Monday, October 10, 2011

what is a ''level 5'' routine

Hi Peeps,

I have got news that there is a possibility of HO being judged under a ''level 5'' scoring system this year. Although this news is not official, it is always good to know what is a ''level 5'' and the things you should look out for.

1) Basket tosses that you can do are restricted to:

Toe touch, around the world, pike, kick single full, kick double fulls (being the highest scoring basket toss).

No head over heel stunts allowed. ie: no backtucks, no layouts,

2) Gymnastics - the usual standing and running gymnastics apply. you are not restricted to a 3 pass tumbling sequence so long as you do not tumble off the mats.

3) Dance - compulsory component.

4) Jumps - the more variety the better. ie: Pike, toetouch, herkie

5) Pyramids - max 2 man height. eg, liberty hitch, M-pyramids.

Pyramids that are NOT allowed are for example - 221, gladiator, flat backs, swedish falls.

Take note that you are allowed to, however, do stunts which will go beyond the 2 man height so long as the stunt does not hit beyond the 2 man height. eg: Fork lifts

6) Group stunts - 2 man or 3 man group stunts. The more flexibility elements you can display, the better. ie: scorpions, heel stretches, bow and arrows are high scoring elements. Dismounts are very important as well. Single full downs, double full downs. Arabian/front tuck dismounts are NOT allowed.

While the above info is FYI, do clarify with the HO committee which rules they are using. If you want to win, you most certainly have to play by the rules.

Good luck!

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