Friday, December 24, 2010

What have you done today?

First and foremost, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Yesterday was the last paper for many NTU students, including me. The end of the final paper marks the start for something. I looked back in my past 22 years of life and i don't really recall when was the last time I really really work hard for something.

Back in the army days, I managed to achieve a IPPT Gold through peer pressure and fear. Fear that if I did not get the IPPT Gold, I will have to suffer more intensive training while others are playing soccer in the field. Fear that I will not be able to fit into the crowd if everyone around you is doing so much better and you are just not performing up to the standard.

I still remember to at the start of the semester, I set some targets that I would want to achieve by HO. I still can remember what I said :

1) Standing Backtuck
2) Toss to Hands

So this time round, I will not let fear be the pushing factor that keep me going. I myself will push myself to achieve what I want. No Pain No Gain. But i changed my goal a little ^_^

1) Round Off Backhand Spring
2) Toss to Hands
3) Standing Backtuck (Still want but after i achieve (1) 1st)

So what have I done today?

1) Around 4km Run
2) 20 minutes of stretching
3) 3 Sets of Static exercise including
i) 6 chip up
ii) 20 leg raise
iii) 20 push ups
iv) 20 crunches

What Have You Done Today!? Lets work hard together for HO!

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