Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Attendance and Committment

Hi guys! Recently I feel that there have been issues about getting everyone to come down for training and to get everyone down on time as well.

  • If you are still considering if you wish to join cheerleading or not, PLEASE COME DOWN for trainings first as every training you miss is a lost chance at improving your cheer basics and techniques.
  • If you have study committments (e.g. project meetings, quizzes, deadlines) or CCA committments outside cheer, PLEASE try to manage your time around cheer trainings. Many of us also have to cope with these committments as well and this is a chance for you to master your time management skills! Also we will take a break from training about a month before exams so that everyone can study hard for exams! Of course if you have an urgent committment that cannot be changed please let Suelin or I know, we are understanding people too! ;)
All in all I know that everyone has to make some sacrifices to come for trainings, for me I am also missing out on the time to study and to spend time with friends in hall. Please try to arrange your time around cheer trainings as much as possible so that we can all improve as a team! As I mentioned in my debrief just now, I hope to focus more on the training content than to worry if my team members are actually attending trainings or not. Cya on Thursday!

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