Friday, September 02, 2011

Just Some Words...

Veron said to me, "Aiyah, it's like that one lah, only the captain will be worried about the blog de."

True enough, I think my activity level in this blog increased by about 5 times since I took up the role of captain. (oh, if you don't know, I'm captain now, a blog on the main committee should be out soon). I would like to thank Choon Fu for giving me this opportunity to contribute to Team Spectrum, I hope that I won't let him down.

Spectrum gave me a lot of fond memories. Taking part in Hall Opening(Olympiad) when I was in year 1 was the best experience I have in NTU. Similarly missing out the chance to take part in HO when I was in year 2 was the biggest regret I have in NTU as well. The sweat, blood and tears shed during the HO period was definitely worth it and I had many wonderful seniors to support and encourage me when I was a junior.

Now I am the senior. Now I have to bring my team through the journey to HO. Now I have to create better memories with my juniors and give them the experience I felt when I was in year 1. But I know I am not alone, because I still have Suelin. And Huiyang. And Phei San. And Jeanette. And Choon Fu. and Wee Keat. And many many more.

There are definitely challenges ahead. Recruitment is an issue. Commitment is an issue. Team bonding is an issue. But I will forge ahead and continue with cheer trainings. Because I am happy when I train. And that's enough for me.

So that's that! It may be a new Spectrum in terms of the members, but may it be the old Spectrum where we are a family. Team Spectrum GO FOR THE WIN!

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