Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let's try to do this for HO!

Posted on behalf on Captain Sia, because he don't know how to upload video. =P

Do take a look at this video. It's quite a clean routine, and the stunts are quite achievable!

PS. To all the freshie, if you are still deciding, do still come down for trainings. Give cheerleading a chance, you may find yourself enjoying it a lot, like i did. I'm currently in sweden right now for exchange, and one of the things i miss a lot is cheer trainings. It gives me an avenue to forget about school work for a while and just enjoy myself. To be able to hit stunts give me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that someone like me(not very big sized or muscular), can be a cheerleader. When i first started cheerleading, i really didn't think i would stay on. But after a few months of training, i began to enjoy it more, and wanting more to improve myself. Cheerleading is now a big part of my hall life, and i hope by joining, you will feel the same. Trust me, the feeling after you complete a routine for HO is awesome. The sweat, the efforts, at the end of the day, when you hear the crowd cheer for us(cheerleaders) and their roaring applause for, you will feel that everything is worth it. You can have a taste of it by watching the videos of past competitions. Team Spectrum always get roaring applause and cheers. I've been in many activities that requires me to be on stage, and i can honestly say, the most awesome feeling comes from a cheerleading performance. Therefore, do give cheerleading a chance, also give yourself a chance to try something you'll probably never get to try outside of hall. Uni life is short, and probably your last few years to really enjoy yourself and commit to try something new.

Team Spectrum! GO!


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