Friday, February 04, 2011

Message from Vincent!

Hi Spectrum,

We are reaching the finishing line and the end of the season. Standing in front of the team during the full run in SRC on 1st Feb, I was proud of you guys on that presentation. Though not a perfect performance, I could sense the collective effort to perform the routine. That was good, but as the coach, I need to spur you guys to achieve better.

I am thankful to have lead and known Spectrum for 2011 HO. I couldn’t have asked for a more self-motivated team. How the committee got the team going through the trainings without me, knowing what you needed to do so that you will not incur my wrath ;) But somehow, no matter how hard you tried, there is still flaws that I would pick at. Who would have known you could complete my school runs? You guys managed to struggle through my thigh burning PTs, and Spectrum came out HARDER, BETTER , FASTER, STRONGER.

Did you all remember the 1st time I visited the team, during debrief, I asked everyone what they wanted to achieve during HO? Perhaps you did not accomplish all your goals. If you did, very good! Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t; some skills really require a longer time to master.
Trainings will never be easy, but I’m glad everyone persevered, and survived. The team definitely got fitter, some better in shape :D

In terms of stunt skill improvement, I guess it’s less significant on the seniors due to time, different responsibilities and stress. Again, good job on the juniors for chasing up on par. This season, there was a lot of mental work involved. The team started out unsure if the juniors can fill the rolls in time, team dynamics not there, new Imports from previous halls. Somehow, we managed to work as a team.

Teamwork noun
the combined action of a group of people, esp. when effective and efficient.

I see it more as understanding each other’s strengths and weakness, accepting it and helping each other fill up the short-falls. It is also about backing each other to push for greater heights. Encouraging your team to persevere, to weather shit together.

It will never be the best member combination. But you’ve got to make good use of who you have. It will never be the perfect team synergy. Unless you believe in it, and trust that it will work.

“self-HIGH” people will get low and unmotivated at times too... But they get recharged when they see those whom they are encouraging respond. Keep the energy going ok?

I am glad we did a full routine on 1st Feb, for I can safely say, you can enjoy your Lunar New Year without worrying that your routine has yet complete. 3 more trainings, a lot more polishing to do. I know you guys can make it.

Go, Go, Rangers!
Go, Go, Rangers!

Ai yai yai yai yai!
Vincent Fok
Spectrum 2011

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