Friday, December 24, 2010

What have you done today?

First and foremost, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Yesterday was the last paper for many NTU students, including me. The end of the final paper marks the start for something. I looked back in my past 22 years of life and i don't really recall when was the last time I really really work hard for something.

Back in the army days, I managed to achieve a IPPT Gold through peer pressure and fear. Fear that if I did not get the IPPT Gold, I will have to suffer more intensive training while others are playing soccer in the field. Fear that I will not be able to fit into the crowd if everyone around you is doing so much better and you are just not performing up to the standard.

I still remember to at the start of the semester, I set some targets that I would want to achieve by HO. I still can remember what I said :

1) Standing Backtuck
2) Toss to Hands

So this time round, I will not let fear be the pushing factor that keep me going. I myself will push myself to achieve what I want. No Pain No Gain. But i changed my goal a little ^_^

1) Round Off Backhand Spring
2) Toss to Hands
3) Standing Backtuck (Still want but after i achieve (1) 1st)

So what have I done today?

1) Around 4km Run
2) 20 minutes of stretching
3) 3 Sets of Static exercise including
i) 6 chip up
ii) 20 leg raise
iii) 20 push ups
iv) 20 crunches

What Have You Done Today!? Lets work hard together for HO!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saw this video from Astros blog.

The Bears Cheerleading family from Japan. CUTE!

Many many entries ago, san san posted a video of this family performing at a competition in Japan. This year, they're back again. Sooooo cute!!

Makes me want to influence my kids to take up cheerleading in future. haha.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spectrum goes Standard Chartered!

hmm, I know I am a little behind time for this post, but I was having my exams (though I still ended early than some of you guys here...) Well 5 days before my first exam paper, ten of us from team spectrum went to cheer the runners on for the Standard Chartered Marathon 2010! More photos can be found on the Team Spectrum Facebook website. :)

Cheering for the runners at before sunrise, improvising with the props provided. :)

Supporting our hall/ team members (Jerome and Suelin) who went for the run!

Cheering for about 4-5 hours is definitely new to many of us instead of a 3 minute routine... Unfortunately there are no photos of stunting cos usually I am the one stunting.

Post-event, the guys lifting the Singapore Flyer. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!

Special thanks goes to Phei San for her supervision, Jianing for her super high MVP performance that day and Veron for her guest appearance and doing the routine. Also a big thank you for the rest, youjin, matthew, weekeat, dajun, nabil and chengyee. Hope this event will boost our spirit of cheering to a greater level for HO!!!!!

Sunday, December 05, 2010


While reading my lecture notes, I came across this autism picture. After taking a closer look, I realise I actually can relate to some of them. Lol!!

Tweaked the picture a little to put into cheer context. I think it could look cute on the back of a t-shirt.

Happy studying my dears! GOFIGHTWIN :)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Kungfu Cheerleading

I was watch the 2010 International Cheerleading Championship where I saw China's cheerleading team. Full of tradition kungfu moves and music. But some pretty good stunts in 2010 routine. Check them out yourself.

2007 - Kungfu to the max!! YAH!!!! AH TA BISH BISH BISH

2010 - Still kungfu but got more fast pace and hip music.
Check out the 3 man group stunt transitions 2:05
(Can hear someone shouting 好好好)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Guang Dong - Pas de deux - LE PLUS GRAND CABARET DU MONDE

Oh my god. This is DAMN magnificent and awesome!!
It's like daaaaamn graceful yet at the same time you can see some cheer stuffs in it hehe.

Have fun studying everyone :(

Friday, November 26, 2010


DIY today, didn't go down to SCAPE cos it was too far. Had a great time, more intensive, more stunting, more XP gained. :) oh well 14 days left to exams! How many more DIYs can we have? I WANT MORE!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last friday, 19 nov 2010, we sort of commemorated Spectrum's 5th anniversary by organising a BBQ session and invited all ex-Spectrum members back. Not everyone came back though, as expected due to busy work lifes and other committments, but the turnout was great nonetheless. :D

I was quite happy to see all the seniors coming back, and behaving as if they were still training together in hall 13. And I was even more happy to see that they still have a passion for cheer and still think of themselves as part of Spectrum. As much as spectrum has changed my live, I'm pretty sure Spectrum made a difference in theirs too. Thank you very much seniors! :)

We started the event off with a BBQ. And people started coming throughout the night. Wen Feng, Jun Hui, Lina, Colin and Lip Tat were among the first few to arrive, but food was not ready yet. Heeheehee. Anyway, to the juniors who may be unaware, Colin and Lip Tat came from PJC Team Syphors, which used to be coached under Spectrum. SAJC cheer squad was under us as well, but has since ceased to be cos cheer wasn't a highly approved sport in JC. To Colin and Lip Tat: do continue to cheer when you guys go to university ok? Join us if you can!!! :D

BBQ peektures. nom nom nom.
Bigbig thanks to our BBQman ah fu and ah liang!

Other random pics...
P.S. Thanks Suelin for doing the Spectrum guestbook, very nice! Thanks Jianing & Vinette for drawing the board, cute! Thanks cr, cy and sr for the use of your uniforms. Thanks Youjin for designing the superb badge (better than cf :PpP). Thanks Jialiang for travelling out to make the badge. Thanks everyone who buy our badge!!

After lots of eating, chit-chatting, laughing, photo-taking and whatnots, came the oh-so-familiar "SPECTRUM, ON MATS!!" It was time to stunt (hey, cheerleaders gathering of cos must stunt!) and we see people changing into their stunting gear. Feels so much better than working clothes right :)

Stunting time!
(note the bottom right corner)

Once on the mats, everyone started to behave crazily and do stupid things. Kind of like a destress session for the working ones. It was a rare opportunity to stunt again after stepping out into the working world. Super funny to see the "rusty" seniors stunt again, using all sorts of cheatcode to get up the stunt. AND UNCLE LAWRENCE CANNOT DO EXTENSIONS ANYMORE! LOL!

playtime in between stunting...
delan is still doing her one-man bear,and
congyan is still doing his on-ground scorpion.

more stunting...
If i'm not wrong, it's my first time doing a 3-3-2,
hopefully next time can do pitch up or full up!

Then, because it was getting late, every gathered for a group photo! Actually, many group photos. We took pictures of Spectrum from every year. From the 05/06 batch, to the current 10/11 batch. It was like seeing how Spectrum grow and progress over the years, with different members, but the same spirit. If only more people could come...

Lastly, it was debrief, then CHEER OFF! Cf led the cheer :)

*Spectrum family*
Spectrum gathering again next year? I'll definitely come!!!


Huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible!! (and made my job easier too :) )

First and foremost, Chaang, who initiated this gathering and did lots of liaising.

Next, current spectrum members (you all know who you are), for preparing this and that, buying food, collecting money, borrowing equipment, replying to messages, blah blah. I LOVE YOU ALL! Please mug hard for the upcoming exams and dont be like gerard!

And to the following awesome people who came for this event:
Wen Feng, Sirong, Brian, Chris, Lina, Ying Ying, Sze Jie, Delan, Edward, Regine, Lawrence, Cong yan, Isaac, Jun Hui, Kin Wei, Ah teck, Elisa, Yuxin, Aaron, Colin, Lip Tat, Vincent.

Special mention to:
Eddie Yew, our pioneer batch senior, who contributed $50 to our canvassing fund! We are super touched!! Thank you very much Eddie!! :):)

Picture credits: Samuel, Elisa and Delan
(more pics can be obtained from their facebook album)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Train Hard

Training keeps getting tougher and tougher.. But it keeps getting more and more interesting ^_^!! Last Saturday's exchange with Wildcards rekindled my spirit and passion that I have for cheerleading. For quite some time, I haven't felt so shag and tired, but yet so fulfilling. Keep it up SPECTRUM!!

I think that we keep forgetting the fundamental reason why we train! It's because we want to put up a GOOD SHOW FOR HO! If even better, for NATIONALS!

So Youjin, don't give up on the backtuck. Don't waste your time and effort now.. Make it happen on the mats! Same thing for my RO back-handspring! Come on people, keep the fire burning!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Bells...

So when's the wedding dinner, Prof Ho? =P

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


had hall dance lesson with jianing the hiphop instructor today.


the head bobbing thing. body wave. arm wave. bounce. groove. krumping.

i was looking at jianing the whole time and i dunno what i was doing.

i look like an idiot with two left feet. noobshit.

but actually, the whole thing was quite fun, plus the people there are nice also :) (spectrum!)

i just wish i have more time so i can join more things :(

Monday, November 08, 2010


hmm the time on my laptop coincides with that shopping centre.. whatever. we had training today!! On a SUNDAY. WHERE WERE YOU XXXXXXXXXXX?? haha XXX refers to all the people who weren't there!! Really enjoyed myself today, cos even though we trained hard, we joked hard as well, feels a little like last time when I was a freshie... :) looking forward to see all the seniors back on 19 NOVEMBER PLEASE COME BACK WENFENG AND SIRONG!!! hahahaha personal appeal liao hor..

JIA YOU EVERYONE. back to memorising my financial statements....

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Sorry for taking so long to upload this video, and the mats-washing photos. Recess week was hell week for me, and my hell just ended this morning.

Anyway, I compiled all the videos into one due to convenience.

Thanks once again for helping out with washing mats! I'm sure we had lots of fun, so let's do it often! lol.

Enjoy the video and see you at training soon!



Friday, October 29, 2010

Interesting Photo!

No problem with the vid link from below, I found it on Weng Weng's FB anyways. Now, this is another interesting photo i found.
Guys... everyone must look at this video... it warms my heart and further enhance my passion for cheer...

courtesy of Da Jun of finding this link....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheer is My Salvation


It's 12.41AM now,
and i'm very very sian!
I need to churn out a lab report,
which is to be handed in this comin friday!!

I have a quiz this friday too!!

and wad with all my tuition kiddies havin their SA2 exams,
thus bombardin me with extra lessons,
I'M SO BUSY!!!!!

I miss cheer so bad!
i cant wait for trainin later!!!

Cheer + Me = Happy Girl!

cya babes and hunks later!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Hello Spectrum!

For those who dunno me, i m ah fai yup!

and for all, yup, its someone who MIAed for a verryyy longg time..
Still, I got read the blog from time to time update myself with all the new UPDATES!!!

Firstly, wanted to say that, the blog has really been upgraded/improved and also, been much livelier! Everytime I check in, i have to click "to Older Post" to start.. this shows how often you guys post! Great job la!

Next, Although I didn't been to trainings for a lonng time, I notice that, practically EVERYONE in Spectrum has imporved many many many levels.. Some even doing things I never done before, haven succeed in trying and others.. Congrats people!
I really got to give credits to all who Never stop giving up and keep on going! I m impressed!
I cant wait to see all the members to do their stunts myself! Show me when i go down for trainings ok??

I promise i try to go down for trainings more often ok. Just to cheer with you all, and even to learn from you all! =)

Keep up the great work you guys are doing aite!


Take 5!

here comes my 2nd post!

yes, its important to TAKE 5 from all those muggings, and the main reason why im here blogging its bcos my media play is playing "For Your Entertainment" and the first thing that came to my mind was the routines that Spectrum did for the performances.

yes thats so random of me -,-

anyway, exams, tests and quizes are coming or had already came and say hi to us, so study hard guys!
oh yeah, rmb to bring $10 on thurs! million thanks!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Change of timing of Thur trg(28th Oct)

Hey guys... do take note that this thur trg is from 715pm to 915pm... im cutting it short as we have Supper-Hop hall event! yep...

Do it to believe it..

Hi, its me again, Mr Ong blogging at the wee hours of the night..

Today I did my 1st ever pitch toss 2-2-1 and the feeling is sibei SHIOK!! and BACKHAND SPRING!! It had never occurred to me that I am able to do a pitch toss because I think it is the limitation of my size. When Vincent ask me to do pitch toss, I totally give the STUNNED LOOK!! But I was wrong!! Nothing is impossible and we just got to keep trying and trying. Just like youjin and ah dee, both of them have managed to do a toss to hand and it takes countless and countless of attempts. ^_^

Thank you

Ah Liang for trying his best to toss!
Yang Yang for fighting to go up!
Cheng Yee, Sulin, Cf, Youjin for making the stunt happen!
All the rest for shouting and supporting!

Last and most importantly,
Vincent for teaching me backhand spring and having the confidence to let me do a pitch toss.
P.S Sorry I slap you twice today. Hope your face is okay coz my middle finger is swollen.. :P

Although my pitch toss did managed to hit up today, I know that it is not good yet! The height, the burst, the technique still needs plenty of brushing up in order to hit it to perfection! So People, keep TRAINING!! Nothing is easy, but we do it as a team! ^_^

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Save the cheerleader, save the world.


Calender is UP!!!

Hey guys... do take note that our trg calender is up... so in case if anyone accidentally forget when is the trg dates, please refer to the calender!! haha!! anw, kudos to Jin for doing such a great job on the blog...

Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader

First and foremost, I am really 27 (as of July 2010). Not 37 -.- . please don't let Veron mislead you. zzzzzz.

Age aside, I am really very happy to see Spectrum blog being active all over again! This blog is where a lot of memories are kept. Whenever I am stressed, or feel lost in life. I will always come back to this place. So please please please do whatever it takes to continue this blog, and keep the Spectrum Spirit going!

As mentioned during our short meeting last wed, Spectrum actually started when I took over in 2005 from my super senior Willie. Spectrum is the place where I started coaching. Whenever I thought it was impossible to push on, my senior would tell me that ''so long as you put your heart to it, everything will fall into place eventually.''

And things did. I only came to hall 13 when I was in year 2, so besides the hall vice-president; I didn't know anybody else. All I knew was I am here to assemble a cheerleading team for the HO2006. So I went to approach my neighbours. The foreign students. The anti-socialists. Yes, I pratically knocked on every single door in hall 13.

NTU Hall 13 in 2005 with our 23 man routine

Team Spectrum turns 5 this year. This is a team which possesses a rich culture, rich tradition and has people you can rely on. i honestly hope to see Spectrum picking up where your seniors last left off. Don't give up on cheerleading. And NEVER give up on yourself!

NTU Hall of Residence 13 Cheerleading Squad (Team Spectrum)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Harlow people!!!

Okay right. I am at work now, but I NEED A BREAK!!! Why is there no recess week for IA students? WHY WHY WHY???

Anyway I was just searching for some information online and suddenly I realized I am reading spectrum blog... >.<
I can see big changes here since the last time I logged in ( I am pretty sure it wasn't that long ago okay). Kudos to YJ for making the efforts to take photos during training and constantly updating the blog! And SL too! Somehow the blog becomes more lively now! So people, keep your post coming in!

I felt happy as I was reading through the entries. :)
Everyone (both seniors and juniors) is working hard to improve I can see!

Juniors, this may be the toughest period for you guys as you guys are just starting to pick up, but remember that the first step is always the hardest! Stay strong and overcome this! The seniors are always around to help! Quote from some taiwanese drama "不要轻言放弃,否则对不起自己“!

Seniors, continue to train hard and cheer hard! :) All of you are becoming better! I am telling myself now that I will train hard too!

Everyone, 'We are a family' isn't something that is only said, make it happen!
One SPECTRUM, One family!

Believe and Actions!
LET'S GO FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can do it Team Spectrum!!!!


2.42am. backache, shoulderache, legs... not so bad (but I got train with my legs k!) but still checking out spectrum blog. hahaha while most of the rest are still have steamboat I guess.

I feel like posting a blog today because I feel really happy that everyone is trying so hard today and everyone's improving, bit by bit. Huiyang trying out her front tuck, Youjin tossing like mad these days, Suelin attempting the gladiator, Veron doing her level up heel stretch, the junior bases popping and reloading like nobody's business. Everyone is trying hard to achieve something at the end of the training and it makes ME want to accomplish something too. I guess that's how we stay motivated even though we may be shagged out.

So GUYS MUST JIAYOU JIAYOU JIAYOU ADD OIL ADD OIL ADD OIL! Show ourselves (and others) that we can do it. YES WE CAN.

Its half-past recess week!

Heyhey Spectrum!

Dont forget to work hard n play harder n cheer hardest (:


We are a family!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Recess Week.

Hey Spectrum!


Let's rest, study, eat, sleep, relax, shopping, and most importantly CHEER!

Suelin (:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spectrum 11/10/10

And because we love cheer so much
We trained until the lights went out.

Friday, October 15, 2010


同样的,她不爱你的时候也没有办法假装爱你 。


few lines that just leave u to ponder with :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Hey guys! Finally got the time to make my first post!! whoot!!! anyways really thanks to those who have contributed to this blog and make it so lively and interesting!! thanks Veron, Suzie, Jin for always keeping the blog alive! haha!! anyway a new year have begun for Team Spectrum... this year is definitely a different one... in the past we have always been on our own.. with the seniors to thank for never failing to train up the new batch of cheerleaders... but this year, like what veron had said, we got to step out of our comfort zone of always having seniors to sayang us... hiring a coach definitely brings us out of the comfort zone and really show us what we have been lacking of... anyway special thanks to Vincent for giving us so much advice and insights... Now a reflection on my side.. i remembered before i joined Spectrum, i doesnt really have a good impression of cheerleading... but after joining Spectrum for 2 weeks, it really changed my views totally.. Now, Spectrum have become a part of my life, bringing me through sorrows and laughter.. Spectrum have given me a family in hall.. Spectrum made me who I am today... and i will defense Spectrum aggressively if anyone dares to take advantage of us... haha! anyway, I kinda got some posters online to express what i feel / believe in SPECTRUM...

S: We work towards success for we are not just any recreational team.

P: We persevere on no matter how tough the training gets.

E: We want to excel and we will excel.

C: Always have the courage to try or learn new stunts.
Do not limit yourself to what you think you can do and what you can't.

T: There will always be temptation around us.
Especially late night supper!!!

R: Respect your teammates, Respect the stunts, Respect yourself.

U: Everyone of us is unique, we have our strengths and flaws.
That's why we got to work together as a team to overcome our flaws and enhance our strengths.

M: Never fail to motivate those around you and especially yourself.
The toughest obstacle has always been yourself.

A last note for every one:

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort
and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Last but not least.. This is my latest manhunt photo...

Please support me!!! WHAHAHAHA!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Spectrum Main Committee

Spectrum Main Committee


Wong Choon Fu

aka Ah fu, ah pui, handsome

aspires to be a flyer, dreams of winning a manhunt competition.



Lee Phei San

aka Ah sua, san san

the one who gets bullied the most in the team. why? the picture says it all.

Tay Hui Yang

aka yang yang
small in size but very strong mentally!

Financial Controller

Jeanette Yew

aka Ah net, jean

she takes care of people very well. don't owe her money, or else she'll take care of you.

Team Manager

Samuel Sia
aka Auntie suzie

he is a very funny....................auntie.

Publicity/IT officers

Koh You Jin (Left) and Chong Suelin (Right)

one likes to wrap his passport and the other likes to appear on magazine covers.


Welfare & Safety Officer
Connie Wui

student by day. cheerleader by night. clubber on non-cheer nights.
part-time vampire.


Logistics Officer
Nabil Tan

"if you don't lay the mats out by 3 minutes you have to sleep with the mats for 3 days!!"

And so, the people above are our Main Committee for 2010/2011. Note that we are still looking for:
- Welfare & Safety Officer X 1 (you get to work with a vampire, how cool.)
- Business Managers X 2 (look for sponsorships & canvassing opportunities to earn money for our uniforms and food to feed our flyers)
p.s. Main Committee is under Hall 13 JCRC, and members in the main comm gets 5 HAS points each.

Please apply soon as spaces are limited!!!!

Last but not the least, Vincent Fok, our new coach! :)

Spectrum has never engaged an external coach. We have always been self-taught. A few months back, I thought that we needed to step out of our comfort zone, expand our scope of trainings and up our skills levels, since I personally felt that we've been rather stagnant.

Until recently (sept 2010), Spectrum enagaged the services of Vincent (Head Coach of Wildcards) as our first ever external coach.

Vincent has indeed introduced many changes in our trainings, and pushed us for many stunts that we once thought we were incapable of achieving. However, Vincent alone cannot create miracles for Spectrum. It must be two-way. We have to open our minds and adapt to changes that are taking place. We must show our coach that we are worth his time and efforts. Just like KR Stepper's motto: Blame No One, Expect Nothing, Do Something.
Morning peeps, here comes my first post!!! its MONDAY again! im sure alot of us are mugging and trying to finish up our tutorials. Brrrrrrrrr
Nevertheless, im sure friday's D&D was a blast and hope everyone enjoyed themselves ;)

Gladly, we managed to gather spectrum for a group pic! :D


last but not least, lets welcome our new hall queen, VINETTE!
good job babe!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hi Spectrum,

I believe you all had received Cheng Yee's e-mail on the list of cheerleading squads, both international and local. She sent the e-mail on her own initiative, spent hours collating the links and searching for the teams' websites, with the sole intention of exposing all of us to cheer, and what we can aim to achieve in future. Good job cheng yee, and thanks a lot! *HUGS* So guys, do visit the websites, or search for the teams' videos in youtube, you'll be amazed at what others can do, but more importantly, it can give you a better idea of what you can do too!

One of the teams she mentioned in the e-mail is KR Steppers. Like us, KR is a hall team. Like us, they started from humble beginnings. KR is one of the teams I really look up to, and when I read the blogpost below, I was really touched.

The entry talks about how KR was formed, how they stand up strong amidst the obstacles, and perservered to be where they are now. The message is simple: Do not forget where you came from. Do not take what you have now for granted.

I did not come from the pioneer batch of Spectrum, nowhere near, cos I'm not as old as Uncle Chaang (oops). But I heard a lot about them. I can feel the Spectrum spirit they left behind. The closest you can get to them physically is lying on the (smelly) mats and the crash mats. Hahaha. Fyi, our seniors bought the crash mat using their own money, for the intention of practicing our gymnast more safely. So, I get really pissed off whenever I see people lying/sleeping on the crash mat during training times. OKay, that aside, I am really grateful of the foundation that our pioneers laid down for us.

Stepping down as Vice-captain is truly a happy thing to me. Not because I can finally put down all the sai kangs and nua, but because I know Spectrum has grown one more generation. I know I have found the right group of people to entrust Spectrum to, and I trust that they have the same passion that I have for Spectrum.

No, I don't feel emotional at all, because I know I'm still part of Spectrum, and Spectrum will always be a part of me. From year 1 till year 4, my entire uni life is filled with memories of Spectrum (and hall 13). Almost everyone who knows me knows that I am a Spectrum cheerleader. And I'm very proud of it.

I can still vividly remember the days when I just joined Spectrum. Together with yin xue, adeline and teresa, we endured stretching, locking exercises, going up and down shoulderstands and elevators. The seniors were like angels, and chaangru, the devil. Hahaha. They would always protect us from chaang, divert chaang's attention away from us, and console us when we get f**k updownleftright by chaang. Chaang is the big baddie. But without him, there would be no Spectrum. He is the person who formed Spectrum. He is also our coach, critique, direction-setter, team manager, music maker, nagger and many many things. He is now the Vice-Chairman of Wildcards. I know some of our seniors will go, "veron, dont por cr so much, he will fly." but I really remember him doing a lot of things for Spectrum. And I never truly wholeheartedly appreciate it until I become the vice-captain myself. Every team needs someone like him. Chaangru, even though you have left Spectrum, I still want to say Thank You.

The next person I want to thank is Goh Kah Xian, now known as Victor Wu Zhao Heng, for convenience sake I will call him uncle. Uncle was my HGL (anouka!!), and also the the person who brought me into Spectrum. If not for him, Spectrum would probably have one less pretty flyer (LOL! =P) Uncle would always be very patient when he's teaching stunts, very encouraging, and very impartial. Although he's very busy, he would always make it for cheer trainings. I don't know why, but I feel that he's happiest when he is cheering. He taught me a lot, about cheer, life and work. And I believe he has taught many of the current Spectrum members a lot too. I feel so weird thanking him here, but yah, thanks uncle!

I dont want this to become a thanking entry so the last two people I wanna mention here are Wen Feng and Sirong. My favourite Captain-cum-topfly, and my favourite mid-tier, respectively. Ah feng has really guided me a lot in terms of managing and training the team. Besides, she constantly pushes me to go beyond my comfort zone and she's always always there whenever I need her. Xiao rong was my GL (anouka!!) and she's the sweeeetest girl ever! She always has a kind word to spare and gives good advices. Ahhhh I miss them soooo much! Thanks ah feng and xiao rong, pls pls pls come back for training more often!!

Being a cheerleader has changed me in many ways. It made me a better person, I feel. The major reason being that cheerleading is a team sports. Every single member counts! I can do hundreds of project in school but I cannot truly say that I am a team player. Being a cheerleader gives me the damn right to say "I am a team player!". HAHAHA this may sound very mindless to some, but that's how I feel. The way we train together, discuss our failures, continue from where we fall, spur each other, celebrate our successes and never giving up on each other - that is a team. I love my team.

Being a vice-captain taught me a lot, too. A team player recognises that every member is unique, a leader identifies that uniqueness, and develops it to contribute to the team. No one is perfect, but in a team, we complement each other. Just like I am not the perfect vice-captain, but my team mates gave me their utmost support and trust that enabled me to do my best for them. Sometimes, when I'm really tired and depressed and frustrated that I am sacrificing so much time for Spectrum, the mere presence of the team being there for trainings makes me feel that everything is worth it. This one year is not without obstacles and setbacks, but every situation I face, I learn something out of it, and I emerge a stronger person.

There is so much I can say about being a team member and a vice-cap, but that would be too long to read, so I'll stop here.

I remember every single detail from my journey in Spectrum, every face/name that comes and go, every stunts I did, every performances - these are all memories that I cherish. However, my journey is not over yet, and there are still more memories to collect.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

HI GUYS!!!! A very warm welcome to all the new members of TEAM SPECTRUM.. don't worry I guess we'll feature you guys soon.. It has been been a few weeks since our cheer clinic and I am happy to say that we have many enthusiatic new members who are passionate and determined. And they can stretch better than me. :X

I made a BLOGPOST on our F1 performance about 3 weeks ago but I did not post it until today so please take a look at what I wrote about our performance k? It's on 13 September. To view the video please scroll down on the right and watch the second video, proudly uploaded by our IT officer.

OK cheer clinic! It was held 2 weeks ago, 23 September 2010, with the purpose of exposing our hall residents to the world of cheerleading. The seniors were up and ready by 7pm and we patiently waited for hall residents to come down as though it was a chinese wedding banquet. Kudos to those who came on time! Like Suelin. :)

We did some stretching with the hall residents and after a short opening speech by our new captain CHOON FU, we started off with the ultimate cheerleading experience! Everyone got a taste of locking, going up an elevator, trust fall, doing on ground extension and even trying out a pyramid. Some year 2 seniors like our current JCRC President Amin and Publication Secretary Kim Fatt also gamely took the challenge of going up an elevator too. Personally, I have never heard Kim saying so much swear words at one time. Mwahahahaha.

There were plenty of fun, laughter and screams as girls (and GUYS!) got to try out things beyond their comfort zone. Hopefully, at the end of the cheer clinic, we truely let them have a taste of what cheerleading is and that they will be interested to join us in TEAM SPECTRUM.


For more pictures, please view the album at!/album.php?aid=240436&id=549041610

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Spectrum thank everyone who made this clinic happened! :)
(suzie has uploaded the pics in fb, thanks suzie!)

After a night of fun and laughter, we hoped all who attended the cheer clinic have a better idea of what cheerleading is about, and even got to know the cheerleaders in hall 13 better! We are really happy to have met all of you! Do say hi when you see us around in hall :D

Following the clinic, we will be starting our proper training on monday, 27sept, 7p.m. Venue will either be at function hall 12, or blk 64 carpark (depending on which is available). We will start to teach new-comers the basics in cheerleading stunts, how to spot for your team mates, and learn some gymnastics as well. You are bound to learn something new here!

For those who missed the cheer clinic, don't worry!! You are still welcome to join us on monday! Just come in your sports attire and shoes (girls, do remember to wear tights), and approach any of us! If you're shy, grab your roomie/neighbour/og mate/senior to come along with you. All are welcome!

We look forward to training with YOU on monday, 27sept!

p.s. suzie, you still have to do the blog entry on cheer clinic! cannot run!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Join us on the 23rd September and have fun! You'll get to try out some simple stunts that you have never tried before in your entire life! This is also an opportunity to get to know more people from the hall.

What attire to come in?
Come down in your sports attire (t-short, shorts and sports shoes). We would advise you to wear contact lenses on that day, but it's alright if you don't have them. Bring along your water bottle as you would need to hydrate yourself.

For the guys, do come down in a dark coloured T-shirt. Avoid coming in singlet.

For the girls, do wear tights. For shoes, we would recommend flat sole shoes if possible, but any sports shoes will be fine for that day.

Some Definitions
Bases: Cheerleaders that stay on the ground providing the primary support for the flyer during a stunt.

Flyers: These are the people that is in the air during a stunt.

Why come down?
I believe most people would not have tried cheerleading(with stunts) before, so we're giving everyone in hall 13 an opportunity to try this out! Really, no experience is required. Just come down, experience cheerleading and have fun! Who knows? You may love what you see and join us. For those who don't, at least you tried and we thank you for giving us this opportunity.

For some guys, you might probably be thinking, "I don't think I am big and strong enough." To be honest, cheerleading is not fully about strength and size. We have male cheerleader as bases that are neither build nor tall(read: me). Stunts don't always depends on strength, but rather the techniques. So come down on that day, and we will show you what you are capable of doing.

For the girls, most would go "I cannot!!! I'm too fat/heavy la!" Again, cheer is not about size or weight, but rather the technique. Most of our flyers are not super-skinny or feather-weight, they are all normal girls! I believe you would have already seen the pictures in the facebook album. Everytime a flyer goes up in the air, all the attention will be on her. Come down for cheer clinic, and have a feel of what flying is all about!

Just think about it, where else can you try such stunts? We have the techniques, skills and the necessary safety precautions for you to learn and try cheerleading safely, and all that in the comfort of our own hall.

It may be interesting to also note that while we're a hall cheerleading team competing in Hall Olympiad, we also accept external public performances. Some of the videos are available in this blog. This means that your effort in training will not just be seen by people during Hall Olympiad, but also by people who are not from NTU(In fact, we had just completed an assignment for Singel Formula 1 roadshow at clarke quay). This, I feel, is great exposure and makes your training meaningful.

We only have 3 to 4 years in university. When you step out to work, it's almost impossible to find time and energy to try something new. It's up to you how you want to live your university life, and what you want to achieve while you are here. Give cheerleading a shot, feel the satisfaction and adrenaline rush, and make your NTU life a memorable one.

We have a date with YOU on 23 Sept, Thursday!