Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Team Spectrum @ Expo Hall2, High School Musical On Ice Performance.
Date: 5 August 2008- 530pm

Furthermore.... Happy Birthday to my dearest ex-hall3fellowmate Guoliang aka Ah liang,
His 25th yr old stunning (stunting) dream: able to do more stunts, Lib Kat, veron n then Yirong *the boss level. and to Cupie...
Been 7mths odd after joining spectrum together w ah liang... (the buy 1-get-1-free theory),
i would like to share some of my thoughts abt this forever committed and sincere base of mine.
I believe everyone in Spectrum would agree that ah liang is a very easy-going and quiet (nt quite nowadays- after chaang graduated..ahaa) person,
he has always been giving his best in every stunt up, even during trg. .. very sincere!!... :) and when stunt doesnt hit, he always apologise even thou its nt his fault at times... what a nice guy...really...
ahaa.. ah liang do u rmb the 270deg we did back then during hall3 HO? arethe first base who really pestered and shagged me out for more practices and stunting chances with you, but im glad that i hav such a base, a friend, a fellow hallmate who is always ready to push urself and up level.. i really really salute to your passion towards cheerleading... =)
''katkat, trust me trust me..*w action- 'slapping' his chest away...'' thats what ah liang told me when we were to do the groundup liberty for the highsch performance.. when i was feeling so insecure w liang n gerard ( a new combin) ahaa..
but yar.... we did a really great job during the performance and all stunts up for the 4 sets that we had performed last night.
Kudos to ah liang, and all spectrum teammates... lets continue to train hard n uplevel yea... huggg.. oh yes.. once again happy belated to ah liang, hope u like the card the cake and the bdae surprises for u

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