Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Alright.. since blogger kept giving me problems and I already posted on Sapphire's blog first I figured that I might as well cut and paste the entire blog entry addy & I contributed. This entry is of course dedicated to all of you peeps to celebrate one milestone in spectrum's history. Enjoy !

-edited (6/11/6, 2349h):

chaang, *THIS* is wot u call a fan club...

IMG_4088 >>> IMG_4087
(girls, that was mr fu, btw.)

3 dudes *plus a cyan unda david, bt uncaptured* and 3 see-speak-hear-no-evil monkaaays~


beauties & da BEAST. mwahaha.


=some shots of da performance=


pangs of love,

Yes!! spectrum had a performance last sunday and we would like to extend our thanks to pris and addy for coming down to support ( and being our camera man = P ). So for those who couldn't make it, here's what you missed :

two scorpions

A tale of two scorpions minus the two extras (yan and delan) in the center.

Did I mention Isaac fan club?

isaac & el elegant

How about kah xian fan club? He's one of spectrum's new additions:

kahxian's chair

But team captain kangjun is determined not to lose his fan club base too. hor jennifer? haha..

KJ & wenfeng

CR has given up hopes of ever setting up a fan club. So i'll just go for the plaque. haha. (AND THIS IS WOT I CALL HAOLIAN.)

cr & pm

The team of the day !

PM group foto


Edit : Special request by delan. I didn't want to put this foto because of her ugly hair. whahhaha.!


Yva said...

Where's Edward's single base? risked my life to do it lei! oops... better not let Edward read this... shhhhhhhh...

Yva said...

And where's the video?!

chaang said...

to delan : we're keeping the videos among ourselves only because we're using some of the stunts for HO / nationals =)