Tuesday, June 27, 2006

here's a gay flag hanging off the streets of san fran. gay pride is really big here, and san fran houses one of the world's largest population of gays and lesbians. while i was there, the gay pride celebrations and parade were going on. men were holding hands and kissing other men.
that's me, sitting at one of the cafes along the streets of san francisco. they have gazillions of these charming little cafes around. the weather is beautiful, so most people sit al fresco to enjoy the cool breeze and a cup of coffee.

that's the world famous golden gate in san fran.. i hopes you've heard of it. haha. its the bridge that magneto lifted in x-men 3. while its named the golden gate, its painted red so that the motorists can see the bridge in foggy weather. golden gate is almost always foggy and windy and very very cold because its built over the pacific ocean.

here's a view from the golden gate, onto the island of Sausalito. once you get off the golden gate, its about 10 degrees warmer on the other side. amazing, isn't it? i love how the sunshine gently reflects upon the shoreline of the hills in Sausalito. i told you san fran is beautiful.

this is yosemite, a national park near the state of nevada. its got beautiful lush greenery and lots of mountains, formed over millions of years through earth movement. i think this one is called the disappearing waterfall. its so high up that water turns into water vapor once it falls from the top to the bottom, simply because its so high up.

i visited the island of alcatrez, which once housed one of the world's toughest and inhumane prison. these 6 convicts attempted to break out the prison, resulting in one of the bloodiest moments in alcatrez history.

this is taken in the grand canyon. i made a trip there while i was in las vegas. the grand canyon is an amazing place. when i step near the side of the cliff and look down, it totally takes my breath away. i don't know how this guy does it.

that's taken inside a las vegas casino. i told you, sex and money and more sex. the people in casinos are just mindlessly jamming in coins into the jackpot machines. please never be like them.

hey guys

its been a long while. i've been in the states for about a week or two.. and its been a hell of a time! i' m sorry i couldn't drop a post earlier.. i was on a road trip to las vegas and san francisco before heading to los angeles, so i couldn't find any stable internet connection to post any messages. there wasn't much in las vegas.. its all sex and casinos and, like, more sex. i mean, don't these people ever get sick of it? haha. yeah anyway, there were pornographic advertisements everywhere on the streets, and i took one copy back for the guys. hahaha snort. its got a stripper called vanessa. haha! naughty naughty.

i did enjoy san fran a lot better.. the weather there is really really really cold. i wanted to look pretty and so on one of those days in san fran, i braved the wind and put on a mini skirt. haha. i swear, i think the shit in my ass turned to ice. yep! i think what makes san fran such a beautiful place is the people who live in there.. its a very quaint and charming little place, and the people are really really friendly. if i find out how to post photos on this blog, i'll show you some pictures. its all art galleries and jazz musicians on the streets! a really amazing place lah.

anyways. i've got some really wierd encounters while i was there. haha. believe it or not, people actually stop me on the streets and tell me i look beautiful. its so amazing. i think its the serious lack of asian girls there. hahaha. if you're asian and you're walking along the streets, you kind of stick out like a sore thumb. most of them who tell me that i'm beautiful are the blacks though.. they must think we look exotic or something. oh yeah. and there was this south african guy who tried to kiss me. damn it. luckily it was only the cheek la. and he had a super hairy mouth somemore. it was totally gross. also, i made friends with this backpacker on the streets, when i lost my way in san fran and he tried to help me find my way back. this guy actually carries marijuana around with him. he took out his bag of marijuana and asked me to sniff it lah. i was so terrified, i just pretended to sniff the bag of marijuana. hahaha.

there's a lot more adventures and amazing stuff i've encountered in my short stay.. i gotta tell you all in the face. typing it out is really spastic. but i just really wanted you guys to know that i'm fine and doing well! except maybe that i'm extremely short on finances. haha please donate to the vanessa fund!! i've heard from chaang that you guys totally aced the performance on the 24th. congratulations! i wish i had been there to perform with you. sigh. oh yes! i'm currently in ucla, and they actually have cheerleading uniforms for sale here. so if you want to get them, with the ucla emblazons, do tell me. i'm sure they're pretty pricey, but i'll check again if anyone is interested or has a cheerleading uniform fetish or something. till then, toodles! :)

hugs and smooches

Monday, June 26, 2006


Eddie the great was having a really good time chee honging our smu-attach cheerleader when...

Another wolf lurks from behind...
Girl Power!!!
But with 2 unexpected faces!!!

Delan posing with the Boss....

It's Delan posing yet AGAIN!!!!

One more time....

The Team of the Day!!!
Hi to all,

Guess some of u might be wondering who the hell am I right? Some of you all might have seen me but some have not. But some of you might have known me but I don't know who you are (funny right Regine?). Well, this is a request from your boss aka Chaang Ru aka Hiruma-alike aka "Mo Gui Jiao Lian". So, here I am writing as a guest blogger.(the starting very cliche I know)

I'm Mun Chun, currently in the NTU ACES Cheerleading Team.

I have been to your one of the team's performances at Suntec which had just taken place last Saturday. I was the one going around taking snap shots of people (thank you Delan for ever so willingly to pose in front of my camera and Regine too... -_-") and filming down the performances. I know that this team has just been formed up like less than 6 weeks (please correct me if I'm wrong) and the performance that I had seen was not too bad. Seriously.

Chaang Ru also admitted that it wasn't as good as the previous ones but nonetheless, all stunts were up. To me, my sentiments are exactly the same as Chaang Ru: other than the 2-2-1 and "teddy bear", the rest was quite alright. I personally find the dance to be interesting (applause for Lawrence please!!!) There is still room for improvement though, so just keep up, attend trainings, be keen in learning new stunts, I'm sure you guys can be a great team.

Oh and I have came up with a name for the team. It's ESPECTRO. It means SPECTRUM in Spanish. Consider on it. Think it's quite cool. And all those who saw me and know how I looked like before, I DID NOT take any protein or creatine and stuff. I just bulk up easily alright? =)


Sunday, June 25, 2006

well done guys ! 3 performances in 2 days and all our clients were very satisfied with our performance. Potential clients also expressed their interest in engaging our services in future. Keep it up !~

I would like to give kudos to our three new additions to the squad : congyan, manhong and lawerance who had zero experience in cheer. Despite being less than six weeks old to the squad, you peeps have performed in front of more than 2000 ppl for both the UOB and SMRT assignment. That, is an incredible feat.

To aihui who was screaming her lungs off the trampoline, I respect you for your desire to cheer despite your ankle injury 2 trainings prior to our first performance. Such determination is really commendable.

And to the unsung heroes ms flawless skin regine and team captain kangjun who were helping me with the concomitant politics following the establishment of our squad.

But this is only just the beginning.

The battle has only just begun.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I muz really present my man, Christiano Ronaldo, the most-eligible-under age 24-soccer player of the year 2006.

I promise to forgive him for being selfish and over-confident and also not working as a team during the WC. He shall be seen as talented and considerate to his team-mates, and not tat idiot guy who hogges the bloody ball trying to display his freaking cool dribbling skills.

The only reason i mite re-consider not loving him is becuz he is younger den me... however, tat can b easily excused becuz he is taller den me, richer den me, and has hair which is alwayz neatly gelled up.

I thk i need to tell him tat he is truely freakingly.......



....REALLY HOT!!!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey guys,

its only been slightly more than a month since we started training together and i must say that u guys haf been great. After watching the video recording yesterdae, though there are still things to improve on, but my personal feel is that this team can go the distance. Yesterday was only the 2nd or 3rd training tat we tried the all-stunts-up routine and the hit rate is already quite there leow... Given the time frame that we had to prepare for the performance, its certainly commendable...

i'm happy to be part of this team and i hope u guys are too. Its been great fun training with u guys. Haha.. trust me.. when u leave sch in a few years' time, you'll be looking back at this with much fond memories.. So while we still have the chance to train together and haf fun together lets make the best out of it ya? Come next yr myself, david, weida and eddie will be bye bye leow.. haha.. maybe except me la.. haha.. scarli i take 4yrs to clear my course.. hahaha~ so its up to u guys to carry on the torch... but i believe u guys can do it one =)

Its really an interesting team that we haf now lor.. haha.. like the Hard Gay CONG YAN. hahaha.. oppz~ am i not supposed to mention ur name??? hahaha~ cong yan is like the next han long lor.. haha.. alwiz doing handstand and also haf a tKD black belt.. haha.. eh brother next thing to learn is how to dislocate and relocate back ur elbow then u're there leow.. hahaha~ then we haf the crazy slacker alwiz-late shopping queen regine.. haha.. oh oh ... cannot forget to mention tat she's our MS FLAWLESS SKIN and MS ELEGANCE lor.. hahaha!!! ms elegance leh!!! hahahahawahhahwhawh!!!!!!! oppz~ haha.. then there's also the ku niang weida... hahah.. looks so big sized so muscular but deep down inside just a small little ger lor... and then there's also the cute-as-a-button AiHui, the smu cheerleader that we "borrow" from the Sapphires.. with her around things are definitely alwiz much more lively.. when u see her cheesy grin u can't help but feel cheerful also.. haha.. hey feel free to come back anytime to join us for training ya??? we'll miss ya!!!

Another person tat i'll like to commend is our Ms "Sorry-sorry-Sorry-sorry!!!!" hahaha.. i guess we all know who tat is... our nv-gif-up Delan.. though she not the fastest learner but she's definitely one of the most hardworking and nv-complaining one... she's like the energizer bunny lor... will keep doing until she finally end up butt on floor.. haha.. and her "Sorry"s nv ends as well... hahaha.. another one that nv complain and also very very hardworking one is our Edward... dunno is who influence who la but both of them really damn zai la... attitude 100/100.. our ponytail lawrence also... dun see him slack slack.. when it comes to training he also very serious one.. aiya... truth be told... other than me and regine i think the whole team very hardworking la.. hahah.. oh oh.. muthu ning also quite slack.. hahah.. but ask her to do she will do also one.. but will alwiz gif those very "wei qu" look like ppl alwiz bullying her lidat.. hahah..

cannot forget sumiko,mun hong, david and isaac also... david and isaac this two crazy ass alwiz trying to do funny funny break dance move... hahaaha... for all u know scarli we can incorporate this into our routine.. hahaha.. sumiko our newest member though she's only wif us for a short while but can see her commitment to the team already.. and she's the only one as bored as me keep posting new blog entries... hahaha.. mun hong actually also quite new to our team... another guy that is very willing to learn... self-sabo himself to join us for training.. and despite having an injury he also come down for training... definitely one to keep...

oh must mention Tannie also.. without her i hafta walk home after training leow.. haha.. my chaffuer.. mwahha.. dun see her siao siao one... tat time we stuck in jam she actually got quite anxious lor... then i ask her why she say go training late cannot practise her shoulder stand then she dun wan the whole team to suffer becoz of her... see her quiet quiet but she actually quite dedicated lor...

eddie... the "suay shen" of our team.. hahah.. his flyers alwiz get injured one lor... i think eddie is cursed... hahaha.. maybe is yuxin dun wan u to be too close to other gers so put a curse on u lor.. hahaha.. dun CH hor eddie... yuxin ask me to keep an eye on u leow hor... hahaha.. as her SP i will help her to keep an eye on u lor... hahaha...

wah this is a super duper long post... dun think u guys will be bothered to read.. too long le... i also know.. hahaha.. but wat to do... too bored at work la... hahaha... half an hour more to lunchtime!!! haha... can u believe it?? i spent 2hrs typing this?!?!??!! ahahaha...

oh well... sometimes its good to pen out ur thoughts... especially for someone like me that's not very good with my words.. haha..

alright then, cheerios~
oh man!

I think i am damn bored...now ia 1:17 am and i got nothing to do... so blog bah...
i feel so slack this week.. have been have diving theory and practical lessons for my coming open water dive this week so missed training for this whole week... and i starting to miss all of you already!
ah!... i stayed in the swimming pool for practical lessons from 6 pm to 11 pm! wah... mad man...
haiz... wondering how you guys are doing man! reallly miss the whole lot of u all... feel the same way as Ai hui does...
ai hui said this " ah sumiko, I like never train cheerleading for 3 days can feel my tummy getting bigger lol!"
wah i think i can feel my whole body getting bloated up already!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hey all!

This post is absolutely pointless to all men out there, but i still gotta announce...


Yeah yeah yeah! oh well, if u r thking abt buying tat chiffon dress u saw the latest season, u really should rush dwn to town at 8am!!! Tat is crazy i know, but when a freaking dress costs SGD200 and it's gonna be marked dwn to less den a hundred bucks, its quite worth it la...

But den again, MNG is really considered of lower class in Europe, and i totally agree, cuz i've nv seen material as flimsy as wad they use and they actually produce balls of cotton after a few washes! YuCkz~~~

BUT den again, its not abt the quality rite! its abt the excitement u get when u run ur finger thro the endless rack of clothes... the contentment when u fish out ur card and pay at the counter, and of cuz, it absolutely ends there...Bah... Cuz when you reached home, u juz throw the bags and bags of clothes on the floor and dun really care abt them anymore. Den a few weeks later, u realized ur maid has dutifully folded or hung them up in ur closet but by that time, u have forgotten when on earth did u purchase such hideous clothes!

So fr past experience, if u really wanna grab better looking clothes sized S or M, do go dwn early... and i mean 8am! cuz no body is as free as us, jobless and absolutely nothg to do in the morning! heee....

Eh guys !! Team name team name !!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

my new stunt video

this is crazy shit.... someone muz haf "dian" le the flyer's "xue dao"....... she's like a stick~~!!! wah liew!!!! if we can do this we can own singapore leow... hahahhaha~ the super duper base like those military band drum major throwing the baton ard lor... wah liew... this is super power man.......

Sunday, June 18, 2006

second part of hard gay...

Jason let me watch this.. its funny la! just to ease stress and tension off u all.. watch it!
esp: yan, munhong, aihui!!!!
learn from the pro !!

Being a cheerleader... You need to learn how to fall and get up...

I guess not everyone can sense the feeling that Ning is going through. The feeling of afraid to do stunts because she is afraid of implicating the others, afraid of failure... afraid of falling because it hurts and is demoralising...but Ning... nobody understands you as well as you do for yourself.
Only U who know how much pain you are going through, only U who knows the feeling of falling and then re-doing the stunts... only U who knows the trouble of having to do the simple stunts over again...Only U can feel the guilt of having the bases to do the stunts with you holding the fear that you may be unsuccessful the next time again... But NING... I WANNA TELL YOU THIS...

SUCCESS DOES NOT COME EASILY... EVERY SUCCESS COMES FROM AT LEAST ONE FAILURE... every single flyer have gone through your phase...do not feel sad about crying... GIRLS are meant to cry... their tear glands are much more vulnerable than guys... we understand... we do not pity or sympathise you or even despise you when we see you tear... we feel as equally sad as you... because we must FEEL AS A TEAM... when you cry... in my heart, I had my concern for you... I must make sure you are firstly, physically alright, then must make sure you are emotionally fine... (sounds like some Da Jie)... but when I see you so motivated to wipe off your tears and try again... it gets all of us moving on again... Its GREAT my dear!

You are our senior in cheerleading... but dun feel bad at all... me and Ai Hui are just hardcore madness freaks ... ahah... we are more garang and you are more guniang... but who says guniang is not good (guys like guniang girls...dress up pretty and fabulous! pretty girl!... can ask Eddie on that!) well... we help each other to go through each and every stage together...

I used to be very afraid of failing... but then i tell myself.. " wipe off my tears and stand up again... i will be a stronger person"... i used to be one of the last in my races last time... then i worked slowly, steadily... look towards my opponents as my targets or sometimes even my good friends... then who knows.. slowly, I got to where I am now, though not as high... but satisfied. I used to be afraid of doing the stunts...plus I am the most unexperienced person in the team.. trained only a few weeks... but then now i am no longer afraid... DUN YOU THINK THE GUYS IN OUR TEAM ARE GREAT? ... now i just hag care about my weight... and just do it... "just shut up and lock!"... heh girl...

learning is like climbing stairs... one step by one step will be good... if you wanna take a few more steps at a go, then you may fall...yup...YOU ARE GREAT... and remember... NO ONE IS PERFECT...

I really do Admire Delan and Regine ... their passion and determination really perks me up... though regine may seem like AIYOH cannot make it la slacker... ahah but then when she does her stunts... can really see the concentration and determination put into it... and Delan.. everytime she falls and hit someone.. the "sorry...! sorry for hitting you!" ... damn cute at times... but u can also see the perspiration on her face... it somehow shows how much energy she has used and also can see her practising damn hard... and Tanny who is constantly giggling and getting us moving on... and she is definitely a good cheerleader and senior...

Nothing is easy.. but you got to work for it... and i believe every single one of us can do it...

as for the guys... I got to say that i really enjoy working with them... and one thing! I managed to do shoulder stand on Congyan!Congyan the skinny boy can actually do a lot of things! both of us thought it is impossible.. but we made it happen! haha... captain KJ also... though he may not be here... but then morally he always supporting us... and Eddie and Issac.. the gay partners.. always touching each other on dunno where! Issac- one flexible chap who always seem to have so much stength even though he is so skinny! Eddie-One damn good dancer who never fails to try to correct the girls their mistakes...then Lawrence who finally tied up his hair for cheerleading... and Edward for his courage to come and train when his heart is worrying for his dad and he really tries his best in everything... and is a fast learner!... damn great....David for not even complaining a single moment when he is doing his work... ever willing to follow every single instruction.. and Weida for constantly trying to throw the flyer out of place ! no la.. he is one great lifter and base! never failing to complete his work...Man Hou who really should be commented.. even though he was sick but still came down to watch us and learn...and definitely not forgetting Boss who is constantly on the move to think of improvising great moves for us and encourages us in a method no one has used before... haha... and now we are all following his method ..(take the "jing Gu bang" and hit the floor!)...did i leave anyone out???
we have great people in our team... and i know we can work hard together...


Asks the Possible of the Impossible,
"Where is your dwelling-place?"
"In the dreams of the Impotent,"
comes the answer


A dewdrop is a perfect integrity
that has no filial memory of its parentage.


A mind all logic is like a knife all blade.
It makes the hand bleed that uses it.
Being a Flyer

Well... not tat i know how it feels like to be a flyer.. but.. just some things that i'll like to say... especially to delan and muthu ning...

being a flyer isn't easy... not at all.. it takes great courage to be a flyer... i for one will be the first to admit tat i wouldn't haf the courage to be a flyer.. it takes a lot of practise too to get even simple stunts right...

So... dun despair when things aren't going ur way... take it easy and try it again.. if we can't get it right the first time, we do it again.. if we still can't get it, we try again.. us bases will be there assist u as much as we can.. as many times as we can...

At least for me, i dun mind doing it over and over again until we get it right.. and Delan... dun keep saying sorry.. we can all see tat u are very hardworking and very eager to get it right.. we also understand tat u dun mean to hit us when u accidentally do so. For me personally, i'm very happy and encouraged that u are so willing to keep trying.. so even if u're going to elbow me 10 times 20 times i also wun mind... ( p.s. try not to hit my face though.. i need it to make a living... mwahahha~ ) kk... wat i'm trying to say is tat... we all know u dun mean to hit us... so dun keep saying sorry ya? =) we're team-mates.. we know u dun mean it..

as i was saying... ( haha a bit dis-organised.. i just typing wat comes to mind.. ) being a flyer is not easy and it comes with lotsa practise.. we dun expect u all to get it in like 5-10 minutes.. so dun worry when u need some time to master it.. dun gif urself too much pressure... not everyone like me natural born talent one lor... mwahhaha... joking joking... okok.. my point is... if u need to do it 20times to get it right, take 20 times... if u need 100 times to do it right.. go ahead.. we know tat it ain't easy to be a flyer.. like when regine tat day challenged eddie to do the toss to arms with CR eddie diam diam dun dare to say anything... hahah.. anyways.. we bases will willingly go thru that 20 practises with u as long as u are willing to..

when stunts dun go up.. its not the fault of the flyer all the time ( excluding regine... she's alwiz at fault... ) sometimes we bases make mistakes too... when something goes wrong... it is the team tat fails.. not one person.. definitely not only is the flyer to blame... ( again regine excluded...) after all, this is a team effort.. like wat CR said... everyone down to the loader has an impt role to play... we fail as one we succeed as one..

now to muthu ning... it takes time... ( getting cliche... ahhaha ) even eddie took some time before it became " obligation to addiction " .... u're still very new at this... gif urself some more time... gif us some more time.. u'll see at the end of the day tat this will all be worthwhile.. when i first came into the team i also a bit sian... haha.. somemore i so quiet and so introvert one.. haha.. but after some time i realised tat even though i might complain all the time that its so tiring to come back to sch for training after work and i still hafta go to work early next day, i still come back for training... after some time it really became an addiction... we're all sadomasochistic... hahha..

at the end of the day... i only haf one thing to say... lets train hard together and play hard together... lets progress together as a team..
crybaby ning

After seeing ning's tears fall yet again for the 2nd time during training, many of u muz be wondering y ning likes to cry so much ... .... ....

if u actually think im trying to gain sympathy or wadever im gonna dislike u! in fact its pretty embarrassing.. but im almost helpless when it comes to controlling tears. still, thanx for the concern showed that only makes me wanna cry even more.. & also to those who are patient enough to help me get stunts right.. i appreciate all that..

Blame my super active tear generators.. troublemakers that haf been with me for 19 yrs already... not only is the uncontrolled flow of tears generated embarrassing, worse still it hinders training from being smoothly conducted.. for which i hafta apologise.. sorry for all the hold ups & stuff.. felt kinda stressed up the past few days (wad kinda stress u might ask, since its the hols now. juz some rubbishy stress. nevermind abt that. those stress cells of mine conquered me then..) & training has added on to it. also really dislike the feeling of failing to properly execute simple stunts well & falling all over for which i think im most proned to doing.. cant seem to remember wad ive done b4 & repeatedly doing them wrongly.. damn frustrating.. dun like to be urged to do conditioning too.. yes im really lazy if u still haf not realised it.. =X but that aside, everyone seems to be improving & is very focused in cheering.. that's very good.. esp ai hui & sumiko.. they’ve so much more guts than me even though they're new.. it may be quite off to say this now esp when there's performance coming up & most of u are geared up for it, but i still need to search for something more abt cheer that will propel me to work much harder for it, be it the satisfaction from cheering, or sheer passion for it.. or perhaps even enjoying attention from the audience.

being a dancer, i certainly enjoy performing & attention gained during the mere few minutes on stage is really damn satisfying & shuang.. since cheerleading is also kinda performance-based, i still might enjoy the attention.. but the major difference is that lots of courage, determination & team spirit need to be incorporated, not forgetting a high entertainment value too.. it takes so much more than juz plain performing and getting attention.. there’s so much more that i gotta build up on & learn from the rest of the determined cheerleaders.. so much to learn…

Anyway, y am i appointed treasurer?! u guys r kidding me, no?

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Chains. People. and Us.

Well I guess the team has already gone to a new level. Although training today wasn't very productive, it is always encouraging to see that all of you has improved by bounds compared to the time when you peeps first started.

I would particually like to give kudos to edward and aihui..for their eagerness and willingness to excel. Aihui was complaining that she wanted to do more stunts and ed wanted to try a standing back tuck on the floor. Because your request really made me really happy. Really.

However, I would still like all of you to understand that i'm going heavy on basics first before i can allow you to venture to another level. Please do not have the impression that "I have a minor row in the team and therefore I am nothing." That is not true. If the shoulder stand loader does not load the mid-tier up the shoulder stand then my 221 cannot be executed. So who is more important here? loader, shoulder stand base, mid-tier, or top flyer?

Everybody is.

Likewise for gymnastics, it is important for you peeps to continually improve yourselves, because this is a skill that requires a lot of practice and discipline. Look at eddie. Although he's not very tall and doesn't look very reliable ( ha !!) but he is what he is today because he has put in a lot of effort in training his gym. More than me in fact.

Remember that every individual is equally important and only when everybody improves then the team can improve as a whole. Being able to do fantastic stunts alone doesn't do the team any good unless everybody can do it as a whole. Cherish, encourage and help each other to grow. Once everybody is able to see cheer as an addiction and not an obligation (haha. sounds familiar hor? ) will we then be able to form a niche that we're able to associate and identify ourselves in.

Because afterall, the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Omg! Guess what.. Getting to write in a blog takes me an hour or so.. haha.. realise that i have always been typing the wrong username.. How Blur can i be? Anyway glad to present my very first virgin blog post, seriously this is the first blog that i have posted in my 24 yrs of my life haha.
Hmm today my topic will be Part 1:Cheerleading and Eddie. haha sounds good huh.

I have never thought of joining cheerleading in the first place as i always feel that cheerleading belongs to female sports. Can vividly remember the times when willy came to approach me asking me to join cheerlead. i will always smile and say not interested.. Not until one day when a very huge build guy but undefined cheated me to write my name onto the contact list with lawrence name on it... Ask lawrence y he signed up and his reply is just "write for fun". After hearing that, I finally come out with a super good excuse to reject that guy, by saying if lawrence join i join. Guess wat? After a few days, this guy came knocking on my door and says that welcome to my team! lawrence has decided to join me... haha this is how my cheerlead journey starts.

But this has been one of my great wisely choice i have made. Have never regretted joining cheerlead. The happy times we always had and have, turned this sport from an obligation to an addiction. Remember the times when we train for our HO.. Wah shag but definitely fun. Though most of our teammates left us, our spirit nvr ceases, because they are replaced with a group of funloving and committed people. Delan - always willing to learn and improve. Travel all the way from OT just to train with us for an hour or so.. Wahh sei! Edward - tried and tried and tried flip up.. fail and fail and fail.. Now that he can easily do a flip up and beautiful round off. Applauded! Lawrence - Hair always kanna stepped by fliers. Yet stand firmly and steadily, supporting the fliers. Wah impressed! i knew i can nvr do that haha. Sumiko - her passion in cheerlead can be as strong as boss haha.. Always eager to know her mistakes and correct it with all she can. Steady la!! Congyan - if u dunno who he is, just come see our training.. The one who always do hand-stand with legs open is him.. haha. Jianning and nicole - our babes from dance.. See them stretch and dance will definitely make a guy drool haha.. Opps hope xin nvr see this haha.. Munhong - our ultimate stunman- the one who did the least backtug.. First and last haha.. Who come when hes excused lower limb. AiHui - our pretty eye-candy from smu.. If u want to see the best bases in Hall 13, just ask her who her partner is... lol... What more can we find from these super interesting and funloving ppl with different traits.

Hope that everyone takes training not as a training but one moment when everyday can gather together and stay as one... With this, im sure that we can beat any teams in no time and emerge champs in our upcoming competition haha... Train hard and play hard too...

Note: Part 2 will only resume when more than 10 views is achieved... haha with these i end my post! Hope that more ppl can view and share thoughts and opinions here.. Ciaoz!
Now what?
Hey guys and gals... ! hunks and babes!... tomorrow is the 4th last training session before the DOUBLE PERFORMANCE on next sat...work harder and U all can do it! haha... I will be supporting you all from my heart... (while I am diving in Pulau Aur)!...
"just shut up and LIFT" guys!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

well... heh boss asked me to blog le...

anyway It is very ironical for me to join cheerleading... Yes, though it was a dream come true for me to be in cheerleading... but then... somehow after I joined you all, I realised that it is a totally different cup of tea for me. Being a heavy weight, I always have very low morale and confidence when I am asked to stand on the guys, I always have a sense of worried for them... I see the "gek" face on you guys... I feel damn bad... always want to come down asap... Somehow, I felt that I was not suited for cheerleading... Yup... but like thick skin also must go and train...
How I wished I was back at 38 kg... before I took my weight gainer and shot to 64 kg in NTU! well... at least now 49kg but then still the heaviest girl in the team...

though Boss had said to me " heh, 49kg so? we have 56 kg girl and we lift her up also leh" it somehow made me motivated to move on... and the guys were very encouraging... but then deep inside me, I feel as if i had pulled the team down.. If I was not there.. probably you all would have done better...

then recently Jason said " dear, you are not fat la. You are a runner built... and cheerleading is for super light girls..."
yeah I know you guys keep saying weight is not the important factor but still... IT IS A FACTOR... haah... everytime before cheerleading.. I won't eat anything the whole day until after running training and cheerleading practice... then other days I only eat in the morning... haha...

On monday I was damn demoralised... haha... I can still remember It was my first time doing the shoulder stand successfully... and i can see that the guys were struggling when I stood above them... then I remember one guy say "eh heavy leh, can change a lighter one" ... wah.. strucked me light lightning... but then Its a fact... and i have to accept it... yup... but thenn never mind... my body is full of muscles... (trying to console myself) haha... yup... I must say thanks to Boss who is constantly hitting me... and for Eddy who says I feel so damn heavy on top! I know it is tiring ..and to Edward for allowing me to stand on top of him during shoulder stand...and constantly ensuring me that he is fine... heh edward, luckily I am not like what i used to look like in sports camp right! if not, i think u will die lol hahah!....

Anyway cheerleading is a totally strainous sport! I think if someone really trains hard and work hard... dragon boat people cannot even be compared to the guys! What others see during cheerleading performances are just guys throwing girls up in the sky and tossing them around... It seems so easy... but only the people who are doing it will know the hardship that they have been through... Big muscles no brain also makes nothing out of someone... Before I joined this team, I though cheerleading was an easy job... but now, my mindset has changed...I think every sport has its own difficulty and I think that cheerleading has its own uniqueness and speciality... though I have been training for triathlon, but i guess the amount effort I put into cheerleading should be getting higher le...

anyway thats for the day... just wanna say this.. the team rocks... and the coaches rocks... (not forgetting jason- who is constantly asking me to quit cheerleading) haha... shh.....
oh yeah one more thing... "sorry guys... heavy weight is here to apologize for being so heavy... hopefully I can hit my coach aim for me to reach 40 kg by end of August! I have already lost 8 kg since 2 months ago... heheh... pray hard for me... so u all un have to suffer! "

*Disclamier: The writer is high on alcohol at the time of publication after his night at zouk. He is completely aware of what he is doing , just that he simply cannot be bothered.

I always believe in the need for mutual respect regardless of whatever sports you do.
In a nutshell, a sport can be defined as a physical activity which requires muscular strength, endurance , flexibility, reflex and concentration. Sports can go far and wide but we should always respect the athletics that participate in them because all sports requires passion, determination and commitment to excel.

Which is why i am super pissed off by jeni's friend. the following dialogue.

me: "ha. so why you never join cheerleading (jokingly) ?
smu dragon boat guy : cos I prefer to participate in "real sports."
me: : why? you think cheerleader weak ah? ah bo dead weight lift, squats and chest press you choose one la. I will cut you one piece one piece
smu dragon boat guy: for what?

eh. cb. I have been a cheerleader for so long and I have never once criticised anyone about how 'weak' their sport is. What real sports? fuck you. I have my pride as a cheerleader. And I take pride in the cheerleaders that have trained with me. Everytime when ppl ask why do i train so hard in the gym for and i will answer : " because I am a cheerleader. My sport requires me to be this way."

Believe me. I have nothing against the smu DB ppl. Or all DB ppl in that sense. In fact, big law and darryl are also varsity dragonboaters who have joined my team. And I never once had a problem with DB ppl with my sport . And vice versa. DB and cheer is like apple and orange. How can you compare the both?!? "Real sports?" fuck you.

To that smu DB guy ( I couldn't be bothered to rem your fucking name) , I cannot be bothered to change your perception of cheer. or of me for that matter. If you're that fucking good, go gym la. we see who more zai. eh, but hor, don't lose leh. afterall, you're training in a 'real sport'. I'm just an ordinary guy doing 'fake' sports involving jumps and cheers.

You can be a cb. But please leave your sport out of the picture. It's a fucking disgrace to your team.

-hostile when drunk.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Since i'm tat free i shall attempt to post an entry.. hahaha..

eh... got nothing to blog abt leh. What should I talk about? The fun times that we had? or the fun times that we are having? Or should I complain about my sickening daily travel from work to training then back to home? hahaha...

hmmm.. dun think i should complain too much ba.. everyone has made their own sacrifices to come down for training. Mine ain't anything to shout about. Just wanna say that the team has progressed quite far from where we started out. While training is tough and the coach is a bit psychotic, i think we haf all picked up a lot of new stuff since we started out. Though we aren't able to use the techniques that we learnt in cheer in our daily lives, but i think wat we haf all benefitted from is the increase in fitness level of us all. Also, things that we previously thought were impossible are now things that we do at a regular basis. I guess we've all learnt to be more and more determined and the frenship that we haf forged is one that will be unforgetable... at least in the next few years to come. hahah... At least for me i got to know a bunch of great team-mates. From the fan-club owner Isaac to the crazy Tannie to the siao kia Regine. hahaha.. dun think our paths would haf crossed if we had stayed in our own shells.

The trials and tribulations that we went through together has really made our frenship a special one. The tough trainings, the late night trainings, the psychotic coach, down to the disappointment of not winning in out first HO together... These are memories that i would treasure and bring with me no matter where i go from here after graduation... *wipe tears* ahahaa.. touching eh? hahah.. no la.. these are really wat i feel.. The bonds that we share is not one that can be replicated in other IH sports or commitees that we may partake in.

ok back to the present.... haha.. i think we haf a capable enough team as it stands.. with some newbies coming in... as well as co-ops from SMU.. nicole, jian ning and mun hong.. delan and edward not counted as newbies!! hahah.. all very good.. hopefully u guys can stick with us throughout!!! damn... did i miss anyone out?? haha.. sorry if i did... but anyhows... lets train hard together and play hard ya??

ok that's all i haf to crap abt.. hahaha.. see ya'll next training!!! hahah..

Friday, June 09, 2006

Hey ppl check this out.

Flyers, there are great tips on locking and doing cradles, tosses and stuff. Got tips for bases too.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I juz love watching stupid videos!!!

They muz b all engineer students... precise calculations man...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hoho after boss nag nag and nag at me to contribute to this team blog, I'm finally lifting my fingers to type something. Whose idea issit for this team blog? Great idea.

Anyway.. I took such a long time to start writing.. hehe.. cos recently I'm playing a lot of maple. Stopped playing 1 year ago then dunno how come now get addicted again. So sorry if I haven't been replying u guys on msn, I was probably busy killing wild boars or something.

Hee feeling guilty already, u guys training so hard while i sit at home and grow fat. Do post on this blog when are all your competitions and performances k, so retired people like me can go down and watch. Jiayou everyone and do take good care of yourselves. And boss, don't bully them!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Read. Get pissed. Shutup. And improve.

Hey all, This is my virgin post man...nvr had a blog before and consequently, have nvr blogged an entry...hahah...applause pls...

anyway, i shall contribute a bit to this blog as well lah...

just came back from my diving trip on mon. had hell of a time! eat sleep dive, wake up the next day, then u eat sleep dive again... the food is great, the company is fun, and the diving, wow, mesmerising...diving is like how addictive...when ever do u get the chance of staying underwater for an hour or so and come in such close contact with marine life... take for example this trip, i saw like four turtles lah which is damn good and they were like damn friendly lah... i didn't even notice one which was a metre or two away from me until my friend tugged at me with much vigour and excitement...but instead of swimming away, the bugger (turtle) just stayed here and looked at me...for a moment there, i thot it was trying to "dian4" me...haha....but ya...it was good...oh ya, and for all you single guys, lotsa bikini gals u can oogle at..

yeah, that's abt it for my first post...i shall leave you with some of the pix from the trip... =)

Bumphead parrotfish - they're more than a metre long

Great scenery eh?

Blue Spotted Ray

just me....haha...

squid aka sotong

Sunset at dayang, one of the most beautiful times of the day there.