Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recruitment Performance at Hall 5

Today we just had our 1st recruitment performance at Hall 5! Though it was not the most perfect performance we had put up, it was still a great job done and lots of efforts can be seen from the cheerleaders from Spectrum and Vikings to put up a good show. And the free stunting after that was even better (for us and for the publicity to the freshies), because everyone had a go to try out their partner stunts. Suelin: our toss to hands will be there soon!

And many special thanks to the seniors who came down to support us: Veron, Chris, Brian, Sirong, Derrick and Lina! Hope to see more seniors and Spectrum cheerleaders to come down and support us next Tuesday on 16 August 2011 for our recruitment performance at Hall 13. See you there!

Thanks seniors for being there!!

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