Thursday, September 22, 2011

Masterchef 1: MUA CHEE

Masterchef Augus with a very spastic me :X

This will be part of our brand new masterchef series since we have AUGUS in our team. Today shall mark the beginning of his cooking exploits (while we exploit him of course!! :P)

The ingredients in position

Dough making in process. Note the speed of the mixing!!

Helpers hard at work to make the mua chee..

Noodles as side dish to fill our tummies :P

Faces of satisfied customers!

Oh, I didn't really show the final product here? Well, you just have to join us for supper after training every monday and thursday (sometimes wednesday too!) to feast (your eyes or your tummy) on all the good stuff masterchef augus offers. To greater food and beyond!

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