Thursday, November 09, 2006

Uniforms ! Uniforms !!!

Alright peeps. We need to start deciding on the designs fast so that the tailor can proceed with doing our uniforms. I have to submit the designs by mid-nov. You may include your suggestions under the comments column or post your own entry. The only prerequisite is that the uniform's main/outstanding colour must be ORANGE.

Some designs I got from the net :

fastpax_id_264 fastpax_id_263 fastpax_id_173 fastpax_id_121 9451P5

9427P5 2306S14

I like the Raiders uniform best. What do you all think?


*JiA said...

raider's one comments...nothg special... and orange abit hard to match...i like Sapphire's one tho...kekek

Kang Jun said...

all not very catchy leh... if hafta choose i guess i'll choose the "Gymtastic" one lor...

Lawrence said...

this site is better
whoever free and select the designs and edit it :)

Just a suggestion :Dun pick those that reveals the tummy abit off ya

Anonymous said...

*gasps* chaang gon' wear tt??? eeeeeeee, dun wan laaaa!

n elegant got good taste! heehee.

lawrence, u tryin' 2 insult ours ssit~ show tummy den nice, u noe anot..!

btw, yall can ask jeni 2 design wot..(:

I_LovE_LibertY!!! said...

Choose from tis blog i tink Gymtastic nt bad also.. same taste as moi dar~

But from the site law providE i tink the Tigers nicE also .. too bad i cant wear dem~~ saD =(

Lawrence said...

Haha chaang's breast too big can't fit it whahaahahha
ya show tummy one nice when ur tummy is as BIG as mine whahahaha that one i Know
Just a suggestion for the uniform colors
Would it be Nice ???

chaang said...

I'm ok with white silver orange
as a matter of a fact, one of the teams in UCA used the exact same colour combi.

addy: i approached jeni already. she's working on it.

Anonymous said...

i think gymtastic is fantastic!