Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fly Spectrum Fly!!

We're going kite-flying!! Wanna be part of this happening Spectrum event?

Meet on Wednesday (29-07-09), 3.30 p.m at Marina Bay MRT station.
We'll then take a shuttle bus to Marina Barrage! You may bring your own kite, picnic mats, FOOD, camera or whatever you want. =)

After flying kites, we'll go for dinner nearby. steamboat at bugis? popeye at Spore flyer? hawker center? restaurant? we'll decide on that day itself! =)

its gonna be a happy day so everyone do try to go ok!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

wanted to share this vid but i dunno how to post videos on blogger so pasted this link instead. super damn funny. enjoy!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

hey are the pictures from my birthday dinner gathering 2 weeks ago at Minds Cafe =D

feng, me, and the cute monkey game in the middle

me and barney, with his mega-watt smile!

jialat and me. he's smiling super happily too!

with jieying, spectrum's welfare manager. lol! also President of Sam Pat Club (SPC).

cong yan and pei yao BAKED this cake for me! so touched!
presents from them! bag chosen specially by xiao rong =D

there were lots of surprises inside =D
cards, dress, earring, bottle of stars, and a STARRY tights.
maybe one day i'll wear the STARRY tights to training and scare the hell out of the bases. LOL!

xiao xue won best dressed! she's literally the STAR of the night!

ktv at bedok after dinner =D
On that day, 20 June 2009, Sam Pat Club was officially born with founding members Jieying (President), Veronica (VP), Wen Feng (recruitment) and Sirong (recruitment). Please note that we are not affliated in any way to the Jackass Club (JAC), although they claim to be affliated to us. (its just wishful thinking on their part)

Good news!
We are recruiting! Any beautiful, smart and elegant lady who wishes to join SPC, please submit a resume to WF/SR with a photo attached. You will be contacted for an interview should you be shortlisted. We apologise for not being able to accept all request as membership is exclusive. Thank you for your kind understanding.


HAHAHHAHHA! ok la on a more serious note, can someone please organise a spectrum outing?? and i mean the whole team will turn up kind!