Thursday, November 16, 2006

The following extract is taken from an email to me by Lenny. Lenny is the current coach for Magnum Force.

CAS would like to announce an IFC CLASS I COACHING CERTIFICATION COURSE from Dec 15th-17th, 9am-6pm. To ensure safety and standardize coaching capabilities, CAS urges all coaching enthusiasts and cheerleaders to assist the association in promoting cheerleading as a sport. With this certification, an individual;
1) can sign up for overseas clinic/workshops organize by IFC
2) gain an internationally recognize cheerleading certification
3) gain a CAS recognize cheerleading certification
4) can qualify for IFC Class 2 coaching certification course
5) will be selected to represent CAS as coaches or judges for cheerleading workshops and events
6) can qualify their team at Cheerobics National Cheerleading Competition.
A course fee of $150 SGD is chargeable.

Those of you who are interested can contact me directly and I will tell you how to go about registering for this course. Team Spectrum is expanding very fast and we will need more qualified coaches among us to help this organisation expand and grow.


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