Monday, May 31, 2010

Blog Post of the Month - $$ to be won!

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Hi all!

In line with my attempts to help materialise the first ever cheerleading scholarship in Singapore, I would like to announce an official colloberation with Xingwei from xwonder to come out with a blog post of the month (BPOM) award!

The mechanics are as follows (source:

Chaang Blog Post of the Month ChallengeDetails of challenge:

Details of challenge: Simply write a blog post about anything related to cheerleading. It can be on nutrition, training, competitions or just simply your own thoughts or vision of anything cheer related. Then copy and paste the post's URL to your facebook status (What's on your mind?) and tag me (XWonder Estrella) in the status. (to tag simply type in your status [posturl][space]@XWonder Estrella, i.e: @XWonder Estrella) After that, it will be considered as an entry for BPoM challenge. XW and I will read through all entries and co-review the entries, then at the end of each month, also on every 5th, the winner will be announced on this blog (our decision is final).

Participant's eligibility: Similar to VoM, you are eligible as long as you cheer in Singapore; regardless of nationality, team, age, or gender. You can be writing and posting on your personal blog or team blog, it does not matter, both are eligible. You need to be on XW's Facebook and is his friend to tag him. Tagging on behalf or your friend or someone's post is allowed and it will be assumed that you have their permission to do so (please read detailed disclaimer at the bottom of this post).If you are not yet his friend on Facebook, just add me using the link at top of the page.

Prizes: $50 cash or dollar for dollar as VoM to the winner each month. In cases where the person who tagged and the person who post (blogger) is different, the prize will be split half to the person who tagged and half to the blogger. In the event there is no entry for the month, the prize money will accumulate and be brought over to the next month. Prize money is subjected to increase at any time without notice.

Any questions feel free to contact me

Being Singaporeans, we all love sales and offers. In the spirit of the Great Singapore Sales now, Chaang is offering an early bird promotion. If you post on your blog and tag within the next 10days, and if you win (results out on 05July10), you will be entitled to 50% more. i.e: $75.

1 suggestion from XW - You can make a great video and enter it for VoM then write a great post on your blog embedding that video as a add on to enhance your blog post and enter the post for BPoM; this way you stand a chance to win both contest, and if you do, that is $100 in total. So what are we waiting for, let's all get our pens ready and write, or should I say fingers ready and type.

PS: The only two ppl who are not eligible for BPOM is both XW and myself only, so the rest are free to join! Start blogging today!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the very few of us that are EXTREMELY FREE went on an excursion!
we found a machine that let us take a picture and write a note,
so here's a e-postcard from the barrage!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Forget about Ip man II or Iron Man II.

This All-girls team is unbelievably, jaw-droppingly, undescridably(?) ZAI.

omgomgomg. freaking love their triple toetouch + backtuck. amazingly NEAT!


This blog is so dead during exams period.

SO! i'm here to create some buzz, although nothing related to cheerleading.

it's more like kung fu vs robots. lol.

Ok guys what i'm trying to say is GO WATCH IP MAN 2!! watch it now! or......right after your last paper! really nice, emotional and fill you up with the pariotic spirit of being a chinese. Donnie Yen is cool to the max - upright man, responsible husband, loving father, dedicated teacher and loyal friend. sounds like the perfect man huh? movies are always liddat ma....

ya, but anyway, do watch it.

I caught iron man 2 as well. and it's nothing but a highly egoistic, irresponsible, full of himself, filthy rich guy showing off his properties and technology. bah~ ip man wins hands-down, in terms of the movie content la. not like, win in a fight or something.

N.B. what i've just stated are my personal opinions and not representative of spectrum. of course, different people have different opinions so please do not take this to heart.