Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't give up.

I think everyone should have a look at this. Look at how nobody is giving up when things don't go well. Also, look at how the other teammates cheered her on. 

Sometimes, a stunt does not always go up nicely, but if possible, if everyone is fighting for the stunt, the least one could do is don't give up. Fighting a stunt is part of parcel of cheerleading. It's important to know how to fight a stunt because during practise, yes, we can try and try all we want until we hit the stunt, but if it's the real competition or a performance, we don't have that luxury of trying over again. Therefore, in competitions, it's all about fighting stunts if things were to not go so well, so might as well make use of normal training to also learn how to fight stunts instead of giving up. That way, you can gain some experience and if similar situation were to occur during competition(touch wood), you know how to handle it.

I believe as cheerleaders, we should have the never give up attitude. After all, we are supposed to cheer people on. How are we supposed to do that if we can even cheer and motivate ourselves?


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