Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spectrum goes Standard Chartered!

hmm, I know I am a little behind time for this post, but I was having my exams (though I still ended early than some of you guys here...) Well 5 days before my first exam paper, ten of us from team spectrum went to cheer the runners on for the Standard Chartered Marathon 2010! More photos can be found on the Team Spectrum Facebook website. :)

Cheering for the runners at before sunrise, improvising with the props provided. :)

Supporting our hall/ team members (Jerome and Suelin) who went for the run!

Cheering for about 4-5 hours is definitely new to many of us instead of a 3 minute routine... Unfortunately there are no photos of stunting cos usually I am the one stunting.

Post-event, the guys lifting the Singapore Flyer. WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!

Special thanks goes to Phei San for her supervision, Jianing for her super high MVP performance that day and Veron for her guest appearance and doing the routine. Also a big thank you for the rest, youjin, matthew, weekeat, dajun, nabil and chengyee. Hope this event will boost our spirit of cheering to a greater level for HO!!!!!

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