Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hi everyone, it's my first post here as Chaang encouraged me to post my msn nick on this blog.
Actually, I got them off the net. There are so many nice and inspirational ones out there!

There you go..

Cheerleading is not an extracurricular activity. It is a sport, a sport of academic discipline.
Cheer Loud, Cheer Proud. Fly high, do or die, dare to dream, cheer extreme.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hi Spectrum!

Here are the pix we took during the KL trip last week! It was for sum event and was held in LOFT @ KL...

Our journey starts here, double decker bus to KL...

Nothg better to do so we sleeeeeepzzzz~

Pretty cool and the party scene there quite happening too! got ladies dry humped Kah Xian and another hot babe bit KJ's ears (i thk she is hungry cuz haven eat her supper). hahahha! It was Ah Teck's first time clubbing and its at KL le! woohoo, Teck is lucky! Haha, CR had a great time peeping at the 6 hot undergraduate malaysian dancers in the changing room. haha! i saw him peep at them when they were stripping to their tights n black bras! CR u lao tiko! ahahah!

Had authentic muslim indian food for lunch, dinner and supper! Teck is the winner cuz he eats like he haven eaten in days! hahaha! the Tandori (how to spell) chicken is our all time favourite! yummie!

Meals with the crew! JN, i saw sum one i dun like here....~

See, Ah Teck is stealing KX's food!!!

Ah Teck tries to shoot KX so he can steal ALL his food...

Ok, actually we had a hard time working ok... we had to wear skin tight body suits for our first costume. Thk the malays are v conservative cuz JN n I gotta wear body suits underneath our uniform la! It was weird... and fugly... and the poor guys...hahaha, lets juz say we can see their body curves! Other than tat, we had to paint our WHOLE face with face paint!!!! DARN~

Kah Xian likes the pirate babe and the pirate babe loves men in tight suit...

KX takes revenge and gives Tecky a punch on his nose...

JN gotta change to another set of costume cuz she has to be like a ballerina and do stretching on the platform. I wanted to go pei her but was stopped by a WITCH...

JN with wings!!! Flyer! hahaha! i m so lame...

KX wastes no time and tried to lick the lollipop gals!

Tats US waiting n waiting for the next segment...

And the next segment, we had to draw our faces AGAIN, but this time dun have to colour the whole face... so we had sum fun trying to draw stupid stuff..kekeke...

Dun ask mi wad i trying to draw... i was trying to thicken my eyebrow, put on pink eyeshadows and cover my eyebags with white paint... lol! KJ trying to be the tearing Jappy Teck ah, hrmm, he only knows how to eat, he cant draw. LOL!!! kiddingkidding! CR oso no creativity one man... juz blue lines across his face...

Check out KJ's joining brows!

Luckily i dun look like myself... haha!

KX drew the best! Dam nice hor!!! Pro!

Weird pple fr Spectrum Singapore... can u imagine, we were clubbing and dancing and shoulder-sitting with these painted faces in the middle of the club! omg~

Finally it was the finale, and we gotta change into another set of costume again.... by this time, i was dam freaking tired le lo...

Haha, Ah Teck's hair and broom are of the same material... lol

CR's saw too much naked gals tat night...

KJ actually is a faggot in disguise...

KX juz loves Lollipop...

Fairies eat lollipops too!

Nerdy pink haired gal loves lollipop also...

Found out that Tecky n JN were both from the royal family!

And KJ n I are were from the nerdy family!!!

Last one before our finale appearance...

Thx to the guys for protecting JN n me!

OH NO! forgot to mention the 2 lil kittens that pei us all the way in the backstage!!! Grow up and be bigger ok! dun keep drinking vodka and gin le la, drink ur mummy Catty's milk ok! guai~

For more pix, (a few more only i thk) can check out my blog at! Yeah Yeah! =)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Just for your info, here's the bus guide for tomorrow.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hi all. After omitting weekends and all the public holidays we're left with the following days to train:

13, 17, 18, 20, 27.

Time: 8pm till late.

Spectrum members who are not involved in HO2008 are also required to be present.

As you can see, 5 days is in fact... very little. As such, kindly adjust your respective schedule to accomodate to the following dates.

Training schedule for Jan08 is not out yet but the following training schedule from our previous competition will serve as a good reference.

comments/suggestions kindly post in the comments box.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And now we know Japan has talents too! OMG, their kids are sooooooooo talented!!!! The first gals team are sexier den mi la...wth~ juz see how they dance... H O T~~~ CR! we should copy their dance into our routine. JN, teach leh!!!!!

CR, this one not child porn okie! kekekekek! and u r an old, forgetful, blur, old, old n OLD sotong man. kekekeekkeek! old man with lousy camera ok! kekekek!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Spectrum @ combined cheerleading workshop 2007

More photos !

Instructors from taiwan conducting the workshop
Attempting to create a record breaking single X !
erm.. the instructors got kinna bored basing girls...
Team Spectrum + cheerleaders from taiwan 2007!
For more photos, visit

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