Saturday, March 10, 2012


Looking through my seniors' comments make me feel remorseful, let me start to keep the Spectrum spirit up again before I graduate! :)

Hall Olympiad Opening Cheerleading Competition 2012

Our annual HO competition took place A MONTH AGO at NTU Sports and Recreation Centre. The theme for this year's competition was retro toons, where each hall has to present a cartoon in the 1980s to 1990s. The level of competition definitely went up a whole notch this time round, with a higher level of cheerleading stunts difficulty, more elaborate costumes and props and more jaw dropping mascots! SORRY AH DEE we did not manage to keep the title of best mascot this year... :(

Anyway I am sure you guys know the result of the competition already, the full list here is provided by Wildcards!

Videos can be found online, here's the top 3!

Hall 9: Bomberman!

Hall 1: Doraemon

As you can see, we improved from 3rd position to 2nd position this year! For course I would have to thank a lot of people for making this happen, but I guess I should pace my blogging so that you all won't be bombarded by too many posts at one time and then we died off for a long time again. Damn this blogging thing is hard to do! Till the next time! (soon!)

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chaang said...

it might sound irrelevant, but blogging is actually an essential key to keep a team alive! Graduates or existing members, don't stop contributing to this blog! keep it alive please!