Thursday, October 21, 2010


Harlow people!!!

Okay right. I am at work now, but I NEED A BREAK!!! Why is there no recess week for IA students? WHY WHY WHY???

Anyway I was just searching for some information online and suddenly I realized I am reading spectrum blog... >.<
I can see big changes here since the last time I logged in ( I am pretty sure it wasn't that long ago okay). Kudos to YJ for making the efforts to take photos during training and constantly updating the blog! And SL too! Somehow the blog becomes more lively now! So people, keep your post coming in!

I felt happy as I was reading through the entries. :)
Everyone (both seniors and juniors) is working hard to improve I can see!

Juniors, this may be the toughest period for you guys as you guys are just starting to pick up, but remember that the first step is always the hardest! Stay strong and overcome this! The seniors are always around to help! Quote from some taiwanese drama "不要轻言放弃,否则对不起自己“!

Seniors, continue to train hard and cheer hard! :) All of you are becoming better! I am telling myself now that I will train hard too!

Everyone, 'We are a family' isn't something that is only said, make it happen!
One SPECTRUM, One family!

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sam prawn said...

san san so much time to watch drama hor... hahaha