Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cheer Clinic 2011

Join us on the 22nd August and have fun! You'll get to try out some simple stunts that you have never tried before in your entire life! This is also an opportunity to get to know more people from the hall.

What attire to come in?
Come down in your sports attire (t-shirt, shorts and sports shoes). We would advise you to wear contact lenses on that day, but it's alright if you don't have them. Bring along your water bottle as you would need to hydrate yourself.

For the guys, do come down in a dark coloured T-shirt. Avoid coming in singlet.

For the girls, do wear tights. For shoes, we would recommend flat sole shoes if possible, but any sports shoes will be fine for that day.

Some Definitions
Bases: Cheerleaders that stay on the ground providing the primary support for the flyer during a stunt.

Flyers: These are the people that is in the air during a stunt.

Why come down?
I believe most people would not have tried cheerleading(with stunts) before, so we're giving everyone in hall 13 an opportunity to try this out! Really, no experience is required. Just come down, experience cheerleading and have fun! Who knows? You may love what you see and join us. For those who don't, at least you tried and we thank you for giving us this opportunity.

For some guys, you might probably be thinking, "I don't think I am big and strong enough." To be honest, cheerleading is not fully about strength and size. We have male cheerleader as
bases that are neither build nor tall. Stunts don't always depends on strength, but rather the techniques. So come down on that day, and we will show you what you are capable of doing.

For the girls, most would go "I cannot!!! I'm too fat/heavy la!" Again, cheer is not about size or weight, but rather the technique. Most of our
flyers are not super-skinny or feather-weight, they are all normal girls! I believe you would have already seen the pictures in the facebook album. Everytime a flyer goes up in the air, all the attention will be on her. Come down for cheer clinic, and have a feel of what flying is all about!

Just think about it, where else can you try such stunts? We have the techniques, skills and the necessary safety precautions for you to learn and try cheerleading safely, and all that in the comfort of our own hall.

It may be interesting to also note that while we're a hall cheerleading team competing in Hall Olympiad, we also accept external public performances. Some of the videos are available in this blog. This means that your effort in training will not just be seen by people during Hall Olympiad, but also by people who are not from NTU(In fact, we had just completed an assignment for Milo Easy Cool and Singtel F1 in 2010). This, I feel, is great exposure and makes your training meaningful.

We only have 3 to 4 years in university. When you step out to work, it's almost impossible to find time and energy to try something new. It's up to you how you want to live your university life, and what you want to achieve while you are here. Give cheerleading a shot, feel the satisfaction and adrenaline rush, and make your NTU life a memorable one.

We have a date with
YOU on 22 August, Monday!

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