Sunday, July 29, 2007

hello all :D we're a group of students from VJC's cheerleading squad (a completely student initiated cca). the purpose of this whole is to get orders from everyone and ANYONE (yes it could be you!) who is interested in buying a pair or many pairs of personalised shoes to raise funds to start our cca. we need your support because it is, as mentioned above, a completely student initiated cca, and thus the school does not provide us with funds. ):

we'll be selling mainly MaryJanes, sneakers and canvas shoes. we may also be selling high cuts and slip ons but they may come at a higher price.

customers get to choose the theme(s) of the design(s) on their shoes, words to be added, and other special requests. the price range will be from about S$20 to S$40, depending on the complexity of design.

prices are further negotiable if you buy in bulk (:

we do sell:
1. individual designs, like THE ONE AND ONLY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD :D
(and permission to duplicate another customer's shoe design need to be sought)
2. Best Friends Forever designs
(like one that says BES and the other that says TIE!)
3. Class designs
(won't it be so cool to have a class shoe!)
4. House designs
(eg. Lynx, Draco, Aquila, Ursa, Phoenix, Pegasus etc.)
5. Couple designs, sweeeeeeet like anything (:
6. School designs
(eg. bear the name of "VICTORIA JC" to show your pride for your school!)
7. more more more designs to come, and according to your special requests!

the materials used will be guaranteed to be of durable material so you can order them without worries! ^-^

for more information, please contact Doreen at or simply visit (:

just to show off abit..


1 concept, 4 designs
Hi guys, this is my contribution. Comments please. =)

Saturday, July 28, 2007


( *credits to jiahui from KR Steppers for sharing )

Friday, July 27, 2007

hey all

promotional ...erm...posters for our team ! ( All Credits to Congyan )



I swear this wasn't my idea. ANYWAYS....comments?? We have to put the posters up next wk so hurry hurry !!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hi Spectrum and many other cheerleaders and visiters and blogders,

THIS IS GOING TO BE AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR REGINE !!!!!(ya, Regine wrote this herself...)

*yeah yeah* + *cheers*

Watch "GIRL ON GIRL" every Thursday, 1130pm on Channel 5 and VOTE for moi! (can dun watch oso, but help me vote ok!)

Haha, click here and try to ignore the 5 other babes and try to concentrate in finding R E G I N E ok! *try hard and u can find mi la!*

Guys can vote a million, zillion, godzillion times but gals only can vote once... (wth) .... so guys, help me vote ok! Gals can use their bf's name, father's name, or any-guy-living-on-earth name to vote, so pls help me ok! VOTING IS FREE ok!

There are weekly prizes so I win, U win, we all happie! (try to be happy even if we all nv win oso la k! keke)

I thk i'd prob need like 100,000 number of votes, and I know Isaac can do a thousand votes, rite Isaac!? Jiayou ok! keke! U guys r my only hope!!!! *sees a glimpse of light fr a tiny crack at the corner of my dark, musty room*

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The ULTIMATE collection of sports bloopers

The cheerleading one is just OMG.

Hi all,

I'd be moving to a new place soon and sadly, I wouldn't be able to bring my 2 pet dogs along. As such, I am looking for a new home for one of my dogs. He's a 8-9 year beagle which has been with us since he was a pup. It's a heartpain to let him go but at least I'd be more relieved if he'd find a new owner to care for him.

He's 8-9 years old and but is still active and going strong. He is friendly towards both strangers and more so to his owners. If you are interested in adopting my dog and providing for him a new home, contact me at my hp 90625577 or my email Thanks and spread the word.


PS - posted below are some pix of my beagle , Rug.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Right guys..I've worked a bit on the spectrum blog template [as requested by chaang] but I want to ask a little help from you guys. My brain is kinda fried from (#*$&(#@ exams and my colour combinations a bit wonky so please preview etc. and give comments.

Note that EVERYTHING is subject to change - that includes colours, fonts, size of the tagboard etc. Its just the basic template =p Oh erm for the first design I ripped my tagboard out instead of the spectrum one because erm well...the spectrum one looked totally strange in that template =p And of course, being the lazy bugger that I am I didn't exactly finish designing (its a rough draft), so ya'll would have to put some of your imagination to good use =D

Basically just try to choose which type of template - more serious, corporation-ish, or a little spunky and colourful (and kinda ripped from my own blog)

The spunkier one (click to enlarge)
Free Image Hosting at
Btw, this is very incomplete haha.

The more business-like one
Free Image Hosting at
Note: colour combination disaster

Alright, comments please..either on the tagboard on the right -> or the comments button below! Thanks =)

PS: sorry boon I raped your virgin post and used it as a guinea pig for my template oops.


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

HELLO my virgin post. I finally lost my virginity after so long.

Anyway, came across this vid. Thot it was worth sharing.

They only got limited manpower but their stunts are big. And their swedish fall hit rate amazingly fast. Plus theres live commenting! coolios.

Check out 1.58 its hilarious. bye for now.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

CHEEROBICS 2007 (Secondary) Category.
ehh.. i couldn't find the clips from the finals so i posted their prelims clips instead. Congratulations to all winners of this year's cheerobics 07 sec category.

MGS Sizzlers (1st)

CHIJ (Toa Payoh) Twisters (2nd)

Cheerdiax Groovers (chong boon secondary) (3rd)