Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hall XIII Freshman Welcome Dinner :D

A belated post for freshman welcome dinner!

First and foremost, I would like to thank all the seniors who came down despite having a busy schedule and having work the next day, thank you seniors! Having moral support from you guys is one of the drive to keep the team alive :D

Next, on behalf of Team Spectrum, I would like to thank Vikings for training with us, providing us a place to train etc. It's indeed a nice experience training with you guys! Thank you Vikings!

Even though most of us were nervous (maybe because the audience is hall 13?), I'm glad that it was an ASU performance and love the claps from the audience! What else could be more rewarding than the thunder claps from the audience right?! :DDD

Well, there's more pictures to be uploaded, but for now this shall suffice :D

Opening stunt

Ending pyramid

Team Spectrum & Vikings

For the curiosity cats, here is the performance video!

p.s. Thanks Yirong for recording!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cheer Clinic 2011

Join us on the 22nd August and have fun! You'll get to try out some simple stunts that you have never tried before in your entire life! This is also an opportunity to get to know more people from the hall.

What attire to come in?
Come down in your sports attire (t-shirt, shorts and sports shoes). We would advise you to wear contact lenses on that day, but it's alright if you don't have them. Bring along your water bottle as you would need to hydrate yourself.

For the guys, do come down in a dark coloured T-shirt. Avoid coming in singlet.

For the girls, do wear tights. For shoes, we would recommend flat sole shoes if possible, but any sports shoes will be fine for that day.

Some Definitions
Bases: Cheerleaders that stay on the ground providing the primary support for the flyer during a stunt.

Flyers: These are the people that is in the air during a stunt.

Why come down?
I believe most people would not have tried cheerleading(with stunts) before, so we're giving everyone in hall 13 an opportunity to try this out! Really, no experience is required. Just come down, experience cheerleading and have fun! Who knows? You may love what you see and join us. For those who don't, at least you tried and we thank you for giving us this opportunity.

For some guys, you might probably be thinking, "I don't think I am big and strong enough." To be honest, cheerleading is not fully about strength and size. We have male cheerleader as
bases that are neither build nor tall. Stunts don't always depends on strength, but rather the techniques. So come down on that day, and we will show you what you are capable of doing.

For the girls, most would go "I cannot!!! I'm too fat/heavy la!" Again, cheer is not about size or weight, but rather the technique. Most of our
flyers are not super-skinny or feather-weight, they are all normal girls! I believe you would have already seen the pictures in the facebook album. Everytime a flyer goes up in the air, all the attention will be on her. Come down for cheer clinic, and have a feel of what flying is all about!

Just think about it, where else can you try such stunts? We have the techniques, skills and the necessary safety precautions for you to learn and try cheerleading safely, and all that in the comfort of our own hall.

It may be interesting to also note that while we're a hall cheerleading team competing in Hall Olympiad, we also accept external public performances. Some of the videos are available in this blog. This means that your effort in training will not just be seen by people during Hall Olympiad, but also by people who are not from NTU(In fact, we had just completed an assignment for Milo Easy Cool and Singtel F1 in 2010). This, I feel, is great exposure and makes your training meaningful.

We only have 3 to 4 years in university. When you step out to work, it's almost impossible to find time and energy to try something new. It's up to you how you want to live your university life, and what you want to achieve while you are here. Give cheerleading a shot, feel the satisfaction and adrenaline rush, and make your NTU life a memorable one.

We have a date with
YOU on 22 August, Monday!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recruitment Performance at Hall 5

Today we just had our 1st recruitment performance at Hall 5! Though it was not the most perfect performance we had put up, it was still a great job done and lots of efforts can be seen from the cheerleaders from Spectrum and Vikings to put up a good show. And the free stunting after that was even better (for us and for the publicity to the freshies), because everyone had a go to try out their partner stunts. Suelin: our toss to hands will be there soon!

And many special thanks to the seniors who came down to support us: Veron, Chris, Brian, Sirong, Derrick and Lina! Hope to see more seniors and Spectrum cheerleaders to come down and support us next Tuesday on 16 August 2011 for our recruitment performance at Hall 13. See you there!

Thanks seniors for being there!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The end of 10/11 Season...

Time really flies... just a blink of an eye, I'm stepping down as captain of Spectrum with Sam taking over me.. For the past few days, memories and feelings flooded me, making me incapable of focusing on studying for the new sem.. haha!!

I miss the times when seniors and juniors alike return to basics training to prepare for the new season..

Miss the satisfied and motivated look of the juniors and seniors when they learn new stunts

Miss the debrief session when we ended up talking nonsense with weekeat dancing his signature move

Miss the supper at ahlian after a long night of training!

Miss yangyang doing her body wave and me + Gerrard tried in vain to follow suit

Miss Ah dee always cracking his brain on how to make our Best Mascot

Miss Yanheng super motivated smile that never fails to make my day

Miss Veron always trying to act cute and attract my attention(Heeheehee)

Miss Ah Sua crying and scolding the team!!

Miss Jianing, Connie and Chengyee always trying to shake their booty whenever those korean pop songs are played on the speakers

Miss Matthew aka Mr Angsty on his "tsk tsk tsk" when he fail to perform up to his expectations

Miss Nabil carrying the speakers and xiao liang carrying his first aid kit to training(seriously im really sad that both of you leave the team after we have gone through so much tog as a team, but i still wish you 2 the best for your future endeavours)

Miss Da Jun and his cockster face and trying to siam PT!! haha!!

Miss youjin cracking his GPA 4.9 style of jokes that owns ah dee..

Miss Vinette for never failing to come see the training even though she couldnt participate due to injury.. kudos to you..

Miss Da liang always hoping that theres no PT! haha!

Miss Ah Net undying spirit of always trying to hit better stunts

Miss Suelin crying when she cnt stunt under stress.. haha! but now she different person le kay... she now very zai liaoz.. got senior feel liaoz...

Miss Vincent with his famous Tagline ~~ "Du Lan Liaoz!! PT!!!" haha!! den all of us will sianz half coz he will bring us run all the slopes in NTU.. shag max!! But it is also in tough times like these that we bond together strongly!!

Thinking back, I really learned alot throughout the 10/11 season, how to deal with stress in times of pressuring moments, how to motivate the team in times of need, how to ensure the team push forward as one etc etc... theres really so much stuff that i had learnt and couldnt possibly state all down... Really thankful for veron and fai for choosing me to take over them.. and to the team, we may now walk separate path, but the memories shall always be with me.. Love Spectrum Deep Deep..

For now, i'm just looking forward for the new batch of freshmen to join the Spectrum Family and start their era together with the current batch and make Spectrum part of the life...

The Strength of the Team is each individual member
and the Strength of the member is the Team.

Coming together is a beginning.
Staying together is process.
Working Together is Success.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

WARNING: Don't put your mats on the field!

2 more days to Spectrum's and Viking's combined performance at Hall 5's welcome dinner and we were stuck without a place to train yet again! In a desperate move, we placed the mats at the grass area in the amphitheatre. The field is not wet so the mats won't get muddy, right?!

Oh well, at least for the next 2-3 years we would be smart enough not to do that again. Who wants to help us clean mats!!!