Sunday, August 17, 2008

Team Spectrum @ Suntec City- SGH Colon Cancer Awareness Outreach
Date: 16 August 2008

Team of 8- Bases: Gerard, Ah Liang, Junhui, kianwei, Uncle lawrence and Kah Xian. Flyer: Wenfeng and YinXue

together with me and freshie base Ah fai..

The Lao-jiaos unite...

Hot Spectrum Babes in the team... ahaa

kat and the bases

As we got bored waiting for the performance...weird things happened again...

kah xian trying hard to prove that he can be that small....

So am i... keke

Gerard...has been practising his handstand everywhere anytime... so sincere wor

Gerard's butt: Zao Geng...*he going to kill me

Photos of Spectrum slack slack bases....

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