law, not sirong...haha...

finally, a nice group shot of everyone...

a parting shot before i left the group...

all in all, a great day out at the beach =)