Friday, March 30, 2012

Spectrum goes to Singapore National Cheerleading Competition 2012!

 SNCC 2012 just took place over the weekend (24-25 March 2012) and some of us from SPECTRUM went down to take a look! Spectrum people spotted on the ground includes Ah Fai, Kin Wei, Suelin, Yirong, Augus and Lawrence (Day 1) and Veron, Mathew, Jeanette, Suelin, Yirong, Augus, Sherene, You Jin, Hui Yang, Fiona and Jia Wei (Day 2). Of course, our very own Spectrum cheerleaders were in action in SNCC 2012, with Michelle competing in the all girls group stunt category for Legacy, Da Jun competing in the mixed group stunt category for Wildcards, and Hann Bin, Felicia, and Gerard competing in the team open category for Wildcards as well!

Michelle in her very chio Legacy uniform on SNCC Day 1

WildCards and Spectrum on SNCC Day 2

We were all very inspired by the massive and ridiculous stunts done by all the teams in SNCC 2012, and it really got some of us to think about joining next year! Maybe, just maybe, Spectrum can send an 'Old Bird' Team next year and there'll be one more team for the Open Category... :P

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